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  1. That's Chungy's old car: http://www.viczcar.com/forum/topic/14296-1973-240z-for-sale/
  2. sydney mike

    Sydney Drive - October 30Th - Loftus To Scarborough

    Thanks John for organising this, car felt really good on the drive today. Great to catch up with everyone and welcome to some new faces and Zeds. Shaun, did I see you with a go pro? if you could, please upload some video footage.
  3. Sorry Sandy, been busy with work and not updated post. Parts have been sold. cheers, Mike.
  4. sydney mike

    L24- Stroke Or Not To Stroke

    This....what Doug said.
  5. $78k does seem a bit high and I agree with you guys that I wouldn't pay that because....I already have a S30. But if you are zedless and want to buy in, that's a different mindset. It's a lot harder to put a value on these cars or compare between two particular zeds because in relative terms they are rare and conditions can vary greatly, amount of modification/restoration-too many variables. It's not like we are comparing 2015 model 370z's where a market value can be easier to ascertain. Seriously, redbook has '74 240Z at $18k, is that accurate? You have to realise the big bucks some of these sellers are asking for their cars may not be what the market is asking, but it is what the seller is happy to sell for and reflects their urgency/lack of urgency to sell. The asking price may come down, just a waiting game and in the meantime the owner continues to enjoy their zed. It might be a ploy to discourage tyre kickers as well. And I will be putting my zed up for sale with all the wheels and spares. $49k. cheers, Mike.
  6. sydney mike

    1970 240Z #92

    It's a L28 Gav.
  7. Brake rotors sold, The 4 shocks now $110 shipped or $80 pick up.
  8. Someone agreed on a price and shipping, had me pack the shocks and brake rotors together ready for shipping and then never heard from them again. Price is $160 for the shocks and rotors shipped auswide or $130 pick up from Taren Point. Details of the items here: http://www.viczcar.com/forum/topic/14930-for-sale-kyb-shocks-260z/ http://www.viczcar.com/forum/topic/14929-for-sale-new-260z-rda-325-brake-rotors/ PM me or O4147882OO cheers, Mike. All sold thanks.
  9. Thanks guys, it's all good. Hopefully the weatherman is wrong by miles and turns out to be a great day. Or just meet up in your sensible cars and go find a pie shop!
  10. Hi guys, sorry have to miss this one. Baby girl Tahlea, little sister to Benji & Timmy arrived this morning!! ;D ;D ;D
  11. sydney mike

    Sold: 260Z Grille 240Z Jul '72 Onwards

    Thanks Peter & Aaron for clearing that up!
  12. sydney mike

    Sold: 260Z Grille 240Z Jul '72 Onwards

    There seems to be a few different versions so I guess just match my pics to what you have. See below thread with some of the different types. http://www.viczcar.com/forum/topic/9623-71-240-grill-and-mounting-bracketswhats-going-on-here/#msg121485
  13. Edit-Late 240Z Jul'72 onwards and 260Z Grille in excellent condition, straight. Please note mounting points, but could be easily modified to fit other S30's. Price: Sold Location: Kingsgrove, Sydney 2208 or Taren Point 2229 Pick up or can help with E-go courier. PM or O414 788 2OO cheers, Mike.
  14. R180 Diff 3.545 in good condition. Was running perfect and quiet in my zed before I changed for a 4.11. Great for turboed zeds. Price: $40 Location: Kingsgrove 2208 or Taren Point , Sydney 2229 Pick up or can help with E-go but please be patient as a bit busy at the moment. PM or O414 788 2OO cheers, Mike.
  15. Pair of 16x8.5 Watanabe R type wheels. Originally -6 offset but machined to +1 with steel lug inserts, work performed by Neales Wheels. One wheel has minor gutter rash, other one is in excellent condition. Were purchased new from Otomoto, less than 2000kms on the road. Were on the rear of my Zed, so no brake dust! Price: $1000 Please ensure they are right for your car, no returns, feel free to test fit. Location: Kingsgrove, Sydney 2208 Pick up or can help with E-go but please be patient as a bit busy at the moment. PM or O414 788 2OO cheers, Mike.