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  1. I have a 260Z 2+2 and I'm interested you can have a look at the pics of it I have up. I'd be interested in the swap. My 260Z 2+2 isnt currently running but was till I took the carbies off. You can reach me on 0404288344. Thanks regards Tom.
  2. I'm keeping and eye out im in normanhurst only 15 mins away. Whoever is responsible should be ashamed!
  3. tbscobraZ

    EOI: Looking to swap 260Z 2+2 for 240Z

    Still for sale
  4. tbscobraZ

    EOI: Looking to swap 260Z 2+2 for 240Z

    Car still for sale.
  5. tbscobraZ

    My tc L 3.4

    Is that an os head. Looks incredibly awesome.
  6. tbscobraZ

    Sirpent "Z"

    @ Peter Allen did you just combine Joshua Radin and fuel tank?!!! Absolute gold.
  7. tbscobraZ

    The Riceburner 3.1L

    Stunning, it'll look great once all together!
  8. tbscobraZ

    New 260z 2+2

  9. tbscobraZ

    EOI: Looking to swap 260Z 2+2 for 240Z

    If anyone is interested in buying this outright, please feel free to contact me on 0404288344. Pictures and details are in my project thread which is linked in the first post of this thread. Thanks
  10. tbscobraZ

    EOI: Looking to swap 260Z 2+2 for 240Z

    Yeah RB30X, I think that's what I will end up doing. I just wanted to see if I could get any interest doing it this way because it is much easier for me. Then a zed stays in the driveway! As it should be. I've made a reasonable request and obviously a 240Z is worth more. I would obviously deal around that. Its more the fact that I don't want to be stuck searching for a 240Z project that suits me, after getting rid of my baby. However with such an extensive build planned its the only thing that makes sense.
  11. tbscobraZ

    EOI: Looking to swap 260Z 2+2 for 240Z

    No not a joke. Obviously a 240Z is worth more in the same condition. I'm after a 240Z in not so amazing condition. I would also be willing to throw extra cash in for the right car. Now car we stick to people with serious inquiries instead of dipsticks with their comments.
  12. Hi, as mentioned in my project journal I'm looking to swap my 260Z 2+2 for a 240Z. As far as the type of 240Z I'm looking for I don't have high standards but straight body is an important factor. My 260Z is in reasonable condition and will hopefully be running.[it was roadworthy and drivable before]. Please see my project thread for pics. Please feel free to contact me either by PM or reply. Thanks regards Tom. http://www.viczcar.com/forum/index.php/topic,5170.0.html
  13. tbscobraZ

    Tom's 260Z 2+2

    Yeah I did that. Thanks
  14. tbscobraZ

    Tom's 260Z 2+2

    After lots of consideration I'm looking to trade this beast for a 240Z. I don't really need the back seats and with the extensive amount of work that I'm going to do I want to start with the right base. The car hasn't changed much since I bought it just garaged. It was in reasonable working order before I took the carbs off. I'll probably put them back on, box the battery and get her running again. Was rego'd after I bought it but it has lapsed since. Anyone interested shoot us a pm thanks.