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  1. hmd

    Classic car bubble

    I have so many car wants and not enough money and space. Honda NSX, FD RX-7 and 944 Turbo S are my late 80 early 90 cars I would love to buy now.
  2. hmd

    Classic car bubble

    First of all the 924 and 944 are COMPLETELY 2 different cars, I don't know how you put them in the same basket. The 944 started with a 2.5 litre then later on with the S2 3.0 variant and a 944 turbo variant (951). The 944 S2 3.0 morphed into the 968 and the 968CS was voted as the world best sport car in the early 1990. I've owned and track 944 S2, 944 turbo and 911, my least favourite would be the 911. If I have money and room to buy a Porsche now I would be looking for a 944 Turbo S (1989-1990) or a 986CS. But each to their own. On second thought I probably buy a Datsun roadster first. If you want an example why there are no logics to classic car prices, someone just paid 0.5M on a '911' number plate. To me some people are so hung up by rarity, something rare does not necessary means it is great.
  3. Dave, the bride seat authorised dealer is Import Monster and they are just around the corner in Bayswater. Worth checking them out.
  4. hmd

    Show us your......man cave.

    Definitely need more cars in that shed.
  5. Dave, 2 matching Recaro Pole Position in leather would suit your car nicely. (a bit of change from $3K)
  6. hmd

    Some more cool Z videos - youtube.com

    something for @Gordo to look at on the aero front.
  7. hmd

    Spotted (Vic)

  8. hmd

    Race Car Pics, Yours Or ?

    Don't care much for the red bulls anymore. Bring on the Renault for 2019.
  9. hmd

    Wtb: 240 Wiper arms

    ring Lou Mondello, he can get them new from Nissan. He knows the part number (that is his IP).
  10. hmd

    1974 260z 2 seater

    @gav240z is there any character count limitation on the forum signature? if not go for another one
  11. hmd


    George, short term pains, hopefully the kids will grow up to be expert restorers
  12. hmd

    Over the KW limit

    You are getting flak because you are not really asking for advice but you are only searching for answers that suit you. On the insurance side of thing, even if your dad owned and insured the car you need to make sure you are named as a REGULAR driver of the car (premium will increase correspondingly) otherwise you are really not insured. Also as Dave said if you are not licensed to drive the car the insurance will be null and void.
  13. He did come and apologise and we are all good. I am just having a bit of a racing low.... sometimes you wonder why you are racing ... @Lurch and I had a conversation about a 'refresh' for my car. Then he came to Philip Island historic 2017 and saw me got hit by an Alfa and wisely advise me against doing any refresh Here's that clip
  14. he got grid penalty not sure about fine they don't publish that.