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  1. Same on my early numbered car
  2. Kent

    FS5W71B bellhouse

  3. Kent

    FS5W71B bellhouse

    Thanks riceburner, I had looked at that, though I need a full bellhousing to attach to a s14 gearbox (I have an early 240z, and trying to keep everything intact) rather than welding it onto an s15 one. I actually bought my s14 gearbox off that guy, he seems to do the conversions, but as soon as I bought the gearbox off him on eBay he got super difficult after I enquired if he could make the mods and ship it completed for me, he said he could but only made to order on a different gearbox and tried to cancel the auction purchase on me .. not sure what his problem was.. wasn't like I was expecting him to do it out of the goodness of his heart and love for the Z! Will find the bits and get someone in Sydney to do it for me instead...
  4. Kent

    FS5W71B bellhouse

    Thanks to @CraigZ i have the fork sorted, still keen to find the other parts.. especially the bellhousing Thanks guys
  5. Kent

    FS5W71B bellhouse

    Hi Guys, Does anyone have a broken 5 speed gearbox they no longer need? i am looking for a FS5W71B bellhouse to modify for use to bolt onto a 71C gearbox. Preferably in Sydney, but open to shipping if you don't mind going to the effort! Also looking for a clutch fork, gearbox side yolk from a driveshaft, and a clutch slave cylinder from a 71B Thanks guys! Kent
  6. Kent

    WTB: R180 'K' Diff 3.9 ratio

    all sorted now thanks to @ZED660 and @Riceburner, Thanks guys!
  7. total length of the 71A driveshaft would be awesome Gav, i am trying to pull together all the bits to replace my 71A with a B or something while also moving the diff backwards.. i don't have access to a lift to be able to measure the difference between my current driveshaft and this one.. so that would help me
  8. Thanks Geoff! And thanks for the info gav, that's pretty much what I had hoped..
  9. Kent

    WTB: R180 'K' Diff 3.9 ratio

    Hi guys, Does anyone have an R180 lying around they don't need? I am after a later "K" designated one with the larger 115mm ring gear but still with bolt in stub axles (that's what my LSD centre needs). Preferably the 3.9 Ratio Thanks Kent
  10. I am in, so let me know when it solidifies!
  11. I had hoped to go and see what the condition of mine is like this weekend, but it didn't happen.. If we can split the shipping to some degree i would be in on one (preferably ordered before 1st July )
  12. time to start an S30 identity blockchain
  13. Hi Guys, I have been searching for a set of MK63 vented calipers to upgrade my 1970 240Z. Main reasoning for the MK63's is that they were factory fitted options for the 240Z, and therefore (along with FIA approval) shouldn't require an engineers certificate in NSW (as toyota S12/13's would). Since reproduction calipers are now available in Japan (still pricey, but more easily found), am i right to assume that these reproductions would be classed in the same way? https://www.rhdjapan.com/parts-assist-m-speed-mk63-4pot-caliper-brake-kit-s30-s31-b110-gc10-kpgc10-pgc10-kgc10-kpc10-pc10-gc110-gc111-gc210-gc211.html although i would like to get some originals, the added benefit is that these are all new parts, and no need for a $$$ rebuild kit for a 40 year old set of calipers) i am guessing that it would be similar to getting some remanufactured protex/PBR calipers locally for a VS commodore etc. ?
  14. Hi guys, As above, I am after a bracket for the front windshield wiper motor for a 240z (are early girls the same?) along a set of front late 260z front wheel hubs Thanks guys