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  1. Pedro

    R200 diff

    IMO: If you are a highway runner (110km/hr) you really want a 3.9 if you have the 260z box. 4.11 is ok, but buzz's a bit. 4.6 is very racey, like track racey;
  2. Pedro

    Z432 in South East QLD

    Its all about supply and demand. There are still large volumes of 240z/260z in the US and in japan so imsurprised to hear such high prices. special ones (432-r) will always be worth big $. I see s30's as a 'steady' classic - not like a 60s/70 aussie muscle car is to australia or american muscle is to america. long term - i think those will outperform japanese classics. In terms of modifications i think as long as you do what the japanese you will not hinder value. E.g watanabes, R200LSD, triples, even L28ET isnt a bad thing. In fact RB zeds are respected and accepted in Japan. Japanese car culture is about modifyng so as long as its tasteful and done properly then you will attain buyers rather than scare off. All in all though body condition is the most critical element. High level, in australia: A big part of the problem though is more people culture, space, housing prices etc. I think whilst there will be less zeds, there will be a lot less buyers of zeds too. Having the space for such a large toy is hard these days. A lot of people would sooner buy a modern sports and drive it to work (2 birds one stone). eg SS/wrx, whatever you want. I seems the main customers for s30s is the japanese. I see expensive parts more of a hinderance to the future of s30s. Long term i think aussie muscle will perform better price wise (purel in the aussie market);
  3. I think 240z ones are slimmer, but not 100% so i doubt these would result in lowering the rear of a 240z anyone know?
  4. item: datsun 260z strut top insulators front - use in the rear of your 260z to lower it around 20mm location: SA, 5064 Price: $20 plus post or pickup Had these left over after selling zed - you use these in the back to lower your 260z at the back around 20mm, commonly done. bolt on. PM me if interested.
  5. ah yep. just realised the blue was left over as the box had a 3:70 rear. blue is not right for this ring and pinion; i will edit the ad. thanks
  6. I will entertain any offers greater than $5; they don't leak. they do work. pickup preferred evenings (5064).
  7. bump, great for turbo application as suggested above!
  8. These are left over after selling my zed. 260z front calipers 1975. Were operating perfectly until i took them off (replaced with hilux). Need new pads. not leaking or anything. will entertain (any) offers > $5, pickup preferred evenings (5064);
  9. Hi, The diff builder said this is the 'newest' looking ring and pinion he has ever seen other than a brand new one. He was super impressed with its condition showing little wear. I have a 4.11 diff built so this ring and pinion are excess to my needs. Came out of my auto 260z r200. It is the ring and the pinion only (not the diff housing). In really nice condition showing little wear (according to Diff builder). shipping wise not sure what it would cost its heavy but will entertain using Ego to get shipped at cost. pickup can be had in SA 5064. Cheers Peter
  10. Price Drop Shipped $35 AU wide! need gone, shed clearing continues!
  11. last bump. still for sale! will entertain offers!