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  1. d3c0y

    Whale tail!

    Yup, but it's long sold sorry.
  2. Ben careful the centre caps come in two diameters and two heights. The early wheels have a larger hole.
  3. Hi sent you a message on messenger.


  4. d3c0y

    260z Brake Drum

    I have rear drums and i'm in Brisbane. Let me know if you want to come up and get them.
  5. d3c0y

    260Z Wiper Motor

    Yeah looks like a '77 to me by the plug which is fine. Let's go to PM.
  6. d3c0y

    Classic car bubble

    It's interesting that 70s cars are kind of done now. I'm looking at selling a 260Z coupe this year and there hasn't really been any movement for the last couple of years on the top end of the market. It's all about the 90s now.
  7. d3c0y

    Wanted: R180 3.9

    This is a really easy ratio to get in the Subaru STi LSDs if you want an LSD upgrade?
  8. d3c0y

    260Z Wiper Motor

    Will take any, however, I would prefer a late '74 to 06/76 if possible.
  9. d3c0y

    Wanted: Fibreglass vented bonnet

    I have a non-vented one for sale that needs some work if you are interested.
  10. I have heaps of spare 260Z dashes if samples are required.
  11. d3c0y

    1975 260z 2 Seat

    Too cheap! 260Z are only worth less money than 240Zs because people won't list them at a high enough price!
  12. No chrome trim on the door cards either, definitely re-trim. This reeks of a dealer jumping on it trying to make a quick profit. I doubt the seller knows it's not what they think it is, because at that price you do want to be a stickler for Gav's list.
  13. d3c0y

    Front tow hook

    Tow hook + mounting hardware $65 located in Brisbane. I have a g-nose, it's not long enough
  14. Late 240Z style slat grille, with a few minor bits of wear and tear. $150 Dutton Park, Brisbane QLD.