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  1. Zedback

    1971 240z / 250GTO Project (HS30-00618)

    Yes Open to offers.
  2. Zedback

    1971 240z / 250GTO Project (HS30-00618)

    Gav, if no one's game to take it on then I'll get back to it eventually. See if I can get it finished inside another decade - not that there's much rust left more fibreglass and mechanical now. Pete, it's the only one left (not counting the z32 TT) - one's enough these days!
  3. Model: 240z Location: Brisbane Price and Payment Conditions: Priceless - no idea - $10k - open to offers... Item Condition: Big Project - come a long way got a long way to go... Body: minimal rust remaining, sheet metal and/or fibreglass work to complete. Mechanical: in boxes, scattered about 3 sheds, etc... Registration: one day... Engineers Certificate: Not applicable. Contact Details: PM please. 240z has undergone extensive repair work. Early style shell: April 1971 - HS30-00618. New floors, sills, chassis rails, engine bay rails, etc +++ Some comparatively minor rust repair, and sheet metal work to fit 250GTO body kit still to be done. Fibreglass 250GTO body kit in good condition with some minor mods that could be easily reversed if desired. Most of the car is there scattered about 3 sheds and in boxes, also whatever spares I've picked up over the last decade: eg 2 manual gearboxes, Koni shocks, 300zx seats, some new rubbers, seals and trim. No engine. Currently up in the air and will come with rotisserie, but suspension and wheels could be bolted back on for transport. Have lots of photos of pulling the car down and repairs done since. Haven't felt the Z love for more than a year now so thinking of letting it go to someone with more enthusiasm... Photos below and refer to project thread: http://www.viczcar.com/forum/index.php/topic,7394.15.html?PHPSESSID=35c25a4eb307296cf7b9d7151e9beb0b
  4. Zedback


    George, Congrats on an awesome find. I am amazed to see a car in a similar state to mine. That bubbley roof line, the floor held together with body deadener, those nawed on rear quarters and sills with speed holes! What lies under there is all scary but it's all replaceable one way or another. It's amazing what you can make with a hammer, a vice and a pair of large multi-grips. Whatever way you choose to fix it (DIY/professional), it'll still be better than the scrap heap that far better condition cars have ended up on. I'm DIY all the way on mine, from hand made inner sill membranes to 250GTO fiberglass (though I'm a bit over it and on the look out for a good hatch). Best of luck, just don't be in a hurry
  5. For a 40+ year old car that's got a drop in sunroof and has had a hit up the rear it's remarkably rust free. Doesn't look a thing like mine! Congrats. Get a rotisserie, welder, grinder, hammer and a vice and just go for it.
  6. Cheers Gav, I've found that is the key to it "just have a go". 250GTO conversions do stir up some love/hate reactions, I'll probably upset both groups. As well as the black one I'm leaning towards doing something like on this red one to the nose...
  7. Wow, it's been a while, I even got a warning saying this topic hasn't been posted in for more than 365 days! Still life has been just a little bit chaotic and full of some very unexpected surprises. On the Z front there has been some good, if sporadic, progress... Inner ander sills: Start with various rusted sections of inner sill... And then get creative... Outer sills are available off the shelf, so not so dificult. With the sills finished new chassis rails went in. Used channel, should have got Nato's but had already finished them. Yet to redo the rear connectors though. Sills and chassis rails done so new floors. Ideally you don't want to have to add extra metal where the rust has climbed up the tunnel or the rear floor section, but it's all doable. Photo order is a bit jumbled, ie. cant finish the inner sills until the floor is removed but you don't want to remove too much until you absolutely have to... Lots of little jigsaw pieces... Front end: Nato produced some truly excellent front engine rail replacements. I'll try and find some photos, but the lower radiator support was shot as well. Made up a replacement girder for it as well. Still have some patching to do on the inner guards, between lower radiator support and radiator panel, and the corners of the upper radiator support. 250GTO: I've decided that recreating some of the complex sheet metal around the tail light assemblies and in the rear panels in general is just too dificult. That on top of repairing outer rear quarters, front guards, bonnet, valence panels, door skins, head light scoops, blah, blah, blah... and doing it nice - not going to happen. Instead its time to cheat with some fibreglass. It doesn't seem like it, but more than a year ago now we went on a road trip to Sydney with the trailer. PeterAllen had a collection of rather large items for me to bring home... Whatever you think of the 250GTO conversions or replicars, I must say I just like the lines and curves of this body kit. For my 240z, at times called the "Cheesegrater Z" or "Rusterella", it's the only way she's ever going to see bitumen again. This is what I'm aiming for... So had a brief try on of her new clothes, just a bit of a trial look-see... Steel rear quarters will be going back on. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  8. Al, Congrats on getting a 240z. Definitely my car from the first project thread, I recognise the ding in the front guard where a rear quarter panel from the other Z fell on it. The air turned blue for a while when that happened. The project thread says it all, the good the bad and the ugly. However I'm sure I sold it running with the original matching numbers engine, what happened to it? Cheers, Mike
  9. Fibreglass bonnet with standard hinge and bonnet catch attachment points. Surface is rough and will need complete refinishing, otherwise no damage that I can see. Taking the Z in a new direction and won't be needing it. $200 pick up in Bris only sorry.
  10. Unused Z Store clear headlight covers. Taking the Z in a new direction and won't be needing them. $50 + postage http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/HC/50-1041
  11. Found a pair!! If they're what you're after send me your details and I'll post them down.
  12. I think I've still got the four of these I took off my shell, they'll have holes where the two spot welds were drilled. Not going to use them so you can have them. But ...I have to find them first
  13. Zedback

    I think I may have been ripped off...

    Zanzee, I don't get on here much but I'm about half a minute away from you (just off 2nd hill on Thompson Rd). I'm no expert but PM me if you need a hand. Mike