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  1. eric bana and his beast "What if you were a Hollywood movie star with an obsession for cars and racing? You would probably read every script with even the tiniest link to the subject matter, in the hope that you could tell a great car story of the likes of “Grand Prix”, “Le Mans” or “Mad Max”. Then one day you happened to open your garage door and sitting there, right in front of you, was the film you had been searching for. This is what happened to Eric Bana and this time around, the co-star is his very own Ford GT Falcon Coupe- THE BEAST. Eric realized the story was in fact, about him, his first car, a lifetime of ownership and a lifetime of friendship. He set about documenting his own 25 year long love story. A simple tale of one man’s ongoing relationship with his very first car. After years of precious restoration, Eric and his 3 closest friends, decided to enter the car into one of the most gruelling and dangerous motor races that exists: The Targa Tasmania Rally. This would be a personal Everest for both man and machine, until…on day 4 of the race, tragedy strikes. The man who was hell bent on trying to convey how much he and those around him loved “THE BEAST”, had just destroyed it. Eric has now unwillingly cast himself in his own real life drama. We follow him from inside the race car to the surreal world of the red carpet. This compelling true story follows Eric’s progression as a car lover, and as a person conflicted by what he has done. The personal and social pressures mount up in the face of rebuilding a car that means so much to him. Along the way Eric seeks guidance and wisdom from not only the inner sanctum of his 3 life long friends but also Jay Leno, Jeremy Clarkson, and Dr. Phil." http://www.lovethebeast.com.au/site/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srI1rSORJ2E and most importantly, a torrent http://www.mininova.org/tor/2774340 or this one worked for me http://www.mininova.org/tor/2774496 gonna put it on now and grab a beer
  2. ozy

    the ashes

    whats going on? are england now leading the test?
  3. ozy

    reality tv as it should be

    you cant even spare a measly 2 gigs? ah, only joking i think if you go into that mininova site were the download begins you can select which episodes you want so when you click "download this torrent" a window should open up with a list (S01E01 etc) with ticked boxes beside it. untick them all bar the 1st 1 and you wont download the series, just an episode. but i reckon, download them all and watch in 1 go. i watched episodes 3-final on friday and it was great
  4. ozy

    reality tv as it should be

    ive only seen the 1st 2 episodes last night... then the girlfriend came over. so will attack the rest later. looks like it should be good. the lads that posted the original link up are raving about it
  5. ok ive ripped this off an irish forum. theres this half german dude and he comes up with some great stuff from time to time. anyway... Anyone come across "Team Schrick"? Made by a German TV station, a chap buys a used Aston and attempts to finish in the top 10 of the 'Ring 24hr race. Avaliable on the Somali Pirates place, complete with English subtitles. Makes the Top Gear challenges look like a game of cards in the pub. and the link is here http://www.finalgear.com/news/2009/06/30/team-schrick/ and the torrent to download is here http://www.mininova.org/tor/2707326
  6. @galderdi, put a half dozen on each wheel (make sure to point in correct direction) and it should make your wheels go faster
  7. @lynton, do you mean back in the day? i could understand mine being restored and flipped around, but my friend has an english one, very unrestored, rusty and the lights as picture B. i take it your in australia and these were aussie cars? both of them were like this? what years were they? mines 78
  8. yeah, that makes more sense. wind resistance would be minimal on that. i do prefer the look of it. it seems to follow the lines of the car nicely....like an arrow head. so ill probably leave it alone. it just struck me strange when i saw another like it here, where we only have a small pool of Z cars. thanks zedman and rb30x!
  9. yeah, it seems to me that A is correct. I could accept mine being wrong (like in B), but a friend with an english 260 has them the same way. mine is restored, his isnt. just thought it was weird to find another, especially in ireland and as there arent a million zeds here. schucks, should have gone to art scholl.... geddit?
  10. ozy

    the ashes

    just a thing i found on a satellite tv stations website (dave, they show loads of topgear, great station). a bit about slagging matches during cricket, the 1st one is class http://dave.uktv.co.uk/library/sport-blog/top-10-funniest-cricket-sledging-exchanges/
  11. didnt want to start a new thread. i also have a side indicator question. picture attached below my zed seems to have the front side indicators installed backwards (pic B). i may keep them as is because i like the look. but then i found a mate with a 260 2+2 (english car originally) and he also has them backwards. mines a japanese restored car, the mates 260 is awaiting restoration. from the pics i looked at on the net, ours deffo seemto be the wrong way, the pics show the side indicator parallel with the line of travel of the car (pic A), whereas our 2 "splay out". is it also true that these indicators were used on other datsun models, but with different rubbers. the zed rubbers being more wedge shaped to account for the shape of the body and trying to build out the indicator so it would be parallel. ill try to get a photo too! so i guess, were there differences in any markets or have we 2 zeds that 2 different people installed the lights either accidentally or on purpose backwards?
  12. ive only started going to the classic shows in ireland since i got one and im starting to see the same cars at the events. luckily, im still new to it, so as the summer events carry on, the different cliques will pop out and keep surprising me. next year may not be so thrilling. 1 note: the cars with ZV registrations were IMPORTED into ireland after they were 30 years old. so you will note that there are a lot of zv registrations because back in the day, the money wasnt here to but nice cars. so the bog standard cars that did exist led a harsh life and withered or rusted early. so even the old standard cars have a lot of imports. p.s. the grass is always greener on the other side! Ireland when you arrive is rather like planet vulcan, a red fiery surface... yep, sure does
  13. ozy

    the ashes

    is the aussie team in a transitional phase at the moment? from what little ive heard, the team isnt the powerhouse that she was a few years back
  14. ozy

    the ashes

    whats the predictions on this aussie site? are ya going to smash the pomes? or will they fluke a win? p.s. im not a cricket head so have no idea of current form of either team. cmon aussies!
  15. oh i did that. but i was just curious about the aussie laws on the matter. again, i remember my area in west australia being a very quiet spot