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  1. Neuby

    Zed Heads dream Z build.

    Not a worry! What colour is that you’ve used on the rocker cover? looks snazzy!
  2. Neuby

    Neuby's red rota'd 240Z

    I’ve decided to use the part built MS1 v3.0 megasquirt with MSExtra code as a programmable ignition. I will retain the MSD 6AL and pertronix igniter 1. I did look at 123ignition, MSD 6AL programmable, etc. and these were all good products but I went with the megasquirt as I already had it. There are also other peripherals the MS1 can control and I hope to knock together a means on the proto area of the V3.0 board to output a signal for the temp gauge to use. The original temp sender is cactus. Another task is locking the distributor. I think I may have found a copyright free STL file for a lock out block on the net. If it is what I think it is I’ll get something printed up in ABS...problem is I don’t think there are any local printers so this may take some time.... There is a video on my YouTube channel but its me waffling on so I haven’t embedded it in the post.
  3. Neuby

    Zed Heads dream Z build.

    Agreed! That is an awesome colour combination!
  4. Neuby

    Neuby's red rota'd 240Z

    The first of many pieces of the puzzle for the road to 200whp on round top Hitachis has been completed. The old POS bit of exhaust I recycled from the system that came with the car 10 years ago is out and replaced with a Zstory centre pipe. The car now has a full Zstory offering: Race sport header centre pipe with silencer JDM style muffler I could not be more impressed with the sound! The new silencer is leagues ahead of what was in there. I think the change from aluminised steel to full stainless steel has contributed. The note sounds ‘clean’ and not as ‘cheap’ as it used to sound. The system was also extremely easy to fit and all I had to do was bend up a ‘z’ bracket out of thin flat plate to help align one exhaust mounting point with the point on the body. I wanted teh rubber isolator mounts to be vertical. Anyway, I put the install and a sound check in a video if anyone is interested.
  5. Neuby

    L28 Engine Breather Advice Req’d

    I run a K&N style filter from the breather with Zstory headers. Daily driven for a few years and not a problem with the filter. The system is a legacy from when I had triple DCOEs but I now run round top hitachis on the stroker motor. I also run a road draft pipe from the rocker cover down next to the gearbox to stop crankcase vapour pooling in the filter and dripping out. It’s tech from the 50s but its doing the job until I can force myself to get a proper catch can system.
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  8. Neuby

    Neuby's red rota'd 240Z

    Phew! What a hiatus! Since the last post only small changes have been made. The car survived the 4.5 hour drive from Toowoomba to Bundy in one continuous run back in April 2017. It used about 10l/100k which I thought was odd but put further investigation on the low priority pile. Upon checking with the LM2 the cruise to WOT section of the needle was indeed running very lean. I promptly ordered RU and RV needles to see if that would fix the problem. The RV needles got near perfect AFR at top end but cruise sat at about 10:1. Humph! I settled on a half baked band aid measure of lifting the floats up a few mm and sticking the SM needles back in. This made things a little richer (13.5:1 approx at WOT) but is not the long term solution I desire. If you plan to maintain the Hitachi SUs on your car yourself I can not recommend enough getting a ‘Float-sync’ tool. I’m not sure if they are still manufactured but they are bloody helpful when setting the floats! I got mine from here: https://zcardepot.com/carburetor-float-sync-tool-su-240z.html That was around October 2017. Fast forward to now, I am able to ‘donate’ more of my time the ol’ girl. I have set a goal to aim for 200RWHP on the SUs without opening the engine. I have a spiel on the plan on my YouTube channel which can be seen here. The three areas to focus efforts are: - Removing the recycled section between the Zstory headers and muffler and putting something better flowing in - New or custom needles for the carbs to get the AFRs where they should be - Muck with the advance profile in the dizzy. Currently the ‘all in’ advance is far to low. I’m thinking MSD 6AL-2 with locked dizzy or repurpose the MS1 I have on the shelves with a CAS. After all this is done it’ll be off to the dyno. If I don’t get 200 aitch pees I can always bust open the motor and port the head to the buggery, swap in a new cam or just admit defeat and put triples or EFI on it!
  9. Neuby

    l26 ignition help

    I got mine on eBay. I think my kit was Pertronix reference 1761.
  10. Neuby

    l26 ignition help

    It could be your points if they are out of adjustment or are worn particularly if your feeding full 12v through them. I get rid of points as fast as I can. I use Pertronix modules and have found them very stable and ‘set and forgot’ in comparison to points. I normally check the following when I am diagnosing ignition problems: initial timing and behaviour of timing advance ignition coil ignition leads spark plug condition, gap and heat range Your cam may be limiting performance also. I run a hotter-than-mild cam, Pertronix, MSD 6AL and plenty of fuel delivery verified by my WBO2 and experience the ‘hard wall’ just over 6500rpm....but that is intentional by design.
  11. Neuby

    Nizm0zed's coupe

    PM sent RE slab. I typically design 100mm slabs for dealership services areas unless ground conditions are poor or they have a specific jack generating a point load.
  12. Neuby

    Neuby's red rota'd 240Z

    Video of dyno run. https://youtu.be/FDoHslCCqBs
  13. Neuby

    Neuby's red rota'd 240Z

    170hp @ 5600. Not bad for a home built $5k stroker on stock carbs! Video to follow.
  14. Neuby

    Anyone From Bundy?

    As the topic subject suggests.....
  15. BRE spoiler, brake master cylinder and under dash loom went yesterday.