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  1. Covered here Justin - Longford was a real hoot. Click on the arrow in the top right of the box below.
  2. Justin, as you're running a 6.0 5.7 ltr V8 the torque would suggest a different thinking to that of a Zed with a standard tune straight six. If you have the t56 box like mine then 6th is 1: 0.5. I'm running 29" dia rear tyres, for the period appearance, and the 3.46 diff offered plenty of drivability, so with even smaller tyres this would, by my reckoning, be as short as you would want to go. You'll have trouble with grip going any shorter. If you add grippier tyres you'll risk over-stressing the drivetrain. I actually ran a 3.07 diff on my Tassie tour and was revving 1400 RPM at 110km/h, and returned 7.8lt/100km. (Gary, that's around 36 mpg in proper units.) The 3.07 is a bit hard on the clutch in 1st, particularly on hill starts, so I'll be swapping back to the 3.46.
  3. PeterAllen

    Shannons Car Show tomorrow Sydney

    I'll have the 240z/250 GTO parked with the Bolwells. Drop by and say "hi".
  4. PeterAllen

    What nice door mirrors are about?

  5. PeterAllen

    Jeff43's Hs30-00134 Restoration

    Just check the thread - My kit came with an NF threaded valve, not a metric thread.
  6. PeterAllen

    Jeff43's Hs30-00134 Restoration

    I'm not too sure if you are registering the car or not but I would guess you'd need one for rego. The brake line block off valve would be illegal and never accepted. There is an old thread (here) by 'WOSA' who made new backing plates which facilitated the mounting of the Wilwood primary calliper and also their parking calliper (Go-kart calliper). I believe he offers the drawing free these days for you to make your own. He has in recent times revised the concept using a Wilwood calliper which incorporates a parking function, but he needs a certain quantity to do a production run. In the original design the cables were too long, creating too much slack/free play, as they incorporated a large sweep arc to facilitate connection to the parking calliper from the rear. To be honest, and I say this for the benefit of others who might be going down the 'Arizona Z - Wilwood' track, the rear brakes are an overkill for road use or light competition. I think one is better off with a road car set up (Skyline ?) which incorporate a functioning handbrake. I will add that the performance of the brakes is phenomenal but the parking brake is a PITA. Jeff, I appreciate this may not be an opinion you want to hear but I offer it in good faith and from my own learning experience. (edit) Just to twist the knife while I've got it in. I'd recommend you remove the pistons and flush the callipers out before fitting. I don't know if it was machining coolant or what but mine spat out horrible gunk when I first bleed them and I had a weeping seal which seemed to right itself after I removed the calliper and flushed it. The joys of 'building it myself'.
  7. PeterAllen

    Jeff43's Hs30-00134 Restoration

    What are your plans for a handbrake?.
  8. PeterAllen


    That's another oxymoron... I have a V8 installed - no clearance issues. Have you considered ITBs.
  9. PeterAllen


  10. PeterAllen

    The Global Z-car (S30/S130) Market Thread.

    If I have any loose change after buying the GTO at the same auction I might pick this up. https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/MO18/Monterey/lots/r0023-1972-nissan-fairlady-240zg/686172
  11. PeterAllen


    And #18 is a square nut held captive in the clevis. Probably a PITA to buy but easy to make.
  12. PeterAllen


    Seems so long ago - probably taken with a Box Brownie The clevis (#16) might be the same as fitted to the master cylinders - worth a look.
  13. PeterAllen


    George. If you have not done so, temporarily install the handbrake lever mechanism to ensure the lines clear, and do it before you install the engine and gearbox. Don't ask how I know to advise you of this.
  14. PeterAllen

    Accelerator Ring Slip

    I appreciate you're after the genuine article but it's probably just a standard E-Clip. Bunnings or Southern Fasteners?
  15. PeterAllen

    The Z31 Project - Race Car

    Have I got this correct? You're using lightweight plastic windows but you have power window mechanisms fitted.