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  1. Up for sale is a 1971 Datsun 240Z project that I have been working on for quite some time now. Reason for the sale is that my priorities have recently changed and I need a more practical car. Build Thread: http://www.viczcar.com/forum/index.php/topic,1756.0.html Seller Contact Details: Name: Fu Email: fusan.nguyen at gmail.com Mobile: zero four two four three two three two six two (please limit calls to 5:30pm-10pm) Vehicle Details: - 1971 Datsun 240Z, September build. - Genuine Watanabes wrapped in Toyo R888. Barely used. - Custom exhaust system to match the performance 6-2 extractors. - Re-skinned Dash - Yellow top dry cell battery - New Phillips Diamond Vision bulbs - Nardi Steering Wheel - Arizona Z Car Front Lower Control Arms - Majority of the bushings replaced - Majority of the body seals replaced - Manual conversion, 5 speed box - Rear disc conversion, engineer certified. - Rear arches were professionally cut and welded to fit the deep dish watanabes - Full service with all new fluids. Car comes with the following parts and more (too much to list): - Aluminum Radiator kit with twin fan setup, kit comes with shroud. - Aluminum bung weld and Tridon thermoswitch to install radiator kit with minimal wires. - Modern Motorsports headlight regulators - Modern Motorsports turn signal regulators - Raizin grounding kit - Spare dash dials - Triple Weber - DCOE Weber rebuild kits - 2 x DCOE Intake manifold - Jets - Ultrasonic cleaning unit to rebuild the webers - Modern Motorsports Z kick panels - Modern Motorsports headliner kit - Stewart Wilkins Dampner - Woza's wilwood adapter kit, to install wilwood brakes with a wilwood spot caliper to keep handbrake. - Spare dismantled L28 - Spare clutch - Spare flywheel - 4 x wheels that originally came with the car - Electronic Fuel Pump - Fuel Regulator - Fuel Pressure Dial - Modern Motorsports Boot Interior Panel - 6 x Unifilter filters for Throttle Horns. - Unifilter breather filter. - Exhaust Wrap - JDM Intake Drip Tray - Alarm kit - Central locking kit (slim type) - Alpine IDA-X305 head unit - Alpine MRP-M500 amplifier - Amp wiring kit - Speaker wiring cables - Genuine Bride seat rails. - R200 Diff (supposedly LSD, bought from Import Monster but never really checked.) A lot more parts. Everything will be handed over. Buyer will most likely receive emails when spare parts are found. Notes: Car is best suited for someone looking for a project car, who can live with the quirks of owning a classic car. Front right arch has cracked paint due to scrubbing but was rectified once the Arizona Front LCAs were installed, as shown in photos. Rego til February 2012. Car is as is. No RWC will be supplied. Some pinhole rust spotted on the floors, firewall. Surface rust on battery tray. All structurally sound. This is an offer specifically for the viczcar community. I really want this to go to a good home where it will be cherished. Contact me with an offer. Photos:
  2. Yes it is Aidan with the orange Zed. So sad. So young. RIP. There is a tribute on the JDMST forums. Aidan's family has setup a donation page. Aidan had a dream and their family is trying to accomplish this dream for him as a tribute. If you have a chance, have a look at the following link: https://www.smartypig.com.au/find-friends/friends-goals?userId=9ca22260-fd17-4a5e-9e3f-47b7d9710b8e
  3. fufu

    EOI Arizona Z Group Purchase

    Hi John, I'm interested in Rear lower control arms and the steering knuckles. cheers, Fu
  4. fufu

    Hiroshima Screama

    omg sakura rims... what a baller! very nice! Stivva, Are those HIDs or Diamond Visions? Looking at getting replacements for mine. Mine just feels like 2 small candles lit.
  5. Yes, I'm certainly the quiet achiever mostly because I feel like my car still isn't on par with a lot of other members projects, including yours.
  6. :'( That would be quite costly... I'd especially want to get my hands on some DCOE style throttle bodies to keep the sound.
  7. Thanks guys. The car scored 69.1KW. I'll have the dyno sheet posted up shortly. Dyno operators said the wide sticky tires contributed to a smaller score. But it is a perfect benchmark. May the modifications begin. I have a few months until the next BBQ Dyno day so it is time to start organising a few carby mods.
  8. Hi guys, Some update or lack of update, Haven't really done much to the car. I took the Z to its first dyno day. Here are some photos.
  9. fufu

    Saxon's 260z

    Yep seat covers is what I had and it got me through the RWC without a hiccup.
  10. fufu

    Engineers certificate question

    Oh so this is the white 260Z 2 seater V8. I only heard from my friend today, that he was selling it and then it clicked.
  11. I feel your pain Stivva. My Z was a menace as well. Try again with a charged battery. If it fails... do the usual mechanical check, Fuel, Electric, Air. Since you've checked fuel, move onto electrics. Remove one spark plug leave the lead on and put it near a nearby ground. Get someone to turn it over and see if it sparks, spark jumping from the spark plug to the nearby metal piece.
  12. fufu

    Happy Birthday Lurch!

    Happy Birthday Lurch!
  13. Happy Birthday Dimitri!!!