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  1. I have a pair of Stoptech 332x32 competition rotors and hats for sale, used, some surface cracks (see attached image), have not been machined, suit 260Z hubs. $280, pick up only, eastern suburbs Melbourne, PM me for details.
  2. redrbzed

    WANTED: 3.9 R200 long nose diff

    Wanted: 3.9 R200 long nose diff complete or just the CW&P Please PM me if you have one for sale, or know of one. Sinisha
  3. redrbzed

    Lap Times: Post your hp/kw and laptime PB's

    Nice work Howdy, having a red hot go
  4. redrbzed

    Lap Times: Post your hp/kw and laptime PB's

    Having NBN issues, should be resolved Monday.
  5. redrbzed

    Lap Times: Post your hp/kw and laptime PB's

    Hi Gareth, sorry for the slow response but I have not been able to post for a few days, yes I have the lap on video, will edit some data and put the video up on the weekend.
  6. redrbzed

    Lap Times: Post your hp/kw and laptime PB's

    Did a round of the Vic Super Sprint Championship at Sandown on the 11th of June, new PB 1:17.66, perfect conditions, only got 2 runs in due to many stoppages, I think there is another half a second with more track time. Howdy dropped by, it was good to catch up and have a bit of a chat.
  7. Hello all, after a set of billet rear stub axles like the ones in the link, had one fail on me at the Island on Saturday, flange sheared from axle as I was coming onto the main straight, luckily I was following a slow turbo Porsche at the time so wasn't flat out, anyone have a set they don't need? https://whiteheadperformance.com/product/whp-billet-chromoly-stub-axles-27-spline-datsun-240z-260z-280z/ cheers, Sinisha
  8. Need pictures Gordo, hope it all goes well at PI next week. Are you going to the PIARC sprint October 2nd?
  9. As promised pic of rims
  10. Hi Retro Z, no tyres Lighter, wider, better offset Tom, may not suit everyones' taste, function over form always wins for me, they are a Koya semi forged SF02, 17x9, 1kg lighter
  11. They be the ones indeed.
  12. Hello all, As stated, excellent condition, 4 Rota RB rims, silver, come with wheel nuts, $550. Will post pics soon, PM me if interested. cheers, Sinisha
  13. redrbzed

    Lap Times: Post your hp/kw and laptime PB's

    Went to Phillip Island last weekend with a few other Zed drivers, stayed at Gordo's place Saturday night which made Sunday a lot easier. We competed in the Victorian Super Sprint event, it was good to catch up with all the boys again. I managed to do a 1:41.4 which was a PB.