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  1. Lightmaster240z

    Drive days are back, if anyone turns up.

    Just a question Vic BBQ is normal around that date in November and all so there is the Datsun day and all Japan all around those date ? other wise I up for at least a couple of those runs.
  2. Lightmaster240z

    Ndsoc Christmas In July

    Yes no yes I think so . I will be there it seams . I am going to be in Melbourne any way.
  3. Lightmaster240z

    Selling Car Advice

    Gav can buy mine for $45000.00 as is ? Its a 73 model that Gav’s missing .
  4. Lightmaster240z


    Well done to you and your wife on the safe arrival of your little Girl . I see they both take after your Wife. Bruce
  5. Lightmaster240z

    Luxury Watches

    Gesss I should have bought then back when I use to sell them back in the eighty
  6. Lightmaster240z

    The LightMaster Experience - REBOOTED.

    Yes Gav it had some major TLC by the panel beater. He now hate me just a little more after fighting with it for two days to get it right
  7. Lightmaster240z

    The LightMaster Experience - REBOOTED.

    I hope so. Pete .it looking a little less tired now. The new grill look great Gav . Thanks for supplying that litte baby
  8. Lightmaster240z


    Hi I am after a lens to suit the passenger side indicator in the lower valance. I don't care about the condition. As I will be get new one soon as I can afford then. This is just a temp fix so a lens off a 240/260 260 2+ 2 will get me out of trouble. Please PM if you can help? as I am back on the road next week I hope. Bruce
  9. Lightmaster240z

    The LightMaster Experience - REBOOTED.

    nearly there fire up today for the first time in six months. Just needs to be denibed (what ever that is ) polished and trimmed and vac. so close. Bruce
  10. Lightmaster240z

    The LightMaster Experience - REBOOTED.

    Getting shiner now but not there yet ,still needs of cut and polished yet Three or four weeks to go . Not quite up to your standard Dav
  11. Lightmaster240z

    The LightMaster Experience - REBOOTED.

    A little up date
  12. Lightmaster240z

    The LightMaster Experience - REBOOTED.

    No just a new toy for the old guy to save him from falling again