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  1. nedloh312

    Original 260z Wipers

    Looking for a set of original 260z wipers. Can collect from Sydney region. Thanks, Dave
  2. Sorry if it's been posted but this one is pretty hectic, http://www.carsales.com.au/all-cars/private/details.aspx?__Qpb=true&R=9526774&keywords=&trecs=9&__sid=12D3C9773FE8&__Ns=pCar_RankSort_Int32|1||pCar_PriceSort_Decimal|1||pCar_Make_String|0||pCar_Model_String|0&__No=0&__Nne=15&Cr=0&seot=1&__N=1216%201246%201247%201252%201282%204294966615%204294966408&silo=1011
  3. Hi All, Thanks to some great news I just recieved I will be finally putting my car back on the road in the next month or so after a year of sitting under cover being slowly worked on by my Dad. Anyways, there is quite a bit (Well, not "lots" but a bit) of rust that needs to be removed from the Chassis Rails, Under the drivers seat, Battery Box, and under right rear passenger seat area. Could anyone recomend a rust repair shop in Sydney that they have experience with? Also, I'd much rather pay more and take a bit longer to fix than an overnight job. Please no flaming about how this car is rust free either (For those who know the origins of this car) as I can assure you it has... Regards, Dave
  4. nedloh312

    240z Centre consul panel

    Yours pm the address and will ship tomorrow Cheers
  5. nedloh312

    240z Centre consul panel

    Hi Cleaning out box and have a panel that goes into a 240Z consul in good condition Item 2 of parts catalog(part no 86720-E8802) but only one switch pay postage + donation to forum nedloh312
  6. I will send you a pm
  7. nedloh312

    Black Leather Z keyring?

    Got mine from Dr Datto at Gold coast Dr Datto Motorsport www.drdatto.com Check them out
  8. Sent you a pm for a l28 motor cheers
  9. nedloh312

    5sp gearbox and bits outa 280zx

    Hi Where do you live so i can estimate the transport cost Cheers
  10. nedloh312

    Needles and seats for 240z Carbs

    try this link for differences on SU's http://www.zparts.com/zptech/tech_tips/izccposts/su_differences.htm
  11. nedloh312

    LD28 crankshaft for sale (VO7)

    If that buyer falls through, i'll definatley buy it. What condition is it in? will it need to be reground? PM me if your interested
  12. nedloh312

    Tailshaft and Half Shafts 260z 2+2

    Okay, how much for both? What state are the Uni's in?
  13. nedloh312

    Tailshaft and Half Shafts 260z 2+2

    I need a tail shaft and 2 half shafts for a 260z 2+2. Need for a R180 diff Brisbane or Sydney preferred.
  14. nedloh312

    Datsun 260Z 2+2, Unfinished Project - Adelaide

    Would you be willing to part it out? If so, let me know and i will compile a list of what i want/need Dave