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  1. Neuby

    Neuby's red rota'd 240Z

    Thanks guys. There could be hundred reasons why the car is behaving the way it is. Sometimes with the right (or wrong) culmination of parameters an anomaly occurs. I’m not overly fussed as long as come dyno time the engine makes more power not less. I have considered a distributorless wasted spark COP ignition before embarking on this project. I wonder if there is value in a comparison series between distributor and COP?
  2. Neuby

    Neuby's red rota'd 240Z

    So the little niggling issues continue. While travelling to a local informal coffee and cars show I discovered a problem with the ignition timing. It felt like an ignition ‘wall’ at around 3,400 RPM. My first thoughts were it was something other than the ignition advance. I’ve had 36 degrees in this motor when it ran the tripled 45DCOE152s years ago. I just assumed the engine could take the same again. I was going to check the signal form from the Pertronix in the event that signal noise was causing interference. I wasn’t real sure how to condition an I/O type signal. In the end it was the ignition advance. When the table ramped up to 31 degrees at 3,400 RPM, the engine couldn’t take it. Trialing lower advance in the same areas of the table allow the engine to rev properly. I’m glad it was an easy fix and I am surprised that with running the SUs with SB needles that the engine characteristics changed. A new chapter has been added to my ‘book of Datsun’. Anyway the ignition table has been revised to lower advance levels and hopefully this will be a suitable base for some road tuning. If anyone has come across changes in ignition behaviour with different setup ups, I’d love to hear it.
  3. Neuby

    Neuby's red rota'd 240Z

    Absolutely the 123Ignition is a much less involved ignition that what I’m doing. I did look at this and the only reason I went with the Megasquirt was that I had the Megasquirt kit already (i’m I’m ‘frugal’). They look like a good bit of kit. I did correspond with 123 and I believe they confirmed it would operate with CDI ignitions like the MSD 6AL. The moment of truth arrived for the first startup with the Megasquirt configured for ignition only and the SB needles in the SU carbs. The distributor needed to be aligned with the trigger angle parameter in the ECU which was easy to to. I did hit a road bump with a leak from a MAP vac hose that was larger than the onboard MAP sensor barb. That was fixed with a smaller vac hose 3mm in diameter from Super Cheap Auto. I had to buy the stand out blue coloured silicon stuff made by SAAS because the roll of non descipt black was empty. With the problem fixed the car runs but I want to revisit the ignition table before driving and adjust the SU mixture nuts after. The idle vacuum is a little different to what I thought it would be and revving the engine without load cause some hesitation around the 3k RPM mark which makes me think I have the advance ramping up too fast in the table.
  4. Neuby

    Neuby's red rota'd 240Z

    I was able to play home tuner using Tunerstudio to set put the parameters and rough in an ignition table for the MS1. There wasn’t a lot to set up with an ignition only configuration, the ECU is pretty under utilised as far as it’s overall capacity. Even though the hardware does not exist for the injector circuits, I zeroed the injector table data. To bench test the MS1, I used the Megastim board and a syringe with vacuum tube for the MAP. A 60ml syringe wasn’t big enough to generate enough vacuum to get to the closed throttle parts of the map but it was helpful still. I had help from Godzilla Raceworks who saw one of my Instagram posts and offered up an example tuning file from an MS2 used on a similar engine. I’m very appreciative for their assistance. https://www.godzillaraceworks.com/ There are a few items I need to address before attempting to start the car with the MS1 and new SU needles. The vacuum line for the MAP needs a home on the intake manifold and the signal wires from the Pertronix unit need a little tweaking to introduce voltage because the Pertronix unit doesn’t generate its only power, its only a switch essentially.
  5. Jeez! Those existing repairs look rough as!
  6. Neuby

