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  1. d3c0y

    R180 LSD Conversion

    Got me on the old technicality -_-
  2. d3c0y

    400z is Coming, apparently

    It's already been made by Ford controversially. Just needs a LibertyWalk kit to make it obvious! Flat front like a 240Z, recessed headlights, the taillight panel with 3 elements tail lights, it's all there. Shame it's not a 5.7L because they could have even called it a 350Z!
  3. d3c0y

    Vq35 in S30

    Yes there is a red one in NZ with flares that has a VQ. They even sell a kit for it in america. http://hokeperformance.squarespace.com/project-vehicles/
  4. d3c0y


    It's fine, but only if your spelling is right when you put on.
  5. d3c0y

    R180 LSD Conversion

    3.36 is crap ratio not worth the effort. At the end of the day all R180s have 180mm crown wheel so not really any stronger than a standard one. For any decent turbo you want an R200.
  6. d3c0y

    Over the KW limit

    Did you read this: https://www.qld.gov.au/transport/licensing/driver-licensing/applying/provisional/restrictions It's pretty clear on what you need to prove to get an exemption. So really I was right, unless you make up some bullshit which is probably what your mates did.
  7. d3c0y

    Over the KW limit

    I told you a series 3 was illegal in your other thread. You can't get an exemption for it, that's just for turbos that have a low kw/ton rating.
  8. It's only been 2 years...
  9. d3c0y

    Nissan 350z petrol

    This is a terrible option. Would you really have a 260Z 2+2 as your daily Gav? Or any S30 for that matter? They are just too old to be a sensible choice for anything other than a weekend car these days.
  10. d3c0y

    Nissan 350z petrol

    I doubt any of those cars are better on fuel and they are all turbo which you can't have on your Ps in QLD right?
  11. d3c0y

    Nissan 350z petrol

    If you can't afford 98 octane fuel, buy a corolla mate. I'm not being harsh, but if $10 a tank makes the difference you can't afford a sports car.
  12. d3c0y

    Nissan 350z petrol

    I have owned series 1 and series 3 350Zs and they are actually good on fuel. You will need to put 98 premium unleaded in them though which is pretty expensive these days. I think for the money you will be hard pressed to get a better first sports car that is p-plate legal.
  13. d3c0y

    My Experience With Triple Webers

    So you are saying SUs are better than badly setup Webers?
  14. d3c0y

    Wheel Centre Bore Enlargement

    Oh yeah try these guys: https://www.facebook.com/wheelrevolution/ They put new lips on some 3 piece wheels for me.
  15. d3c0y

    Wheel Centre Bore Enlargement

    Must be a sweet set of wheels? What are they?