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  1. hmd

    Ledge's 240Z Track car

    unbelievable speed Paul. My car top speed at the end of the straight is slower than your at the first gantry on the straight.
  2. hmd

    Logbooking a Car for Sprints Only

    Most sprints do not require logbook, may be challenge Bathurst do,
  3. hmd

    Time attack, Friday at PI

    Paul's 240z time is CRAZY fast.
  4. hmd

    Logbooking a Car for Sprints Only

    You don't need to logbook a car for sprint. There is a General Requirement for car and drivers here https://cams.com.au/regulations/manual/general-requirements I am pretty sure for sprints any seat is fine provided it's mounted correctly With tint 'have any window or windscreen fitted made from a material which is clear or, if tinted, compliant with AS 2080;' If you have a cage it probably wise to register it with CAMS because they do change their cage requirement structure from year to year.
  5. hmd

    Show us your......man cave.

    ugly but cheap and potential to mod it.
  6. hmd

    Show us your......man cave.

    @gav240z This is for you https://www.domain.com.au/news/hot-property-the-melbourne-fire-station-up-for-sale-812841/?utm_campaign=strap-masthead&utm_source=the-age&utm_medium=link&utm_content=pos1&ref=pos1
  7. haha that's the way.
  8. Couldn't have said the bold bit better myself. BTW the datsun roadster of John Giest is killing it in the Sb under 2L category.
  9. it doesn't matter though, James Flett can get plenty power out of these engines. What we need is more tyre and brake. we run 195/60 tyres whereas the 911 run 225/50 on the rears and the Vette and Pantera even wider tyres.
  10. Group S porkers are yesteryear trend much like Sydney and Melbourne house prices. The current weapons of choice in group S is 454 big block Vette or Pantera with Cleveland 351.
  11. It may be logbook group S. But it's no longer conform with those flares and carbon fibre bits just for starter.
  12. hmd

    2019 Phillip Island classic

    Track had those dust they put on top on oil spill and also the driver lacked a bit of talent I wasn't the only one who spun
  13. hmd

    Nissan Datsun Nationals 2019

    @Gordo 75db will be a deal breaker for race cars.
  14. Mike, You did exceptionally well for first outing. Very envious.