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  1. gilltech

    The Chook Shed Aka RS30-000792

    2-seat & 2+2 dashes are the same, minor changes with the gauges as the years went by. There's nothing left to re-skin so you'll need to find a replacement dash; but they come up for sale from time-to-time as cars get parted out. Then depending on what condition it's in & your budget then decide to get it re-skinned or not. If the dash wiring loom is toast then you can get another loom with the dash. Earlier cars generally had more basic wiring looms than later ones. Hang in there, the demo stage is always daunting.
  2. gilltech

    The Chook Shed Aka RS30-000792

    Early '74 260Zs like mine #115 still have the mechanical pump a la 240Z, but the electric substitution can't have been far behind as the additional wiring is already there (but taped up) for an electrical pump down by the fuel tank. So if your electric pump is mounted there it's quite possibly original or an OEM replacement of some kind. Your 2-pipe fuel rail complete with restriction 'orifice' all looks stock to me. Flat top specs varied somewhat from market to market, like Gav I've seen several different variants. As said, in hot climes they gained a reputation for vapour lock. If anything they tend to run a little too lean, a product of the '70s oil crisis era. While they can be tuned to run quite well parts for tweaking them further are very limited if available at all. Hence many people ditch them in favour of something else.
  3. gilltech

    S30 2 Seater

    Absolutely. But if you see a likely car come up at a sensible price then get on to it ASAP or you'll miss out, there aren't too many to choose from so the well priced ones change hands quickly no matter what condition they are in. Plenty of people come on this forum bemoaning that they can't find one, either because they are too slow, too picky or just too tight ie. keep trying to get a car at yesterday's price.
  4. gilltech

    Best Car for Red / Green P's QLD

    FGS. Why do you want 'high performance'? Basically every car built in the last 20 years is high performance - as in light, fast and fuel-efficient too - compared to the sorts of cars many of us learnt on in the '70s and '80s. The only place for 'high performance' is on the racetrack, not on our suburban streets and motorways thankyou very much. The P-plate rules aren't made just to inconvenience people. They are there to provide some control over new drivers to hopefully lessen the likelihood of them maiming or killing themselves and/or other people, while they build up driving experience and road sense which takes many years to accumulate. Being issued a driving licence is a privilege not a right.
  5. Sorry, poor wording/typo on my part I wrote bar when I meant to write rail across the bottom of the radiator support panel. I don't know how many variations there were of the radiator support panel. There were several of the later style advertised a while back, I was tempted myself but I don't know if such can be utilized somehow on an early 260 (which I have) or not; certainly the splash pan is made specific to each type as is the radiator. I suspect the early 260 one which you're wanting is much the same as the 240 or at least the later 240 which might help widen the net for you.
  6. FWIW those ones for sale were for the later 260Z type front bar rail which dips down; early 260Z ones were more the 240Z style as in straight across.
  7. gilltech

    Stupidly Large Pot Belly Stove

    A plan so clever you could stick a tail on it and call it a weasel...
  8. gilltech

    WTB Heater 90 Elbow- any local supply?

    Eric, as suggested above, yes see Aus eBay - under 'nissandatsun_parts' listing, listed for 240Z, $30 plus postage. They don't rust if the coolant has a corrosion inhibitor.
  9. gilltech

    The Global Z-car (S30/S130) Market Thread.

    Cheers Alan for the info.
  10. gilltech

    The Global Z-car (S30/S130) Market Thread.

    That rusty Fairlady Z-S looks to have the same chromed guard mirrors that our early NZ-new 260Zs got (like most they were long gone when I bought my car). Similar to those on other Jap-built Datsuns we got like the 160J SSS's and 180B SSS's etc but chrome rather than grey plastic.
  11. gilltech

    240Z - Year of manufacture?

    Hear hear.
  12. gilltech

    WTB: Drivers side seatbelt and buckle

    Either buy a new complying set, or find one to match the LH side - there are different seatbelts depending on whether 2-seat, 2+2, and what year the car was sold new or whether it was imported used.
  13. The early RHD '74s went to NZ. Mine is #115. I obtained some parts off #130 in a wrecker's yard. And there were others around with 100-series numbers. A mix of colours.
  14. gilltech

    The Global Z-car (S30/S130) Market Thread.

    Well my NZ-new early '74 260Z didn't get the heated rear window, although the wiring was there; yet it did get the Hazard switch; but I'd have rather had the demister in the NZ winter climate. I suspect it was left off to keep the price down, cars in NZ were expensive enough with government import taxes. Edit: the NZ climate is the full four seasons, not unlike the southern parts of Australia. The only desert areas are alpine deserts. So we really should have got the HRW as standard. From years ago I can recall some of the NZ Z Club cars having the HRW, but which models and whether new or imports (there's a varied mix) I didn't investigate. For my purposes I just bought a switch from MSA and one of those stick-on HRW elements, the wiring was already there. Useful fitment in the winter going to the ski fields and winter sports.
  15. gilltech

    Selling Car Advice

    To restore something is 'to put it back to the way it was originally'. By 'unrestored' I meant that literally as in how the car is currently presented, which is modified to your tastes in several areas, including roll cage, engine and wheels. No offence was intended, as I said above your car presents very well, but I think you will be able to tap into a different type of enthusiast with deeper pockets if you are able to put it back close to stock.