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  1. Scoota G

    Can't Get The Suspension Torqued - What's Missing

    Take the strut out and do it. Probably only takes about one hour each side if you are me
  2. Scoota G

    Wtb: Pair Of Seats From 240Z Or 260Z.

    I have 2 sets of 260Z Seats that would suit recovering. Just in case you can't find any. They won't be expensive either
  3. Scoota G

    260Z Alloy Wheel (40300-N3200) Caps

    I have a pair too Gav.
  4. Scoota G

    Wtb - 240Z Moustache Bar Bushes Nos

    All i have is a 2nd hand bar.
  5. Scoota G

    Wanted: 260z heater tap

    I have heater cores in VGC. PM me. You can also remove the heater box in the 260Z without removing the dash Scoota
  6. Scoota G

    Wanted: 260Z Orange Rear Indicator Lenses

    I am sure i have something
  7. Scoota G

    Wtb: 240Z Parts Needed

    I have these. I also found the build sheet and receipts for your Zed too. Gimme a call
  8. Scoota G

    Wtb: 14 Or 15 Inch Wheels X2 For Burnouts

    Got a set of widened 240K Items here
  9. Scoota G

    Wtb Hood Latch

    On the way, cheers Kirby.
  10. Scoota G

    Wtb Hood Latch

    I'll have one laying around
  11. Scoota G

    Wtb- 240Z Bonnet Nos If Possible Or Used Good Condition

    I obtained a used hood just recently. Hard to believe my eyes when i seen it as it has never been in an accident, never been repaired and is still in it's original brown duco with Datsun badge attached. I can send pics just inquire through my Street Weapon Restorations page.
  12. I would say i have all these items to suit R180
  13. Scoota G

    Bonnet Release

    Reckon i have a spare here.
  14. Scoota G

    240Z Heater Blower Pleease :-)

    I reckon old mate Dale has one and we are headed your way Sunday.