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  1. I have to do a flying trip to Penrith next week from Ballarat and am considering staying the night instead of driving up through the night to pick up my new camper trailer and turning around to come back straight back. So I was wondering if anyone new of anywhere cheap to crash for a night in the Penrith area? Cheers. Simon.
  2. Just putting it out there in Z land, I will be driving from Ballarat to Penrith NSW and return in 4-5 weeks. If I can help anyone out let me know. Cheers. Simon
  3. Thomo260

    Hi from Ballarat

    I will give you a call call soon. Just getting front brakes sorted at the moment. Cheers. Simon
  4. Thomo260

    Hi from Ballarat

    Always good to have another Simon in Ballarat that has Datsuns! I must catch up with you aswell, as I need a power dyno run done on my 1600 race car. Cheers. Simon.
  5. Thomo260

    Go Pro cameras - feedback

    I have the Gopro Black 3 and love the remote control on my smart phone with the Gopro App. Picture quality is brilliant, but now I find that my 12mth old expensive laptop is not good enough to run the Cineform editing program and my internet is to slow to upload any footage from it
  6. Thomo260

    New E85 Ethanol Fuel, Opinions?

    Thanks Pete, I think I will stick with the 98 and not even bother with the 100 (98+10%Eth). Will just have to listen for any signs of a 'ping'. Having only ever ran on Avgas which is between 100lean to 130rich it shouldn't worry it too much.
  7. I ran 1 & 3/4 SU's of a Triumph on my old 260Z and had no issues at all, including a track day at Simmons Plains. I never did anything different just tuned them. I can find a pic to post if you like? Thomo
  8. Thomo260

    New E85 Ethanol Fuel, Opinions?

    So 2 years have past since the last post and E85 is becoming the fuel to use in road and race engines more often now. I have been trying to get as much info lately and find someone with the knowledge to tune as I can, with very little success on the net. I have an L series in my race only Datsun running Webers with very high comp. and want to run on either 100 oct fuel (98 + 10% eth) this is easier to get or possibly E85. Engine has never ran on anything other than Avgas. Can anyone recommend someone to speak to? Or any advice would be very appreciated. The Dato has fuel cell, copper fuel lines and is already running rich for performance. FYI Thomo
  9. Anyone looked at this? Seems all right for the current price.
  10. Thomo260

    CH registration - Victoria

    http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home/Registration/PermitsModificationsAndDefects/OtherPermits/ClubPermits.htm And you need to be a member of a car club. Some clubs do their own checks, some require a RWC.
  11. Thomo260

    IMPORTANT Suspicious Email!!!

    I got the same email just now Rev. Thought the name sounded familiar, that's how I found this thread. Interesting.
  12. Count me in Mark. I will be going.
  13. I found this when he was on about page 45 and have been following it since. He has many video's on Youtube aswell. He even picked up sponsorship it gets so many hits world wide, which he promotes as he goes.
  14. And a quick little rocket it is as well Bruce. Lou Built the engine in my fathers car. 1600 block bored to 1998cc with 300zx flat tops and 102hp atw. He recons he could get alot more if he put Webers on it but dad being dad it just wouldn't be the same.
  15. Thomo260

    BRE kyosho models

    Order while the dollar is still good. http://www.bre2.net/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=B&Category_Code=models_sub_diecast