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  1. Hi all, mate of mine wants to purchase this car, anyone know any history of it? https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Datsun-240Z-1972/SSE-AD-4991962
  2. hey guys I bought this 280zx last week mainly for the engine and gear box.... Now I have pull everything out and the rolling shell with full interior is up for grab Cars has to go by next thursday or otherwise it will end up in wrecking yard. the shell is very very rusty, so it's not good for the road for sure, it has rust under the chassics rails, on the passenger door, bonnet, and quarter panel From what I can see, all electrics works like power windows, power mirrors, wipers etc... interior is good except for the shaggy seat... both targra top is in good neat, also come with the bag and the shade for it. it even still have the owner's manual. any questions call me on 0433 260 991 I am Alan, the guy who bought stulio's zed..... the car is in my workshop in Blackburn, vic let me know what do you need or come down this weekend and take whatever you need...
  3. interest on the a/c set up.... how much will it cost to ship to melbourne?
  4. my086

    2011 AusZcar Christmas BBQ - 3/12/2011!

    It was a pleasure to meet you all.... I really enjoyed the day and it's good to see so many zed in one day!! By the way... I m Alan who bought Sulio's Zed..... I will try to come to every meet from now on but I have to sort out the engine and the suspension mods first....
  5. my086

    Sulio's Red Zed

    yeah...it's me i still got the car.... i m slowly rebuilding it......