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  1. d3c0y

    My Experience With Triple Webers

    So you are saying SUs are better than badly setup Webers?
  2. d3c0y

    Wheel Centre Bore Enlargement

    Oh yeah try these guys: https://www.facebook.com/wheelrevolution/ They put new lips on some 3 piece wheels for me.
  3. d3c0y

    Wheel Centre Bore Enlargement

    Must be a sweet set of wheels? What are they?
  4. d3c0y

    240z Fuel Tank Vent hose

    I used -10 braided 200 series aeroflow hose, fits well.
  5. d3c0y

    MX-5 & RX-7

    Well you don't have to be dumb about it. I do track days and if you are up in the hills you can still go fast without big numbers in a relative sense. Haha yeah I know that one, I used to do track days with the local BMW club
  6. d3c0y

    MX-5 & RX-7

    That's very presumptuous of you in this case then isn't it! So i'm guessing when you are slower than a faster car you always say "ok that guy is just better than me" not "if i had more horsepower...." hahaha Look at that Rx7, oozing purity of the linage. Can't say the same for the dumpy youngest sister of the MX-5 line, it's even got traction control! The NA would be ashamed of it...
  7. d3c0y

    Yokohama Tyres

    I would call turn 1 at QR pretty high speed too. In the lemons soarer and the 350Z it was around 150kph so your race car should be doing better than that. I wouldn't be relying on the squeal more than the feel.
  8. d3c0y

    MX-5 & RX-7

    I don't know what you mean when you say purity of the line. Do you mean the latter models stayed true to the original concept? I think the Rx7 stayed very true to it's original design concept from the SA22C (1978) right through to the 2002 FD3S. You can see the design evolution and the FD is still very much a no-frills sports car with the later models only weighing in at just over 1200kg. They even removed the instrument cluster dimmer in the later models as it was superfluous lol. Have you driven any model of Rx7? That's what all the people with slow cars say. Why can't you drive the fast car fast?
  9. d3c0y

    Yokohama Tyres

    If you are going to this much effort, why not go just test at a high-speed track if you are worried about the high-speed handling? I don't think using a cheaper tyre will make that much difference in terms of masking issues and going one step down on an excellent tyre isn't a massive change. A less grippy tyre can't simulate high g-loading either. Why aren't you just running slicks on this thing? Is it a regulation that you have to run street legal tyres? Slicks are generally cheaper than Semis too.
  10. d3c0y

    MX-5 & RX-7

    I've got one too. 450rwhp on 15psi and haven't switched it to the corn juice yet. It was spinning the tyres in third on the throttle getting the boost controller dialed in. Absolute 0 want for an MX-5. Gilltech I'm worried for you.
  11. Yes run flat tops, yes run a bigger cam. There done, next question. But seriously, as Gav said it depends what's been done to the head. Personally I would flat tops in regardless if you want any sort of performance going forward.
  12. d3c0y

    Anyone Using Feal Suspension?

    But isn't the point moot from PZG's post above highlighting how the MCAs aren't cheap chinese shit? The blues even work out to be around the same price as the Feal setup. I have a car with Tein Flex and two with MCA blue and XR (both S30s) and even the Teins aren't as good from face value (I haven't had a chance to drive my RX7 since i had the Teins rebuilt, but 40mm high bump stops that don't compress aren't a good start on a shock with 100mm of travel) .
  13. d3c0y

    The Z31 Project - Race Car

    This is exactly why I do as much work myself as possible. I can't stand paying good money to people to do shit work. At least if you stuff it up yourself you know who is to blame.
  14. Also who is using the H-pattern gear shifter when they are doing their lap? That would have to slow you down a second or so....
  15. One hour a day!? Sweet jesus, wish i had that much free time! Do any of you have going zeds?