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  1. reverendzed

    240Z/260Z Wanted

    Hey guys, I'm looking... Let me know if you have something that needs a Revzed makeover, I'm having withdrawals! Not looking for a rotisserie candidate but something that is close to finished or requires paint and interior. Thanks... as always Lurch has permission to give me as much shit as he likes! Rev
  2. reverendzed

    Merry Christmas 2016 & Happy New Year!

    Have a fabulous Christmas! Praying God's richest blessings over each of you and your families! Bless ya, Rev.
  3. reverendzed

    Looking For 240/260Z Coupe

    Hi Guys, Looking for 240 or 260Z, cash ready - not looking to do a full restore but happy to look at what is on offer (if anything!) Merry Christmas! Rev.
  4. reverendzed

    Will Zg Flares Devalue My 240?

    Sold a number of cars with flares - increased the value and buyer attraction!
  5. reverendzed

    Z Mecca Florida

    I know Jim! He helped me with my Zed when I was living in Tampa - Great bloke, even came out to my house to help me adjust the carbs! He's the president of one of the clubs if I remember right! Small world!
  6. reverendzed

    Rev's Classic Interiors

    Send me a PM or email to revzed@gmail.com
  7. reverendzed

    Rev's Classic Interiors

    More orders being placed this week - get yourself a birthday present!
  8. reverendzed

    Rev's Classic Interiors

    I have a set of recently arrived 240z/260z black seat covers - best quality and fit that you will find in Oz - $400.00 + Postage Can't seem to post pics so if you send me your email I can send pics! Cheers, Rev
  9. reverendzed

    Rev's Classic Interiors

    More orders are going in next week (4 November) so let me know if you are keen!
  10. reverendzed

    Rev's Classic Interiors

    Here's some more product pics - I'm placing an order next week, so I get in before Christmas!
  11. reverendzed

    Rev's Classic Interiors

    You have a choice of full leather or the premium 'pleather' I've had everything done in the pleather as I actually think it's more durable being a synthetic.
  12. reverendzed

    New Zed Interiors

  13. reverendzed

    Rev's Classic Interiors

    The red is available - I'd have to get a sample to send to you for a colour match - let me know if you're keen and I'll get a swatch.
  14. reverendzed

    Old Roof Liner

    PM sent - Thanks
  15. reverendzed

    Old Roof Liner

    Hi Guys, I'm after an interior roof liner to use as a template for a new supply of roof liners - anyone? Coupe &2+2 would be great. Cheers, Rev