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  1. Do I spy Jon and Gina in the crowd after the race?
  2. RLY240

    Home Built Z 'full Video Build'

    There's a number of ways to make this work, the belt kit from Rare Spares includes an enormous bracket that is supposed to mount the retractor almost 200mm in mid air using the original bottom mount point. I chose to instead make a new mount on the wheel arch with a captured nut and spreader plate under the guard. Once painted with stoneguard you can't see it with the wheel on but it does need some rust protection to stop the bolt eventually rusting into the nut. I looked at a couple of options before going this way as it means the full seat travel is available (I'm 6'3) and the function meant more to me than keeping the original look. Roger
  3. Looking fantastic Jeff, can’t wait to see it on the road.
  4. RLY240

    Flat spot when under load

    Seven degrees doesn’t sound like much timing so I would start by edging this up and see if that helps. Under light load the vacuum advance brings the timing up but under full load there is less vacuum. Depending on the distributor weights the mech advance might not come on until after 2500rpm. Roger
  5. RLY240

    Targa High Country 2018

    Targa High Country was a little while ago now so sorry for the late update - another great event at Mt Buller / Mansfield and a great result for us with another 3rd in Classic GT (outright) and I think 22nd outright against the modern cars. There were a couple of other Zed's in the event, Goodwin also in Classic GT in the 300zx and another 240 in the tour I think. Check the links for a video of the car through the event and hop onto our website for the event report and some more pics. https://www.rally240.racing/targa/2018/11/7/2018-targa-high-country
  6. RLY240

    Home Built Z 'full Video Build'

    Plus the front diff mount is offset, it should only go one way (there is a clearance for the tailshaft yoke) but if it's 180 out then the diff is also out of alignment.
  7. RLY240

    Home Built Z 'full Video Build'

    I wouldn't be too stressed, if you can make one work that should be fine. I'm pretty sure one of mine has been butchered to fit and it's still going strong.
  8. RLY240

    Home Built Z 'full Video Build'

    This isn't exhaustive by any means just my observations. The early "forward mount" R180 and R200 both have pretty flat moustache bars and the rearward mount R180s have more of a bend in them. The forward mount also had a flat rear crossmember while the others had one with a pronounced bend for clearance. Early forward mount setup. Early and later crossmembers Moustache bars, ignore the incorrect labels, top is early R180 forward mount, middle is standard 240/260 R180 and the bottom is R200 (I think!)
  9. RLY240

    Adelaide Rally

    The Adelaide Rally is done for another year, expanded to 4 days this year with some longer stages and a couple of events out at The Bend and a much improved event over 2017. I think we were the only Zed in the event but we managed to take 3rd in the Classic Competition and took a couple of stage wins which is always nice and even finished inside the top 10 outright against the modern cars. Here’s an onboard from the Chain of Ponds stage which is one of the two stages we won.
  10. RLY240

    Challenge Bathurst 2018

    I run a 3.9 diff for Bathurst as I don’t pull the same revs as so,e of the other guys with mine maxing out at 6,500. Pay for it going up the hill though. https://youtu.be/27axDgWwXwU
  11. RLY240

    Challenge Bathurst 2018

    We’re off to Targa High Country first so just finishing the prep for that and then we head straight to Bathurst after that. Just needs a diff change and a spanner check in between. Last year we had an engine component failure on the last day of Targa which required some surgery in the Bathurst car park before scrutineeing, hoping not to repeat that this year. Roger
  12. RLY240

    Early Girl Bingo - With Photos

    nah it's on my list of things to play with one day.
  13. RLY240

    Early Girl Bingo - With Photos

    I've got a triple SU manifold in a box somewhere - no idea of its origin though. Roger
  14. My bitsa parts car had a similar shaft that also looks like a hybrid.
  15. RLY240

    Best Car for Red / Green P's QLD

    Why not? It worked for Peter Brock.