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  1. Picked this up @ Supacheap today.
  2. Just buy a book off Peter like I did. You won.t regret it.
  3. peter t

    Just cruising.

    Cars and coffee at Northgate this morning and cruising home with some mates. (Dash cam) MOVA1778.avi MOVA1779.avi
  4. peter t

    Triple 40 MM Mikunis and SK

    If they are pro rebuilt WHY are they Missing bits?????
  5. peter t

    Big order from the states

    Warren is a thief and still owes me money for undelivered goods.
  6. peter t

    Seat belt Drop links.

    Hi has anyone got a set of drop links as per pics for a 75 2+2. they can part with.
  7. peter t

    NAPA Auto superstore Zed day

    Fantastic morning and thanks to Bonkers for all the beaut pics. I was a bit busy catching with an old mate that I hadn't seen since 1969 to take as many pics as you Aub. My old school mate Loyd "Bluey" Bain posing in front of my Z.
  8. peter t

    NAPA Auto superstore Zed day

    See if I can get these pics of the day up. ZCCQ pop up show at NAPA Logan City.
  9. peter t

    Spare wheel

    No longer required.
  10. peter t

    Christmas in July

    You will be welcome mate.
  11. peter t

    Hilux callipers.

    Prob cost more to frt. will pack up and get quote.
  12. peter t

    Christmas in July

    ZCCQ Mate.
  13. peter t

    Seized rear drums

    Undo the bleed screw to let the pressure off the brake cylinder.???? Just some thoughts to help maybe.
  14. peter t

    Seized rear drums

    How long has it been since you had the drums off ???????
  15. peter t

    Seized rear drums

    Unscrew the pressure from the rear of the drum on your hand brake adjuster.