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    75/260 2+2/ 82 RA60/ 79 MGB

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  1. peter t

    Bound for South Australia - 'heave away, haul away'

    Great to see you enjoying the car after all the hard slog you put into it mate. You must come to Qld and we can go for a run together.
  2. peter t

    Stagea owners here?

    Still got one Z though.
  3. peter t

    Stagea owners here?

    And you with a poofie BMW engine. LOL.
  4. peter t

    Stagea owners here?

    I just went to the other side for my daily. Lexus IS300 Sport 2004. Goes like the wind.
  5. peter t

    RS sport

    Thanks mate. But you are wrong. All Zeds are special. Once again thanks for clearing that up.
  6. peter t

    RS sport

    260z RS SPORT s-l800.webp
  7. peter t

    RS sport

    No mate have a pic of the comp plate. Car is for sale on Gummie.
  8. peter t

    RS sport

    A friend is looking at buying a z and the model is listed as a 260z RS Sport. Is this an Australian delivered car????? Thanks for any replies.. Peter.
  9. peter t

    Aluminum Oxidiseation.

    Thanks mate but didn't want to go to this extreme . might give it a coat of degreaser or WD40 and see how that goes.
  10. peter t

    Aluminum Oxidiseation.

    Hi looking for ideas on treating engine aluminium parts that have that white powder oxidation on them from siting tooo long. Have just bought a car that has been in storage for a couple of years and all the parts are covered in this white powdered shit. eg water pump, rocker cover etc.
  11. peter t

    75 260Z Steering Rack

    Thanks all sorted. Have new recon rack installed now.
  12. peter t

    Peter T's 75 2+2

    It could be my initals or PLUS TWO for those too dumb to work it out.
  13. peter t

    Sirpent "Z"

    Awesome. New gen supa car with Z body.
  14. peter t

    Sirpent "Z"

    Good to see progress John. Are you going to cage the car as those rails will have no crumple factor?