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  1. George


    Winter 2018 It's Getting Crowded In Here You go through life thinking you're a tough bugger and then you watch your wife give birth. What a humbling experience. We welcomed Lillian to our little clan this Winter. She's a bundle of joy. Chipping Away After fumbling around with the heater box a while ago the blower was an easier task. I tried the molasses trick to remove the rust and had less success this time. I only left it in for a week where last time it was two weeks so I'm guessing that's the difference. I'm finding that the most time consuming and frustrating part of this restoration is waiting for parts to be plated. I've resisted investing in a DIY kit but I'm starting to think it's a wise move. I've shied away from it as I don't want to mess around with all of the chemicals involved but it would come in very handy to be able to do small batches of hardware to keep the project ticking along. Steering Column I almost left the steering column alone but my OCD got the better of me and before I knew it I was counting ball bearings... I'm constantly surprised at how elegant and simple these parts are in design. Most things appear to be repeatedly serviceable which is more than I can say for modern items with built in obsolescence. Pedal Box I won't deny it - I did sit on the floor and pretended to go for a drive... complete with rev matching and all! Free Time For Sale? Most of the above was done in the first month of winter when I had some time off work. At the moment I'm going through a quiet period with very little progress on the project. Since going back to work I've found myself in another role which is much more time demanding. At home now with two kids, free time is but a scientific theory that hasn't been proven to exist. There's lots of nappies and bath times, battles over vegetables and chocolates, tears and laughter aplenty, matchbox cars flying across the room, an abundance of bed time stories and occasionally dad falling asleep before the kids at 7:30... I wouldn't have it any other way.
  2. Not a fan of the electrikity in cars. Recently paid $80 to have an alarm removed from my MX5. After seeing the amount of wiring that came out I would say it was the best $80 I spent.
  3. Good progress Gav. Must be hard with the car being so far from home. Is the alarm hooked up to the horns? Wondering if they're busted (you did mention the horns aren't working) and that's why you're not hearing the alarm sound.
  4. Looking good mate! I'm currently working on the suspension as well. Hope it turns out as good as yours.
  5. George

    The Build 73 240Z

    The spending will stop when you run out of money. What brand are the rear wheel bearings?
  6. Good buy mate. Now you just need to fill the rear with little ones...
  7. Congrats Andrew. Is that 3 in the family now?
  8. George

    L24 Engine

    Sorry mate, sold the engine over the weekend and haven't had a chance to post here.
  9. George

    L24 Engine

    Yes, turns over.
  10. George


    Thanks all. Yes, a girl this time and it's getting harder to justify the two 2 seater cars we own. Although I would like to hand down a car each so it should be an easy sell to the wife. I suspect the extra pit crew will take a while to pay off so I'm expecting a slow down in productivity. The first one is a little car loving mechanic. Have already started on the second with the soothing sounds of classic Top Gear episodes while she naps.
  11. George


    My pit crew is growing.
  12. George

    L24 Engine

    Yes. Was toying with the idea of stripping it for fun but with all my 'spare' time that's unlikely.
  13. George


    Thanks Robert and everyone else that has commented. I don't often respond to compliments but I do appreciate them. It is nice to receive encouragement and it does make the daunting task ahead that little bit easier. I just have to get something off my chest... you guys do know that I'm fumbling my way through this project right? While I've been into cars for a very long time I spent most of that time driving instead of wrenching. This project is like a dive off the 10m platform a few days after learning to swim. Starting with an insanely rusted car with lots of bits missing, incorrect or just plain unusable hasn't helped either. I'm just lucky to have a supportive network (you guys) helping so thanks to everyone that is chipping in with parts, advice and encouragement.
  14. George


    Thanks! It does look round on the parts manual so that makes sense. The hex head locks in well in the pin and #21 but like I said, it's odd that I have this bolt when I'm missing the rest. Will put the bolt back as I'm sure it'll be needed elsewhere.
  15. George


    Thanks Peter. I'll dig around some of my boxes over the weekend although I don't think I have that clevis. I found it odd that I have the correct bolt to be honest. Why would I have it if the car's handbrake mechanism was modified... That's why I wanted to confirm it's the right one. Looks correct to me and it fits within the pin properly - being secured by the head once positioned.