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  1. FuzzyDropbear

    Headlight Bucket Fitment

    Thanks Gav. I was wondering whether it was just how they were, given that the headlight bolt closest to the radiator support was spot on where it was supposed to be... But perhaps not. We chopped both sides off (both were damaged). Both do have the same amount of drop though, which is why I thought it could be somewhat correct. Looks like I'm messing about some more then It used to look like this: The other side wasn't much better
  2. FuzzyDropbear

    Headlight Bucket Fitment

    Hi guys, Finally got stuck into the front end of my Z today. It had previously been in a bit of a bingle and was left a mess. Scoota, Dale and I replaced the front section of the body forward of the radiator support with bits in better condition. The only thing we didn't do, was measure twice, have a beer, and then measure a couple of more times. We ended up welding in the new sections but they weren't 100% straight. So today's job was to straighten them. My query is; when I fit the front guard and headlight bucket, I have to push down on the front of the headlight cone in order for the hole in the bucket to line up with the correct bolt hole, this causes the guard to flex. As we used the front sections from my other Z, I can't be sure of how well they're supposed to fit. Would I be correct in assuming that the bolt hole should line up pretty well without having to be pushed down too much? Photo below shows the hole that I'm taking about. It's a bit more out than the photo suggests as I haven't finished realigning it to be straight. Cheers, Rob
  3. FuzzyDropbear

    Steel Sheets

    I can't help you with a supplier, but in Ballarat I give the local engineering place a call and they'd sell me some decent sized offcuts or just cut me half a sheet for the equivalent price from the local sheetmetal place. Was easier to fit into the boot of my old car that way.
  4. FuzzyDropbear

    Wtb: Rear Transverse Link Assembly

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone has a spare collection of rear suspension bits for a 2+2 and would be willing to part with the rear link assembly. I thought I had a spare in the shed but I was wrong so I'm chasing the full setup as per below image Happy to pay for post or pickup in Vic. Cheers, Rob
  5. FuzzyDropbear

    Rear Hatch Rust Repair - A detailed guide.

    Nice work Gav, it's come up a treat. You could've bought a better panel, but theres always that moment when you finish a panel and stand back and admire your work that you would miss. Plus you've probably already learnt enough to make the next panel even better!
  6. FuzzyDropbear

    Front Guard Bottoms

    Hi Jeff, Do these help? http://s206.photobucket.com/user/FuzzyDropbear/library/Zed%20door%20pics I forgot to grab a pic of the entire bottom section, let me know if you need more. Cheers
  7. FuzzyDropbear

    Front Guard Bottoms

    Hi Jeff, Looking at your photos, are you looking for this piece that's missing from the inside bottom of your guard? If so, this is the original piece, bar the dodgey welding I was doing. That's all I have on me, but can get better ones if you need it. Cheers, Rob
  8. FuzzyDropbear

    Wtb: 260Z 2+2 Moustache Bar & Gearbox (Vic)

    Cool, I'll see if I can get a hold of him, thanks for the heads up! Yeah, my original bar went to help another sick Z stay on the road I'm looking for one more because I have all my suspension bits and pieces now so interested in getting some wheels on it finally.​​
  9. FuzzyDropbear

    Wtb: 260Z 2+2 Moustache Bar & Gearbox (Vic)

    Yup, my bad, forgot the important info hey! Its for an r200 Thanks Phil :-)
  10. FuzzyDropbear

    Wtb: 260Z 2+2 Moustache Bar & Gearbox (Vic)

    Hi guys, Anyone happen to have a spare moustache bar for a 260z 2+2 sitting around that they may wish to part with? Or wrecking a 260z and happy to part with it? Hoping to get the wheels back on my Z sometime soon and it's one of the few parts I'm missing. Hopefully there's one in Vic or close-ish to Ballarat, but happy to pay postage if anyone is further afield. I'm also hunting for a 260z gearbox for a mate as well if anyone also has a line on one of those. Cheers, Rob
  11. FuzzyDropbear

    Paintless Dent Removal

    I had a dent pulled out of my old U12 back in the day. The local guys didn't do a bad job of it, the problem for them was that the dent had squashed one of the creases in the doorskin so they were only able to get it about 80% right, which was ok for the old banger, but I'd do a proper repair on the Z if it had the same dent. But they will be able to tell you how well the end result should come up.
  12. FuzzyDropbear

    Impatient1S 1977 - 260Z 2+2

    Nice one, I hope you're keeping those rad pin-stripes!
  13. FuzzyDropbear

    Finally Im A Fellow Z Owner

    Sounds like an adventure and a half just getting it home! Looks like a great example of a 2+2 though! Those wheels take me back, my mum had a set of them on her 1982 Nissan Prairie P.S. Your mate is bloody awesome, wish I got a (working) Z for my 30th!
  14. FuzzyDropbear

    Shift Boot Retaining Clips X6?

    I bought a set from MSA as linked by Lurch as part of a larger order and they arrived in 4 - 5 days with reasonable postage. Look exactly like the single factory one I had left.
  15. Well, the upside is that you've just about broken and upgraded everything now, so there shouldn't be much upgrading left to do? Sounds good mate, can't wait to hear it back on the street.