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  1. curtis 240z

    1971 240Z #585

    It’s been a while, here’s a quick update with how it’s looking now.
  2. I do, the he’s up around the Brisbane area and gets out and about in the zed scene. Of memory it’s an earlier 432.
  3. I can almost guarantee you gav it’s not the white 432
  4. Does anybody know what the c10 Skyline went for at lloyds on Saturday?
  5. curtis 240z

    1974 260z 2 seater

    I agree with Gav about the pricing of our early cars, the US are getting better prices and there were alot more LHD early 240z's produced.
  6. curtis 240z

    1974 260z 2 seater

    Thanks Gav, we think we have priced it competitively with what else is for sale at the moment. Plus I've bought back my old early red 240z so we do need the space
  7. curtis 240z

    1974 260z 2 seater

    For sale is this 1974 260z 2 seater, matching numbers and in very good condition. The 260z presents well and is a good rust free car and still retains many of the original parts and original log books. Inside is in very good original condition and has an uncracked dash and the original radio, the carpets and seats still present well with no evident rips or tears. Out side the car presents well but does have a few paint blemishes which could be tidied up all the suspension still feels tight, the engine has been rebuilt and the gearbox changes smoothly. Overall the 260z is ideal for someone after a weekend driver to have fun in. Location: Byron Bay, Northern NSW Contact: 0423 660 281 Price: $35,000
  8. curtis 240z

    For Sale X 2 1970 240Z

    #211 (Second car) is now $23,000 and we are open to sensible offers
  9. curtis 240z

    Early Girl differences

    Fuse box cover is different
  10. curtis 240z

    Early Girl differences

    Wiring harness is different
  11. curtis 240z

    Early Girl differences

    Another thing is they had plastic hooks on the side of the seats aswell.
  12. curtis 240z

    Early Girl differences

  13. curtis 240z

    Early Girl differences

    Attached is a link to the z shop in Melbourne from research Lindsay has done over the years. http://www.zshop.net.au/240tech.htm
  14. curtis 240z

    Early Girl differences

    These are the original service books for #297 which Harry Corbett purchased brand new after test driving #4 (and before people ask he no longer owns #4) he ordered the car and took delivery not long after it had arrived.
  15. curtis 240z

    Early Girl differences

    We'll stay on topic, Series 1 Aus delivered cars. It wouldn't hurt to point out the differences on the series 2 cars as well as there seems to be a cross over point with them to. Good to see everyone is learning a thing or two bout them and cracker is correct the early aus delivered cars (series 1 & 2) came out with the four screw carbies.