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  1. kalium

    L28 engine rebuild DIY

    Before rebuilding your block, I'd get some good gauges and determine whether or not you're going to have to rebore it. You'd be spewing if you did all the work and found out that your clearances are out!
  2. kalium


    I don't understand why they would cost so much more than a properly done standard stroke ? I must be missing something. Other than new rods and the crank itself, you're doing everything else with a tough L28 build up no?
  3. kalium

    Super top secret build

    If you really want a project, go and talk to '1 fast z' on hybridz about 'making' a DOHC head....
  4. kalium

    z31 200zr

    Nice 200ZR
  5. kalium

    Performance valve selection.

    I have zero experience with measuring the effects of different size valves, but I came across an interesting thread on hybridz the other day where a fellow gave Rebello his head with some oversived valves and std Valves, and Rebello opted to put in the std size intake and 1mm oversize exhaust.
  6. kalium

    Tyre size price

    Hi Guys, I should probably just call around a bit and find out myself (I know squat about tyres), but I'm wondering if the cost/lack of choice of say 15" tyres is a real turn off to having 15" wheels, opposed to say 17" ? Looking on tirerack.com in the states there seems to be plenty out there for 15" and at a decent price. We're not in the states though.... Cheers
  7. kalium

    URGENT Gearbox mount help.

    Err, you mean a gearbox mount? As shown here... http://www.prestoimages.net/store/graphics02/1863_pd1014194_1.jpg
  8. kalium

    It has finally happened...

    Yep, I tried them a few months ago and they weren't interested. :-(
  9. kalium

    wtb 240z genuine buyer

    Old Zed's are not fun as daily drivers. Being stuck in heavy traffic a few times a week, you will soon grow to hate them.
  10. kalium

    Just won a Subaru 3.9 LSD :)

    Hmm, R160s don't fit under a zed I'm guessing ?
  11. kalium

    HSD coilover sleeve kits

    I hope you sectioned those bad boys while you had them out ?
  12. kalium

    r200 3.9 lsd

    Exactly. Better deal than what the older R200s go for I reckon. (plus you save about 10kg with the R180 )
  13. kalium

    r200 3.9 lsd

    I'm not sure about a Zed either, but AFAIK, a silvia esque R180 is a 27 spile, as is a WRX STI. A regular WRX LSD is a 25 spline. I'm pretty sure that a zed is neither a 25 or 27.
  14. kalium

    r200 3.9 lsd

    That's why I had question marks after my statements :-p I think I've seen the WRX R180 diffs go for around $500'ish, and you can buy the side axles from the states for about $280 a pair.