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  1. Yeah i didn't know that the modern ones came with the short ratio. I thought they were all 3.54 Torsens.
  2. Ahh ok I sold one of these but mine came from an GC8 STi Version 6 Type RA which is kind of rare. Do you know what yours came from?
  3. Did you buy this one from me? Why ditch that awesome ratio?! It's such a rare combination!
  4. d3c0y

    Stagea owners here?

    So are you suggesting putting a Barra in it and Gav makes his own internationalised version of a Stagea?
  5. Hi Guys, It seems that the guy that was plating my parts has lost the roller and pin from my lower door hinge which is getting in the way of my car having doors. If you have a door hinge in parts or a whole hinge I'll take it! It won't matter which side it's for or what model car.
  6. d3c0y

    Stagea owners here?

    Doug's got an R34 GT-T with 600rwhp on a stock RB25DET NEO as you have seen on Facebook. These motors can do it but his car is far from daily status. You also don't have any expectations for the Jimmy to be fast so it's kind of different. You seem set on the idea of buying one and aware of its downfalls, so I don't know what else someone can impart on you?
  7. d3c0y

    Steering wheel wanted

    I have a 240K steering wheel if you are interested.
  8. d3c0y

    FS5W71B bellhouse

    Hey Kent, if you are still looking for a bell housing I have one.
  9. d3c0y

    Triple 40 MM Mikunis and SK

    Same reason you are missing some marbles, they just got lost over time. A couple of studs and an intake manifold (throttle body assemblies?) aren't a big deal.
  10. d3c0y

    Stagea owners here?

    Oh and you will want to check the front drive shaft unis have been done at this point too. Very common, and mine needed them replaced.
  11. d3c0y

    Stagea owners here?

    I had a S1 RS FOUR for a little bit. I picked it up for like $2000 and I hated it. It was painfully slow feeling every bit of its 1600kgs and the cheap crappy coilovers really didn't help it out either. They are pretty old to have as a daily now too and feel every bit of it. These are more on par with R33 Series 2 Skyline than R34 too so don't get fooled by the 34 in the chassis code. It had the usual FMIC, exhaust, 12psi of boost and pod filter. I don't think an auto RB25DET (they are all auto unless it's been converted or a rare RS FOUR S) is a good motor for something that isn't a sports car/lighter weight sedan. An M35 with a VQ35 in it would be so much nicer to drive and they aren't even really any more expensive. Go drive a 260RS and see what you think of it, it's the only one of the WC34s I would consider, just because it's a special model.
  12. d3c0y

    New battery mount fitment

    If it gives you any encouragement I just did a similar thing to my relocated battery in my Rx7. I just used an eBay clamp, rods and some aluminium brackets I made up, secured by 4 rivnuts.
  13. As someone that has been in this position, this is completely untrue and I would never spend $12k on carbs. When you get to the end of the build, I assure you that you are not looking for more ways to spend money on it. I picked up brand new DCO 50 Webers for $2200 delivered which give the same performance and 80% of the drivability of the Mikuni and put them on the same Harada big-port manifold. For the kind of money you are talking here, you could have a top of the line ITB setup with a good ECU and crank triggered ignition. I get that they are cool, but if you are just after the performance there are better and cheaper options.
  14. d3c0y

    R180 LSD Conversion

    Got me on the old technicality -_-
  15. d3c0y

    400z is Coming, apparently

    It's already been made by Ford controversially. Just needs a LibertyWalk kit to make it obvious! Flat front like a 240Z, recessed headlights, the taillight panel with 3 elements tail lights, it's all there. Shame it's not a 5.7L because they could have even called it a 350Z!