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  1. ZED660

    The Build 73 240Z

    I have the SW setup with DBA rotors and R33 calipers and everything bolted up fine, I can't say if the calipers are GTS-T or not. Naybe you can tell from the pics?
  2. Bump I know I would probably get some interest if I advertised these for free, but that can't happen, so the next best thing I can do is a drop to $875! I will even throw in the boxes they came in:)
  3. Price drop $900 firm.
  4. FOR SALE - 4 - 15 x 7" 0 offset 4 x 114.3 Rota Grid Classic wheels. These wheels have not been on the road, they had tyres fitted and then removed and are in as new condition. $950 obo plus freight or pick up in Sydney.
  5. Anyone with Foxtel, if it hasn't already been mentioned tonight on Discovery Turbo 7.30 and 9.30pm, JDM Legends show featuring work on a 240.
  6. ZED660

    Mca! Have You Used? Experience?

    I have MCA Reds on my early 260 and in my opinion they are excellent, a great local product. Josh was very easy to deal with and after inquiring what use the car would get (road/track) he valved them accordingly, They came with 4kg front and 6kg rear springs but I later changed the rears for 5kg so as not to have such a large gap between front and rear and I believe for my driving it feels better for it.
  7. ZED660

    Project Race-Z

    I just had my car engineered at Consulmotive, 77 Anderson rd, Mortdale and John was very good to deal with. He is busy and doesn't always answer his phone straight away it is usually best to leave a message on his mobile 0412 253973 and he will call you back.
  8. Yes, I had a two wheeled night, Paris-Roubaix then the Moto3 started and through to the Motogp, no sleeping once that started! Great ride by Peter Sagan, but sad news for the young Belgian who passed away after he fell on the second cobbled section.
  9. Yes Jack was unlucky, the kerfuffle on the grid made it look very amateurish and then there was MM, if only he could have controlled the 'red mist'. Of all people to take down, the whole of the VR46 Twitterati will be out in force now. The top four all rode well and you wouldn't have denied any of them the win, but well done to Cal.
  10. ZED660

    Ab's Uncut Emerald - '74 260Z

    I used Chrometech at Castle Hill in NSW http://www.chrometech.com.au/index.php/sample-page/ they did a great job but it costs! From memory it cost about the same as it cost me to rechrome the rear bumper but it was worth it. Geoff
  11. Hi Hung, Thanks, we had a great time and it was good to catch up with you and Lurch and some of the other VicZ people over the weekend. We were most impressed with how you organised the perfect weather:) Geoff
  12. ZED660

    Happy New Year 2018

    Hi George, Happy New Year to you and your current and future family, I hope it is a good one for you all:) Yes, point made the English language is pretty weird at times! Gef
  13. ZED660

    Happy New Year 2018

    Cheers Justin, happy Zedding and who knows even Waldorf and Statler may be able to engage in constructive discourse in 2018 instead of trying to beat the sh.t out of each other, maybe it's that Qld sun! Geoff (Spelt the correct way )
  14. ZED660

    Challenge Bathurst 2017

    A few more pics from the Chase!
  15. ZED660

    Challenge Bathurst 2017

    A few pics from a wet Saturday!