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  1. Neuby

    Hot Street L28 build

    I’m keen to see photos of the combustion chambers! Pretty please?!
  2. Neuby

    Neuby's red rota'd 240Z

    Mech advance in the distributor is locked! It’s slow progress but thats better than no progress. Next is wiring the megasquirt! I can’t wait to test the launch control feature and see if I can’t blow up the exhaust.... Share the vid if you know someone who might benefit from it.
  3. Neuby

    Zed Heads dream Z build.

    Mmmm those carbs! What model of DCOE are you using?
  4. Neuby

    HItachi SU Rebuild Questions

    I don’t know if you are testing the piston with the needle. I found a good verification method was to test fit the piston without the needle. I found I had a teeny bit of sticking but was able to determine it was the needle/nozzle alignment not the piston and spring.
  5. Neuby

    HItachi SU Rebuild Questions

    Gav if its any comfort I have not used Loctite on any threads and have not had a problem. I am also not running the last chance filters in the banjo. I’ve put a good quaility in line filter just upstream of the carbs instead as its far easier to inspect and maintain. Any washers that tha ZT kit didn’t supply I recycled. I made sure I had something between each steel fixture and the alloy. I did the fitting for the fuel bowl up without anything and I was amazed at how soft that allow it. The plastic O rings in the ZT kit are to locate and space the banjo in the sleeve. I’ve installed them on my SUs. When I didn’t I found the banjo bolt too loose after grounding out at the bottom of the thread. According to an article on ZParts.com a standard SU needle for the 240Z is a BCE (https://zparts.com/index.php/resources/su-carburetors-explained/) . Chucking that into Teglerizer’s finder shows it is similar to N27 but not exact. I would think N27 needles would be available from a supplier in the states. SUmidel may also be able to advise an equivilent, I found them very helpful and knowledgeable. I dunno if that will help.
  6. Neuby

    Neuby's red rota'd 240Z

    I found some interesting parameters in the Tunerstudio software about launch control and flat shifting which got me thinking and consequently the megasquirt case hasn’t stayed assembled for long! I’ve build a protective circuit on the prototyping area to ground a 5v signal from JS11 leg of the CPU. This will be used to trigger launch control and flat shifting functions. I don’t know how this will function with the SU carbs as the MS1 is only controlling ignition. I suspect backfiring will ensue! I’ll have to build a clutch switch if launch control passes testing. I want the car to be about function not form. If the launch control doesn’t prove useful, I’ll bin it. Oh and the wiring loom of less than ten wires is also complete……
  7. Neuby

    2019 Datsun calender

    Same here! They look good Sean.
  8. Neuby

    Neuby's red rota'd 240Z

    Slowing chipping away little by little. I mucked with the Megasquirt 1 this week. Got the V3.0 board sorted from where I left it two years ago from a full EFI build. Flashed MS/Extra and plugged it in to the PC with the stim board (after I installed the USB to RS232 driver for the cable ) and low and behold it worked first time! I'm pretty stoked that it worked. I don't have any special hardware built other than the standard configuration. It is literally taking the signal from the Pertronix unit and manifold pressure from the vacuum advance pickup and determining ignition advance from the ignition table. I will have to zero fill all the other tables. next step is get the wiring loom in order although I won't need a lot of wires for what I'm doing....
  9. Neuby

    Neuby's red rota'd 240Z

    Many thanks Gav!
  10. Neuby

    Neuby's red rota'd 240Z

    Following on from the SB needle install I decided to adjust the float level to factory. Previously I had the float level a little higher as a band aid fix to richen the top end mixture of the SM needles. The rear float bowl gave me grief. I think I had the lid off 20 times before the geometry of the float was massaged so it wouldn’t stick in the bowl not closing the jet properly. I got there in the end. When you bending little metal tabs minute amounts you need a good swag of patience. Using the float sync tool and a trusty bit of clear pine dressed down to 9/16” thick the floats are set to the same level. The Nissan workshop manual suggests making one float higher than the other, presumably for G forces under acceleration, but I’ve never done this. Working on the 240Z is not the highest priority in my life (although I wish it could be!) so road testing and datalogging with the Innovate LM2 wideband will have to wait. Video below.
  11. Neuby

    Neuby's red rota'd 240Z

    Cheers Gav!
  12. Neuby

    Neuby's red rota'd 240Z

    I turned my attention to optimising the needles in the Hitachi SUs. I took the function stations from the SM, RV and RU needles I’ve trialed previously and went searching for a best match. I went to use the Mintylamb.co.uk resource but found that had closed down some time ago. Ended up using Teglerizer’s resource http://www.teglerizer.com/suneedledb/ to find SB needles were the closest. Ended up sticking the needles in without lowering the fuel floats down from the band aid fix to riches top end with the SM needles. The SB needles worked a treat and the AFRs are offset by the amount that raising the float changed. Overall very happy. Next port of call is to lower the floats to factory and I reckon I will have 99% convergence to the best mixture I can achieve without making custom needles.
  13. Wait a second! What’s going on here?! No weberage?
  14. Neuby

    Zed Heads dream Z build.

    Not a worry! What colour is that you’ve used on the rocker cover? looks snazzy!
  15. Neuby

    Neuby's red rota'd 240Z

    I’ve decided to use the part built MS1 v3.0 megasquirt with MSExtra code as a programmable ignition. I will retain the MSD 6AL and pertronix igniter 1. I did look at 123ignition, MSD 6AL programmable, etc. and these were all good products but I went with the megasquirt as I already had it. There are also other peripherals the MS1 can control and I hope to knock together a means on the proto area of the V3.0 board to output a signal for the temp gauge to use. The original temp sender is cactus. Another task is locking the distributor. I think I may have found a copyright free STL file for a lock out block on the net. If it is what I think it is I’ll get something printed up in ABS...problem is I don’t think there are any local printers so this may take some time.... There is a video on my YouTube channel but its me waffling on so I haven’t embedded it in the post.