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  1. Neuby

    Nizm0zed's coupe

    PM sent RE slab. I typically design 100mm slabs for dealership services areas unless ground conditions are poor or they have a specific jack generating a point load.
  2. Neuby

    Neuby's red rota'd 240Z

    Video of dyno run. https://youtu.be/FDoHslCCqBs
  3. Neuby

    Neuby's red rota'd 240Z

    170hp @ 5600. Not bad for a home built $5k stroker on stock carbs! Video to follow.
  4. Neuby

    Anyone From Bundy?

    As the topic subject suggests.....
  5. BRE spoiler, brake master cylinder and under dash loom went yesterday.
  6. Gauges sold to Gareth and Krizza. Found some more items that might be of interest. BRE style front lip Galderi spec - $50.00 260Z brake master cylinder new in box - $75.00 indicators licence plate illumination housing emissions stuff door mirrors brake booster - free door latches centre console fascia
  7. Neuby

    Neuby's red rota'd 240Z

    I recorded a WOT run with the WBO2 and I'm pretty happy with the SM needles. I had the expectation that it would be rich as all buggery but it was little on the lean side which is not totally great for power but a fair compromise. Now all I need is to organise that dyno run!
  8. The MSD gets its trigger pertronix unit in the dizzy. I'm not familiar with calibrating the 280z unit to a different scale. I had an EA Falcon fitted and calibrated to that tacho face. If you look in the verification photo you can see the holes drilled to fix the face to the unit closer to the needle. No how much the tech tried he could not get it to align with the scale 100%. It ended up costing the same amount as the Autometer guage I had in the dash prior to refitting the 280Z unit. I think the signal the MSD unit puts out is pretty clean and consistent 5V square wave.
  9. Found some gauges. I have confirmed that the Volts/fuel and temp/oil function with a 12V power source and the needles move. Clock doesn't work and is not for sale at this stage. I cannot confirm the tach works but from memory worked when I pulled it from the 'bus' a decade ago. Tach - $75 volts/fuel - $50 temp/oil - $50
  10. I can confirm the tacho with this mod performs accurately up to my redline of 6.5k when used with the MSD 6AL.
  11. Neuby

    L28-P90 Head Piston Question

    Is this what we were talking about on the weekend? When it comes to comp height I use precision international's website. 9 times out of 10 they have comp height, nice picture etc. AND you can search by engine If I have the motor correct, 32mm +1.5mm dome. Considering the flycut valves there'd be some meat in the top. http://www.precisionintl.com/Engine.aspx?ID=1363&EID=12684
  12. Neuby

    Car Dolly's For Moving Car Around?

    I've had one of my supercheap go jack's seal leak a little. I can attest to the debris 'chocking' the wheel. It doesn't take much. Its frustrating getting some momentum up turning a car around on concrete and having that energy go to waste putting a chase in the floor. Grrr. That aside they are dang handy if your shifting cars perpendicular in a shed.
  13. I think I've got back to everyone. In my rummaging I have found the following if anyone is interested: glove box liner glove box door non-retracting rear seat belts front passenger foot rest 6 x standard low impedence 188cc injectors. I think these were a set I had cleaned and flow checked around september 2016, I will have to check
  14. Hi guys, I've sold the house and need to shift to Bundaberg in a few weeks. Preference is for pick up but I can post. There might be some lag time for postage quotes though. I am also open to offers. Extractors to suit square port L6 (w/- O2 sensor bung) and mercury muffler taken from my 240Z recently - $50.00 260Z headlights - $50 (taillights in photo have been sold) 260Z 2+2 door armrests, black - $25 for both 260Z 2+2 under dash loom - $10 280zx loom with ECU (unknown condition) - $50 260Z left and right lower valance - $50 260Z steering wheel - $20 260Z 2+2 vinyl hood linings – give away Autometer 5” in dash tacho #3990 (used in my 240Z) - $150 MSD soft cut rev control #8728 (wired in for the first 100 miles of new engine and never actually used to rev cut in this time) - $100 R200 half shaft I can’t remember which side - $100 PM me if your interested in anything. I still have boxes to go through so if your after something particular from a 260Z 2+2 let me know.
  15. That is interesting to know RE breakdown over 5k rpm. I will have to perform a stress test on the weekend when I get a chance to get some heat into the motor .