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  1. Why is no one jumping on these???
  2. peter t

    Two 15" X 8" Superlite Wheels

    No longer needed as migrating to 16".
  3. peter t

    Two 15" X 8" Superlite Wheels

    I will take them if someone is coming up to Brisbane soon and can bring them up or transport. I will get a quote from get my ride.
  4. peter t

    Spotted (QLD)

    That would belong to Brian and yes its the real deal.
  5. peter t

    Wtb Or Swap: Passenger Front Over-Rider

    Got a full set with new rubbers and a spare set of REAR ones. Post would be prob $20 so what you offering for the full set? I have no idea what they are worth but can check what the rubbers cost me. Have to ask the wife she knows all.
  6. Well done mate. I have following your thread since I started mine and it is a real credit to you. Again WELL DONE.
  7. peter t

    Clock Repairs.

    Got two spare clocks repaired that I tried to sell but no one wanted them. Out of 75 2+2
  8. peter t

    Wtb: 240 Halfshaft And Diff Bolts

    Always good to spend the bucks on things like this. Give you piece of mind when hooking down the highway at 150/ opps sorry typo that should be 100KLM.
  9. peter t

    75 260Z Steering Rack

    Ta mate, The one Eric gave me looks good except he cut the tie rods off it. Might be able to do some mixing and matching. Got another one coming so out of the three should get one good one. Why do they weld up the lock nuts tho. will take a pic.
  10. peter t

    Wtb Or Swap: Passenger Front Over-Rider

    Will check the shed. I know I have a full set so would rather sell the set not just one.
  11. peter t

    Stratford Deceased Estate Auction

    Thank Gav for that pushing the prices up can't wait for the 2+2 to take off.
  12. peter t

    75 260Z Steering Rack

    Hi as the title suggests I am after a 260 steering rack pick up in Brisbane area if possible.
  13. peter t

    Manual Conversion.

    Bugger I was asking $1k. I will leave it in the shed until they become rare. Gav would want at least $2K If he had a set. LOL.
  14. peter t

    Manual Conversion.

    Hi All, What do you think would be a good price for a 280ZX manual box plus manual pedal box, Flywheel, clutch master and slave {very old} be worth to someone that wants to do a manual conversion???
  15. peter t

    260Z Airconditioner