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  1. my03

    240Z turbo for sale perth

    is the car engineered? im interested in bringing it over to nsw but im afriad it's going to be an asalute nightmare to get it on the road.
  2. my03

    wtd- Sydney 240 or 260z

    hey mate, yes small world i bought arno's car, it's a great car but im after a zed. i promised arno that if i was going to sell it i' offer it back to him first but im going overseas for a month in december and would offer it to him then, of course if someone wants to swap for a zed plus cash it just makes it more easier. the golf is great and ive really started to fall in love with it i would have no troubles keeping it along side with the zed if no one is interested to take it. i would get a new interior in there and it would be quite happy with it.
  3. my03

    wtd- Sydney 240 or 260z

    thanks for the replies guy keep them coming, i would prefer one located in nsw as its easier to get rego etc and less hassels in general, howver, if the car is worth it i definatly wont be knocking back a interstate example. I have a mk1 golf thats mechanically worked, it has a mk3 injected engine in it with a sc14 supercharger which can be flicked on and off like nos, if anyone wants to swap plus cash adjustment their way for a zed, please contact me for more info. The engine has been rebuilt, it runs a 5 speed it's tuned with microtec its sorted in the brakes, suspension etc cheers
  4. my03

    wtd- Sydney 240 or 260z

    guys I'm in Sydney and am in the market for a 240 or 260z if the example is right, im looking to spend 10-15k, obviously im not after full resto condition, but as you would expect a 10-15k example to be quite nice. im not after one that needs major work, i just want to jump and and drive it. i want a manual mechanically sorted. if anyone one anything of interest please email me on mrb16a@hotmail.com