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  1. gilltech

    Another 260Z 2+2 Rubber Kit Thread.

    Better to have the ends meet at the middle of the sill, as at least the pinchweld's butt joint is mostly covered by the inner sill trim.
  2. gilltech

    '71 240Z Project

    Most interesting to see this car surface. (But bloody hell, poor rear quarters, that's a pretty brutal way to get a body kit to fit...)
  3. gilltech

    Looking for a 72/73 Datsun 240Z Dashboard Metal Frame

    Might be easier to find 260Z dashboards wouldn't it? A conversation with a Z parts supplier & guru many many years ago indicated that one will fit the other with alteration to the mounting brackets. He was commenting about a 240Z/260Z 'cut'n'shut' race car, IIRC it was a 240 with a 260 front clip & dash.
  4. gilltech

    260z- Factory Seat Height

    I have a very early 260 2-seat. AFAIK the seats are the same as the 240. But in any case they use plastic spacer blocks on the seat track studs to adjust the seat height. So while I can measure for you it depends on how many spacers I have fitted. But the later 260s had a different seat rail mounting bolt system, is that maybe what you are referring to?
  5. gilltech

    Datsun 240Z steering rack Wanted 

    Sounds like issues such as 'roadworthy' is even more relaxed there than in QLD. In NZ one has to get a fresh 'roadworthy' or safety check - called a 'Warrant of Fitness' - every 6 months for all vehicles including motorbikes and trailers. No WoF, then no registration, no valid insurance, and big penalties if one is caught without one. But sure does go a long way towards keeping a lot of dangerous and rusted out old piles of shit off the road. Keep us posted. Most interesting hearing from Zed owners in less well known Zed markets. Do you have any history on your cars? Are you required to convert them to RHD (I presume not) or is it just your preference? Are you in Brisbane for very long Chamindu? Studying or working or both?
  6. gilltech

    Home Built Z 'full Video Build'

    Do you still need a LH door? I discerned from a reply of yours that your LH door matched the RH one so must be 240Z not 260Z. Or were you talking about the door cards? Enjoying following your build BTW.
  7. gilltech

    Datsun 240Z steering rack Wanted 

    That's good news. Be aware there are some differences between steering racks from early to late Zeds, typical running changes. Hopefully not an issue in your case. Do you have to get a 'road worthy' of some kind in Sri Lanka?
  8. gilltech

    Datsun 240Z steering rack Wanted 

    Interesting - so you drive on the left there. So with LHD cars, do you have to convert them to RHD? How did your two LHD 240Zs end up there? How did you convert them to RHD? Did you find some RHD dashboards? Presumably you have to swap the wipers across to get the correct windscreen sweep coverage? It shouldn't be too hard to find some steering racks, but you can reckon on them being flogged out so reckon on getting new tie rod ends, inner knuckles and boots while you're here.
  9. gilltech

    Datsun 240Z steering rack Wanted 

    Rather than shipping one to Sri Lanka wouldn't it be easier to simply rebuild yours?
  10. gilltech

    Ab's Uncut Emerald - '74 260Z

    I agree, I have an early 260Z and the moustache bar is the opposite way to that in the 240Z diagram above - the curled ends face forward. But then it has an R200, which is longer than an R180. Presumably when later 260Zs went back to the R180 then the bar was reversed once more. Maybe that's why all the confusion.
  11. gilltech

    Home Built Z 'full Video Build'

    Nice work. All seems good then! The shells did change several times across the S30 series, also depending on the market sold in.
  12. gilltech

    Choke switch rebuild- then drive it

    Good to hear Eric, the project is an absolute credit to you. Awesome work! And the colour really blings in exterior daylight if that makes sense. BTW, what does one do to open Photobucket? Does one have to subscribe?
  13. gilltech

    Home Built Z 'full Video Build'

    Either Nissan or the Datsun parts guy at Caboolture was advertising them not too long ago. They do come in LH and RH versions, but from what I see the basic handle is the same and the connector and spring can be swapped across.
  14. gilltech

    Home Built Z 'full Video Build'

    I suspect the square-ended door handle is off a Datsun 1200 or Stanza or something like that. Your driver's door looks to me to be 240Z, with the two apertures at the bottom; whereas AFAIK a 260Z door just has one large central aperture at the bottom. Edit: just behind the winder pivot on your driver's door is an oval shaped pressing - that shaping accommodates the spring on a 240Z winder. The 260Z doesn't have that, as the spring is mounted on the other side of the mechanism. Post a photo of the inside face of the other door and we can soon see if it's 240 or 260Z.
  15. gilltech

    2 x 240Z front windscreens

    Hmm, I don't know that the blue tint is all that rare, the NZ-new (including mine) and JDM cars seem to have it. Don't know about other markets like the UK and Nth America. Maybe it was an option, anyone know? The blue tint is very pale, whereas clear glass if anything has a slight greenish tinge to it, as seen in the photos above.