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  2. haul

    Tyre sizes for factory 14" mags?

    I don't think many run 14'' rims anymore, I have 7''x14'' and am running 215/65/14 on the front and have about 10mm gap between the tyre and the spring perch, maybe you could pick up an old tyre and do a test fit to make sure before spending the big dollars on the wrong size. Cheers Tony
  3. Congratulation and welcome to the Z community. Cheers Tony
  4. haul

    Tripz 1977 260z 2+2

    congrats on the purchase, now the fun begins. cheers Tony
  5. haul

    Headlight high/ lowbeam switch.

    Mine did the same a few years ago, I ended up wiring in a floor switch. Cheers Tony
  6. haul

    Help with kick panel relays

    I have a 1978 260 l26et, I will take some photo's and post tomorrow. cheers Tony
  7. haul

    L28 turbo engine for sale

    Do you have a ball park price you might want, at lest as a starting point for offers. Cheers Tony
  8. haul

    WTB: Speedo Cable

    There is one for sale on ebay, My z is a 2+2 and my speedo cable is from a early model hilux no mod needed just a direct fit, been on the z for 8yrs now. Cheers Tony
  9. haul

    15x8 in rear and guard rolling

    Hi Pedro, what was the problem with 14" tyres, if you dont mind me asking. Cheers Tony
  10. haul

    RB30 starting problem.

    Thanks Peter, will check both. Tony
  11. haul

    RB30 starting problem.

    Thanks Peter, just checked and the shop replaced both the CAS and bearing. Cheers Tony
  12. haul

    RB30 starting problem.

    G'day Peter, the bearing was changed but not for 2 weeks after I did the CAS,If you think this could have buggered the CAS again I will replace it, I will have a look at the ignition and the AAC valve as suggested by Zedman and Agno,thanks gents. so if you can think of anything else Peter that maybe causing this let me know,Thank again gents for your help. Cheers Tony Just had a look at the invoice from the performace shop they replaced the CAS and Bearing again so the CAS should be right.
  13. haul

    RB30 starting problem.

    It does it cold or hot, it may start first kick or not its just random, the battery is new, its very frustrating, your hesitant to take it out for fear it may not start at all. The CAS plug was the first thing replaced when it started doing this. What is the AAC valve?. Tony
  14. Hi all, my second toy is an 1988 skyline silhouette GTS ( aus spec RB30). Problem is sometimes it will start first kick or you will be cranking multible times before it will start (30sec to a minute), it has had the crank angle sensor replaced along with plugs, coil, leads, AFM, it was looked at by a performace work shop and thier auto elec traced it to the computer so that was replaced, still doing the same thing, fuel pressure was also checked which was fine, so now with everything replaced I am at a dead end as to what next to look at, so I now put out there to all you motor guru's any suggestions on what to look at next. Cheers Tony
  15. haul

    14x7 tyre choice?

    I run 14 on my 260, can't remember the off set at the moment, I run 215x65 front 235x60 on the back, last time I checked availability (for road use) Yokohama still had a good range of sizes in 14in and Bridgestone had limited sizes available. cheers Tony