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  1. Welcome Tim , 1st stop is the newsagent to buy a lottery ticket. It looks like a scene from one of those American pickers shows , the conversation, the journey, the find ! Love it.... good score.
  2. chris240

    Home Built Z 'full Video Build'

    Hey Brucey Lightmaster , did you send the Led light for Jeffs bench ? If so, your a legend...
  3. chris240

    Best Car for Red / Green P's QLD

    71 Val.
  4. chris240

    Jeff's 240z build

    Good effort. Such a sunny day today, I managed to get down to 3 layers of clothing ! Back to minus 4 tonight.
  5. chris240

    Original Dealer Decals

    Yep, wasn't thinking..
  6. chris240

    RC Cola zed

    Wonder who owns this zed now. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Royal-Crown-Cola-cardboard-Shop-display-Sign-1970-s-Datsun-260-Z-MG-Alfa-Romeo/142787020668?hash=item213ec5077c:g:f9cAAOSw1LRa8P9q Regards Chris Malegan
  7. chris240

    Original Dealer Decals

    Does anyone know how I can buy one of the Capitol decals ? (Wasn't sure how often Aaron gets on here)
  8. chris240

    What Did You Do On Your Z Today?

    French blue.... is your rocker painted ? Looks immaculate
  9. chris240

    Sydney / Canberra Meet - Bowral

    Sorry Peter, but I only just saw this thread, and I'm going to be in Bowral-Moss Vale that weekend.
  10. I wonder how much the 85 Lamborghini countach went for..
  11. A friend just text me who was at the Pickles-Gosford Auction with orange 240z, it sold for $53,500 + 5.5% BP. (He didn't get it.)
  12. chris240

    Interior Trim Panel Color

    I remember sitting in that car when Peter brought it to Bright Victoria, when around 10 zeders had a weekend get together 6-7 years ago. he drove up on the day where where leaving. From memory Dale and myself had a good look at it.Also just noticed, I'm #0002904 not this one.
  13. chris240

    Interior Trim Panel Color

    Ok , I'm really getting curious about the red on the back. My black just looks so pristine, I'm tempted to scratch away. Need more evidence from others. I have seen a few 901 silvers and the port red over the years, hmmm. So who bought Crackers Ex Lennock zed ? Stunning car.
  14. chris240

    Interior Trim Panel Color

    Meeeh, my rear factory black panels are also red on the inside face.