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  1. Which color are you after and what condition do they need to be in? Cheers
  2. Nice color Groundhog. Was your car that color from factory?
  3. I thought the lighter green was #302 or #113 like Andy's car Gav? I like all the colours you posted above.
  4. Good stuff Rudi, hope the new place has a massive shed, if not I'm sure you'll build one. I am definitely a fan of the Emerald green, one of my favorite zed colors so I vote for that. Is it #303? Not a fan of the lighter leaf green. Cheers
  5. Brabham

    Zed Heads dream Z build.

    Buy one with the guards cut. I think people will start returning the cars to original as values rise.
  6. Brabham

    The Chook Shed Aka RS30-000792

    Probably get the dash and reskin it. I haven't seen repro dashes. Reskin is 500+. The two places known for zed dash restoration are dash original in Adelaide and dash doctor in Melbourne. Not sure if 2 seat and 2+2 dashes are the same?
  7. Brabham

    Seized rear drums

    Thanks guys, managed to get the drum off and it now rolls freely. Will be a lot easier next time!
  8. Brabham

    Seized rear drums

    Thanks for that, will give it a try
  9. Brabham

    Seized rear drums

    Thanks guys, will give it another go on the weekend. Andbir do you have a photo of where the adjuster sits on the rear left? Cheers
  10. Brabham

    Seized rear drums

    I disconnected the handbrake cable. Will check if there is any fluid in the system. The car has sat for years. Thanks Peter. Worst comes to worst it was coming off slowly by whacking it from behind.
  11. Hi all, The brakes have seized on one of the rear drums on my 2+2 as it has sat there for ages with the handbrake on. I gave it a bit of a whack on the front flat surface of the drum to try to free it up but no luck. Jacked it up and started to try to get it off by hitting the fins of the drum from behind using a big hammer with a block of wood so as not to damage the fins. Was coming off about half a mil at a time. Is there a better way?
  12. Brabham

    DreamZproject 240Z #365 build

    Would one of those fuel tank restoration businesses be able to restore a tank like that? Or how would the POR15 kit go on that? Cheers
  13. Hi all, were these headlight covers original Nissan or a dealer fitted option? I thought the only original Nissan items had the chrome surrounds but have seen lots of these fitted to cars. Cheers
  14. Looks good, who did you get to do the blasting Gav? How does vapor blasting work, is it just steam or do they use an abrasive?
  15. Brabham

    Door Moisture Barrier Adhesive

    Thanks mate, I ended up finding that and recommended it to a friend. He said it worked well. Cheers