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  1. Lightmaster240z

    Drive days are back, if anyone turns up.

    look like i am coming along then.
  2. Lightmaster240z

    Drive days are back, if anyone turns up.

    Can I sugest that the next run be moved back a week so it don't confilict with Father's Day . The family will be happier with this as lunch is a big one with most. It hard to go for a drive and be back in time. Just my two cents
  3. Lightmaster240z

    Keyless entry and car security

    Hi I am in Gippsland two hour south from you. I can get some pic but not. For two weeks as a have a few work commitment this week end
  4. Lightmaster240z

    What Did You Do On Your Z Today?

    Nice must get one soon I fixed the fuel sender issue today . Quite day at the shop and someone wasn't there.
  5. Lightmaster240z

    Drive days are back, if anyone turns up.

    Sorry gordo I can't make this one big weekend in melboune . Gift fair trade and a lighting trade show on all weekend. I rather be going on a car run than looking at giftware for the shop Have fun bruce
  6. dam you more toy to buy
  7. Lightmaster240z

    WTB: LH Door chrome strip

    You can get the rubber form Rare spare for about $80.00 a side. They are a bit fiddley to install but it worth it in the long run as the rubber is getting old now.
  8. Lightmaster240z

    Keyless entry and car security

    Hi I have just put in key less or central locking a long with an alarm system. Is was just shy of $400.00 all up. The guy who did it for me said it was a easy job for him and had on problem until i add a boot release to the Job. NO go with out drilling new holes. So it was a no after spending all that money on new paint work. It give a bit of peace of mind now that it has the above alarm as the car is my daily driver. Bruce Ps If you want some photo I am happy to put them up for you.
  9. Lightmaster240z

    Drive days are back, if anyone turns up.

    Just a question Vic BBQ is normal around that date in November and all so there is the Datsun day and all Japan all around those date ? other wise I up for at least a couple of those runs.
  10. Lightmaster240z

    Ndsoc Christmas In July

    Yes no yes I think so . I will be there it seams . I am going to be in Melbourne any way.
  11. Lightmaster240z

    Selling Car Advice

    Gav can buy mine for $45000.00 as is ? Its a 73 model that Gav’s missing .
  12. Lightmaster240z


    Well done to you and your wife on the safe arrival of your little Girl . I see they both take after your Wife. Bruce
  13. Lightmaster240z

    Luxury Watches

    Gesss I should have bought then back when I use to sell them back in the eighty