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  1. PeterAllen

    Home Built Z 'full Video Build'

    So Jeff, when is the big unveiling BBQ? Hint, hint. Sounds like an ideal arrangement for a Springtime run by Sydney and Canberra owners.
  2. PeterAllen

    Race Car Pics, Yours Or ?

    Laguna Seca a few weekends ago. Nissan and Datsun racing legends, John Morton, Peter Brock (USA) and Steve Millen. More photos here: https://www.sportscardigest.com/monterey-motorsports-reunion-2018-report-photos/
  3. PeterAllen

    Home Built Z 'full Video Build'

    Pull the other one.* Jeff, you, and many of those who complete major builds, have a skill set that is so often underestimated. You understand how things go together and more importantly how to rectify issues. They are real talents learnt over time with experience and/or proper instruction, and should not be dismissed lightly. Also you have decent workshop equipment and the skills for its use. Those aspect should never be underestimated nor undervalued. I also admire those who know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em. They in some way 'project manage' the work by doing what they can but sourcing assistance, paid or otherwise, when that's the better option. * = Some under 60 may need to look up the meaning.
  4. PeterAllen

    Home Built Z 'full Video Build'

    Jeff. I'm somewhat surprised by the lack of feedback to your posts but I think perhaps you're presenting tasks completed rather than seeking input - freely and openly offered opinions, advice and suggesting are the real strength of this forum. However, I'm sure there are many, many members on here just sitting back, opened-mouthed, in awe of your efforts at the finish of each video. As someone who has completed an 11 year, 3 month and 13 day, 240Z project, I wish I'd had your excellent videos as a guide during that time. As it is, the videos will be an outstanding reference for anyone contemplating a major restoration. We have witnessed over the years so many naive folks start such restoration only to quickly fade away as the magnitude of the entire project becomes apparent. I'm sure many of their cars will sadly never be registered again. As much as grumpy old men like me try to explain the real scope of the work required for these restorations I think your video series details it so much better. My congratulation to you and to Mrs Jeff. The ladies are the unsung heroines of these projects with their patience and support.
  5. PeterAllen

    Peterallen - Bolwell Mk 7.

    Not sure what you mean Leon, I'm just as sharp as ever.
  6. PeterAllen

    The Global Z-car (S30/S130) Market Thread.

    It seems they sell at auction for 50-60% of the alleged private sale prices. I suspect those private sales are falsely quoted at high prices so the cars can be used as fraudulently valued collateral for raising funds for business ventures. On a more optimistic note I observed that Jaguar E-type #10 sold for over $600k, whereas regular production E-types were selling around $200k, That must be encouraging for George.
  7. PeterAllen

    The Global Z-car (S30/S130) Market Thread.

    For some unknown reason a different link today. https://www.sothebys.com/en/videos/watch-live-rm-monterey-day-two
  8. PeterAllen

    Peterallen - Bolwell Mk 7.

    Gary, take your shoes off when you're walking on hallowed ground. From the NSW Bolwell site.
  9. PeterAllen

    The Global Z-car (S30/S130) Market Thread.

    Watch live https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/MO18 Also check out the cattle dogs for today (Friday their time) and tomorrow. There is a 240Z in there which should come up around 2:30pm Sunday 26/8 AEST . Tomorrow a 250 GTO is listed at # 246 (edit) They just sold an ugly Raydyot mirror for $8.9mUS - it came with a 1966 LeMans GT40 attached.
  10. PeterAllen

    Rotisserie in brissy for sale

    It was never there when I purchased the car. That was just one example of the 'work' the previous owner had carried out which overall took about 12 months to rectify before I could even start the build. I had to make a replacement but I profiled it specifically to the GTO shape rather than OEM. The holes were created to mate fibreglass to fibreglass and secure the valance to the rear section. Funny, but there is so much I've forgotten about the project until something like this comes up. (edit) Oops Gary, no images from Postimage?
  11. PeterAllen

    Rotisserie in brissy for sale

    You are too kind Grasshopper. I notice he hasn't followed through with my ingenious 'locating pin' concept.
  12. PeterAllen

    Rotisserie in brissy for sale

    A possible misunderstanding here. I think I pioneered that design here in Oz many many years ago based on a concept I noted on HybridZ. Quite a few have copied it since. It worked perfectly for me and for many others. I trust my earlier tongue-in-cheek post is read in perspective.
  13. PeterAllen

    Rotisserie in brissy for sale

    Interesting design... My lawyers will be in touch with your lawyers.
  14. Covered here Justin - Longford was a real hoot. Click on the arrow in the top right of the box below.