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  1. keep in mind if you leave aluminium in this solution too long it will dissolve away. Be careful of threads especially, if they don't require stripping plug them with rubber bungs or use electrical tape wrapped around them to minimise the damage. the black colour could possibly mean that the part is not aluminium & intead a zinc casting like old door handles & trims commonly found on cars. Not a good idea to put these in sodium hydroxide(caustic soda) as they react worse than aluminium & may damage the part beyond repair. the solution isn't an acid either, it is a very strong alkaline & in some ways can be alot worse. eg. mixing it into boiling water can make it almost explode in your face. Same thing if you mix the crystal or powdered form in big clumps, it has a violent reaction & is very dangerous!! i recommend being very careful & if you are unsure you can always ask your local electroplater for any directions on how to do it safely. hope that helps
  2. bad timing most likely. i think the car is great with or without the original taillights. i remember i offered $28,000 back when you were first interested in selling, since then i've spent alot of the that on my project & tools. if i could buy it now i would. oh well might have to save really really quickly!! best of luck, just hope whoever buys it looks after it how it should be looked after. when will it be appearring in the magazine?
  3. goodtimes

    Some more cool Z videos - youtube.com

    just found this awesome to see in real life! http://www.youtube.com/user/DevilZolthar
  4. goodtimes

    legend of the lakes hillclimb

    hillclimb in mount gambier south australia. very well run event with a good variety of cars including the best kind www.seacsa.com/hill_climb.htm hope to have my car in there running amongst them one day
  5. goodtimes

    WANTED: 240z or 260z 2 seater to buy

    still looking for a car, looking to spend a little less due to temporary set back with job. shouldn't be long before i will be able to buy again. thanks.
  6. i think you misunderstood my last post. i had to change the amount i was willing to spend until i find another job, as i found out new years day that i will not have one very soon. i had to make a decision & wasn't willing to gamble more than what i bid. these things happen, time to move on & find something else. still have my project car anyway!
  7. it sure was a bargain, i would've bid alot higher if i didn't find out new years day my work was shutting down for good, pity. not sure if he had the original engine as well, would think it would've been in the listing & i didn't ask. hope there's more bargains out there to come
  8. just missed out on the lime green 240z on ebay mentioned above, computer didn't refresh quick enough. :'( missed by seconds, always the way i guess.
  9. goodtimes

    my little helper

    found him at work, after he went 4 a swim in acid, poor bugger :cry:
  10. goodtimes

    WANTED: 240z or 260z 2 seater to buy

    thanks, if i need that would be very helpful. any extra opinions help greatly. i 'm guessing you mean this one? http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Datsun-Nissan-240z-240-z-260z-260-z-280zx-Dellorto_W0QQitemZ180315484308QQcmdZViewItemQQptZAU_Cars?hash=item180315484308&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=66%3A2%7C65%3A1%7C39%3A1%7C240%3A1318 it's in the recent uniquecars magazine advertised as $19,800 ono, interesting to see what reserve is. he also has a white 71 240z $18,400 ono. i spoke to a friend of his on the weekend who got my email from this thread. just waiting on some pics to be emailed to see what it's like. price is suggesting it would be in pretty good condition.
  11. goodtimes

    WANTED: 240z or 260z 2 seater to buy

    still looking..... damn xmas already coming, maybe santa will bring me one please please please!
  12. i'm new to the forum, but have been reading all the great posts for a while now. i'm currently looking to buy a 240z or a 2 seater 260z in good condition that doesn't need any body work. i'm building a 1973 240z currently to a show standard & do not need another project. i'm willing to spend up to around $20,000 if the high standard is there. my project has become a longer term thing so i'm needing a weekend car to enjoy. i search the car sale websites often, some in the past have been overpriced for the condition they are in.( photo's can lie ) after having them inspected properly & only then would i be prepared to go further with a sale. if you can't tell i'm little to fussy for my own good, it's worth the end result for all the waiting!! any help would be greatly appreciated,thanks