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  1. 1600dave

    260z original metallic green pictures, please!

    As was my brother's 2 seater 260Z, until I painted it Toyota Red Mica.....
  2. 1600dave

    350Z Race Car Thread?

    Me three.
  3. 1600dave

    Peking To Paris Rally In A 73 240Z

    Not sure if urban myth or not, but I read somewhere that Gerry Crown in the P76 had to get his navigator to drive some sections of a previous Peking to Paris as the Chinese govt deemed him too old to drive.
  4. Auto or manual ? Rust in both doors, or just the one pictured ?
  5. 1600dave

    Twin SU carburetors

    They will be 1 3/4" british HS6 SU's. Definitely genuine british SU's, and 4 bolt mounting means they aren't 1 1/2" HS4's (they only have two mounting holes set diagonally). You can mount the 1 3/4" SU's to the standard SSS manifold (if you're using that for your L20B) by only using two of the four holes in the HS6 carbs. Needs a lot of work with die grinder to open the ports up in the manifold though (see pic). Can also get a Lynx manifold that is made for the bigger carbs on a 4 cylinder L-series.
  6. 1600dave

    3 screw Su needle advice needed.

    SU Midel in Sydney sell a huge range of SU needles, about $10 each last time I got some. You won't get stock 240Z needles from SU Midel (or any SU carb shop) as 240Z carbs aren't "real" SU's - you would have to get genuine Nissan if they are still available. Otherwise, you'll have to work out what the needles in the zed "Hitachi copies of SU's" equate to in the "genuine british SU" needle range.
  7. For those arriving on Thursday night, you could volunteer as a flaggie for the Friday supersprint ! Get to be absolutely trackside for the day, watch some amazingly fast machinery scream past a meter or two from your flagpoint, and get free camping in the paddock behind the pits all weekend, pass to get your car through the tunnel and in and out of the campground all weekend, free t shirt, cap, jacket, food and, if they do it again this year, a free "volunteer appreciation lap" at speed around Mt Panorama in the passenger seat of one of the "V8Supercar experience" cars. No experience required ! It is a thoroughly enjoyable experience, well worth trying it at least once (unless it rains as heavy as it did in 2017.......).
  8. 1600dave

    Logbooking a Car for Sprints Only

    No worries, I finally obtained a CAMS Bronze Event Command qualification late last year (so I'm now qualified to act as Clerk of Course at race meetings up to State level) Part of getting the qualification was to either learn all this stuff or learn where it could be found. Was never easy to find stuff on CAMS website, they re-designed the whole website recently and made it even harder...........
  9. 1600dave

    Logbooking a Car for Sprints Only

    The only CAMS events you can run an unregistered and non-logbooked car are club and multi-club sprints. Challenge Bathurst, for instance, is state level so needs a logbook.
  10. 1600dave

    Logbooking a Car for Sprints Only

    Depends on the level of the event. Plenty do (state supersprints / Challenge Bathurst / etc). Basic club events, not so much.
  11. 1600dave

    Logbooking a Car for Sprints Only

    As far as varying requirements for different categories / levels, basically you pick a category and logbook the car to that. Its then up to event organisers to decide if your car meet the requirements for whatever type of event you enter. You're not limited to entering events for what its logbooked for. My 1600 is logbooked as Gp 3 PRC (ie a rally car) despite never being used on dirt, because that was the best "fit" when I got it inspected, according to the CAMS logbook inspector. In your case, pick a category that allows the seats you have and a perspex window, even if that ends up being sports sedans or something.
  12. 1600dave

    Harness expiry dates

    Then yep, you should be right, subject to them passing scrutineering (ie not obviously damaged or worn).
  13. 1600dave

    Harness expiry dates

    What standard is your harness ? FIA / SFI ?
  14. 1600dave

    Production Sports Cars, race the Zed?

    Devil's advocate here possibly, but wouldallowance for stuff like bigger brakes / wheels on a zed even be a good thing overall for the Group S category ? What do competitors want out of the category ? I ask as someone who intends to get involved if I ever find the time to build up my car. Yes, it will be better for the zed owner who''s car will be faster with better bits. It may even start beating the Porsches. Then the Porsches will do some more "research", get more freedoms, and it will be back to status quo of Porsches usually on top. Except now it will be even more expensive for everyone as cars are faster, wear and tear is greater - a vicious circle of chequebook racing where he with the biggest budget wins. Personally, my thoughts are that if you want to race a zed and win, you find a category in which it will win. You absolutely have to win in Group S, you buy the best car to do the job without remaining loyal to a marque / model. Don't get me wrong, I got into motorsport through my Datsun hobby, when / if I do get involved in Group S, it will be in my Datsun Sports. But I also accept the fact it isn't going to be a consistent front runner.
  15. 1600dave

    Kobe Seiko Wheels (Works Rally Rims And More)

    Thanks for the replies guys, so apart from originality and ease of use in rally / race situations, an acceptable alternative would probably be to get some straight shanked nuts, turn up some tapered collars and just assemble them as you put them on the car (not have the collars retained by a pressed flange). I'm just looking for something to use on a set of Enkei mags I have that were used on a lot of the works 4 cylinder rally cars (Stanza / Violet). These also used the fancy rotating nuts. I'll also have a look at various Ford / Watanabe to see what may be of use. EDIT : So the "flange" / "lip" is just a small section at the end of the shank that is a slightly larger diameter, so the collar is an interference fit over it ? Nothing more complicated ? Just wondering if the nut was manufactured with a flange, then the collar was pressed over the flange, or whether the flanged was formed after the collar was installed on the nut ? Wouldn't be too hard to reproduce at home in small numbers either way...