    Neuby's red rota'd 240Z

    I snagged some time over the Christmas break to fault find the Megasquirt MS1 install. I 100% expected the problem to be something simple. Sometimes I hate it when I’m right… I hypothesised two possible problems. One being the ECU itself and the other the wiring loom. The ECU powered up and connected to the Tunerstudio when plugged into the Megastim board. Happy days that the ECU was not toast! This left the wiring harness. Voltage was getting to pin on the harness. That left that the harness was incorrectly made, that the voltage was going to the wrong pin. A quick review of my notes, physical verification and sure enough power was going to the wrong pin. A quick swap of the pin and the ECU powered up when connected to the wiring harness. I’m glad it was something minor and simple. Next stop, ECU tuning!
  7. Neuby

    Neuby's red rota'd 240Z

    Finally got around to mucking with the megasquirt wiring harness. There isn’t a lot to wire up with the MS1 in ignition only configuration. It took nearly a week doing little bits here and there coming up to Christmas. It didn’t go to plan but the advantage of this being a project car is I can just shut up the garage until next year! Merry Christmas all and have a happy new year!
  8. Neuby

    Hot Street L28 build

    I’m keen to see photos of the combustion chambers! Pretty please?!
  9. Neuby

    Neuby's red rota'd 240Z

    Mech advance in the distributor is locked! It’s slow progress but thats better than no progress. Next is wiring the megasquirt! I can’t wait to test the launch control feature and see if I can’t blow up the exhaust.... Share the vid if you know someone who might benefit from it.
  10. Neuby

    Zed Heads dream Z build.

    Mmmm those carbs! What model of DCOE are you using?
  11. Neuby

    HItachi SU Rebuild Questions

    I don’t know if you are testing the piston with the needle. I found a good verification method was to test fit the piston without the needle. I found I had a teeny bit of sticking but was able to determine it was the needle/nozzle alignment not the piston and spring.
  12. Neuby

    HItachi SU Rebuild Questions

    Gav if its any comfort I have not used Loctite on any threads and have not had a problem. I am also not running the last chance filters in the banjo. I’ve put a good quaility in line filter just upstream of the carbs instead as its far easier to inspect and maintain. Any washers that tha ZT kit didn’t supply I recycled. I made sure I had something between each steel fixture and the alloy. I did the fitting for the fuel bowl up without anything and I was amazed at how soft that allow it. The plastic O rings in the ZT kit are to locate and space the banjo in the sleeve. I’ve installed them on my SUs. When I didn’t I found the banjo bolt too loose after grounding out at the bottom of the thread. According to an article on ZParts.com a standard SU needle for the 240Z is a BCE (https://zparts.com/index.php/resources/su-carburetors-explained/) . Chucking that into Teglerizer’s finder shows it is similar to N27 but not exact. I would think N27 needles would be available from a supplier in the states. SUmidel may also be able to advise an equivilent, I found them very helpful and knowledgeable. I dunno if that will help.
  13. Neuby

    Neuby's red rota'd 240Z

    I found some interesting parameters in the Tunerstudio software about launch control and flat shifting which got me thinking and consequently the megasquirt case hasn’t stayed assembled for long! I’ve build a protective circuit on the prototyping area to ground a 5v signal from JS11 leg of the CPU. This will be used to trigger launch control and flat shifting functions. I don’t know how this will function with the SU carbs as the MS1 is only controlling ignition. I suspect backfiring will ensue! I’ll have to build a clutch switch if launch control passes testing. I want the car to be about function not form. If the launch control doesn’t prove useful, I’ll bin it. Oh and the wiring loom of less than ten wires is also complete……
  14. Neuby

    2019 Datsun calender

    Same here! They look good Sean.
  15. Neuby

    Neuby's red rota'd 240Z

    Slowing chipping away little by little. I mucked with the Megasquirt 1 this week. Got the V3.0 board sorted from where I left it two years ago from a full EFI build. Flashed MS/Extra and plugged it in to the PC with the stim board (after I installed the USB to RS232 driver for the cable ) and low and behold it worked first time! I'm pretty stoked that it worked. I don't have any special hardware built other than the standard configuration. It is literally taking the signal from the Pertronix unit and manifold pressure from the vacuum advance pickup and determining ignition advance from the ignition table. I will have to zero fill all the other tables. next step is get the wiring loom in order although I won't need a lot of wires for what I'm doing....