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  1. So what are the bads of running on lpg?
  2. Will LS1 be a better choice to swap or SR20DET?
  3. Thanks guys for all the information. Really useful. (To rbz 260: Nice Z. You must've scared that s15.)
  4. Thanks for the reply. They're really useful. So, swaping an engine is easier and cheaper to get power than using the stock L26 or L28. right? (Your Z is nice, Nato)
  5. Hi. I am curious about the cheapest way to make around 300whp in a 260z 2+2?(Please list the price if possible) Thank you.
  6. T.I.

    Question on 240z

    Thanks for the help.
  7. T.I.

    Question on 240z

    Hello. I'm wondering where to get that mirror and bodykit (above the wheel) or what they call.