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  1. I fitted a hydraulic handbrake to the rally car a couple of years ago. Haven’t used it yet.
  2. Another one back from a long sleep, great to see! With mine recently I hooked up an electric pump between the filter and the mechanical pump and let it run for a few minutes to fully prime the lines, pump and bowls. Worked a treat and fired right up.
  3. RLY240

    1971 903 Blue 240z restoration

    Sorry the old fabric is long gone.
  4. RLY240

    1971 903 Blue 240z restoration

    Thanks Jeff, should be ready for Datsun day.
  5. RLY240

    1971 903 Blue 240z restoration

    Thanks, I wonder how much quicker it would have been if I didn't spend so much time watching the TV. Note to self, take the TV out of the shed. I swear that half of the reassembly stage is trying to find that thing that I put somewhere safe.
  6. RLY240

    1971 903 Blue 240z restoration

    #1410. I think 10/71 on the compliance plate. Factory auto with a fibreglass early style console. Seats were also blue but the rest of the trim was black so I assume they were swapped out some stage but they were the early style mechanism so might have just been recovered.
  7. RLY240

    Some more cool Z videos - youtube.com

    Time lapse of our 1971 240z restoration (so far).
  8. Now that this car is almost finished it's probably time to start a build log... I picked this up about three years ago, had been crashed front and rear in the late 90's and then parked in a shed for over 15 years. The last two years has been the hard graft on all the usual rust repairs and collection of missing parts before handing the shell over to Mick for the bits I couldn't do (sunroof and well all the external panels really) and then finish and paint. It's an original 903 blue car with mostly black trim (blue seats though), was auto but now manual and is going back to mostly factory although I'm not fastidious so it will be done as a driver not a faithful concourse restoration. Have a collection of spare bits from the Targa car so this one is getting a warm L28 on SUs , Hilux front and R31 rear brake conversion and a 3.9 diff sitting on 16x7 Superlights. You can check out a small gallery of pics on our website here https://www.rally240.racing/build-log-gallery/ or a 20 min timelapse video here.
  9. RLY240

    Alignment settings

    If it's standard then the only thing that is adjustable is the front toe.
  10. RLY240

    Inspection Lamp Toggle Switch

    I’ve got one with a steel toggle switch and a glass lens.
  11. The retainer plate is held in by extrusions of the housing that are melted over (circled red). I just carefully removed the melted blob with a small drill bit and then hot glue gun on assembly to hold it back together. Not sure if you can safely heat those blobs to remove and reuse. Roger
  12. RLY240


    The original bolt for #20 doesn’t have a hex head but a round head to match the recess in #22.
  13. Hi Craig, you can add one of each to my other order if you like. Roger
  14. Yes picks up on all four bolts. Might not be the best for traction control but I guess if you needed a higher resolution you could possible glue addition bold heads in between the 4 rotor bolts.
  15. I should have said they sense off the rotor bolts. In the picture the bolt is set at the height it would be with the rotor and spacer fitted, that setup used the Hilux caliper and a bluebird (I think) rotor.