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  1. 1600dave

    Repairing Bumpy Surface Finish?

    Are we talking a few mm or a few inches ? And why the dislike for bog ? It is designed for filling bodies, get a nice lightweight, easy sanding one..... A long straight board with coarse sandpaper, kept moving in random directions, should straighten it up.
  2. 1600dave

    HItachi SU Rebuild Questions

    Hopefully not on the inside of the dome....... They are a very close tolerance (rumour is piston and dome are a matched pair of selected tolerance items from the factory, at least for British SU's), personally I wouldn't touch either the piston or inner surface of the dashpot with anything coarser than very, very fine steelwool or scotchbrite pad if absolutely neccessary
  3. "Better" in what way ? Race / street / etc ? You could give these guys a try - https://www.brakesdirect.com.au/ . I've bought brake stuff off them for a while for both race car and street cars, great service and good on price. I'm currently running a set of slotted rotors supplied by them (240K rotors used on a 1600) which from memory (but could be wrong, was a a while ago....) are Protex. Also running a set of their QFM A1RM compound pads. Both work well.
  4. 1600dave

    Home Built Z 'full Video Build'

    Fixed ??
  5. Take skyline tailshaft and stock tailshaft to driveshaft manufacturer / repairer, tell them what finished length you need, hand over what will probably be a surprisingly small amount of money, come back a week later and you're set to go.
  6. 1600dave

    Seized rear drums

    Do the drums have the two little threaded holes in between the wheel studs that you can use to remove drums by winding a bolt into the holes and onto the axle flange ? I can't remember if the alloy drums have them, or maybe alloy is a little weak for that sort of treatment - cast iron drums have them.
  7. 1600dave

    Over the KW limit

    I have one stat which I will admit isn't a very large sample size. Out of all p-platers I have seen driving a 350Z in the last 9 days, 100% of them have stuck it into a wall at Eastern Creek in a big way.....
  8. 1600dave

    Over the KW limit

    Wait till your kids start driving and see how worrying it is ! I've always been a little sceptical of the stats - as an example, the "safest" drivers according to some of the graphs are 95 year olds........ Perhaps "sceptical" isn't the right word, just that some are badly conceived. As an example, the age one would be better if it took into consideration the average distance driven per year by each age group. Can't remember the exact figures, but I did a training course run by CAMS for potential instructors back when they were looking to introduce their own road safety course (never got off the ground) and a lot of these figures were discussed in depth - for instance that particular graph looked very different when distance travelled was taken into account. Other examples - 94% of deaths on rural Vic road occurred on roads with 100kph limit - what %-age of roads in rural Vic have 100kph limits though ? Id say quite a lot (maybe even 94% !) The "high alcohol times" - useful stat ? Or just framed to justify curfews / passenger limits ? Don't get me wrong, both good ideas, I just fail to see the logic behind the actual stat. Rickers one above - 30% of deaths due to alcohol occur between 9pm and 3am on Thurs, Fri, Sat nights. Obvious answer there is that if you're going to get blotto and drive, do it at 9am on a Tuesday - much safer ! Sadly, statistics are only as good as the logic behind the stats, you can use them to prove pretty much anything if they are framed carefully.
  9. 1600dave

    Over the KW limit

    You did get the bit where I tried to point out that no matter what / how you got insurance, that insurance cover will be null and void if you are driving a vehicle that you aren't legally allowed to drive ? ie you don't have any insurance while you are behind the wheel ???? You would potentially need to contact the insurance company anyway to make sure you are covered, even if you do manage to get an exemption - exemption only means the RTA / whatever its called in Qld is OK with you driving, doesn't automatically guarantee the insurance company will be OK with it.......
  10. 1600dave

    Over the KW limit

    You could get away with driving it. Or you could be pulled up / fined / lose licence / etc. Or you could have an accident and be up for tens of thousands of $$$$ to repair someone else's car because your insurance (you have got insurance, right ????) is invalid. Or you could injure someone in an accident and be up for hundreds of thousands of $$$$. Your call.
  11. 1600dave

    Shannons Car Show tomorrow Sydney

    Yeah, Sydney Datsun Club is indeed going to have numerous cars on display. Assuming they are running it again this year, the double decker bus rides around the circuit are a fun way to see the track up close and personal (well, perhaps not so "up close" if you're on the top deck) !
  12. 1600dave

    Home Built Z 'full Video Build'

    The 4 cylinder L20B has more links between the "bright" ones to make up for the fact that the engine block itself is 19mm taller. Datsun did mess up with some of the factory workshop manuals - as an example, the 180B manual states 44 links in text but says 42 links (the correct figure) in the diagram directly above the text. Set yours to the same as your old chain and you can;t really go wrong. If you use the wrong number of links, it will become obvious pretty quick. As an aside, I haven't seen a chain with bright links for years, but then maybe that's because I use non-genuine cheapies....... Originally (at least in 4 cyl engines) they used a gasket between tensioner and block, I believe the gasket was deleted sometime in the L-series engine's life. Doesn't really seem to matter whether you use one or not (although I personally do), I guess if it does leak ever so slightly it will only run back down into the sump
  13. 1600dave

    Home Built Z 'full Video Build'

    Did you check the wipe pattern of the cam lobe on the rocker arm ? If it runs off either end, you'll chew the cam and / or rocker to pieces.
  14. 1600dave

    Tach needle fluttering with pertronix 1761 at idle

    One could argue that it doesn;t work on your 240Z with pertronix ignitor. Lurch has provided a solution