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  1. 24OZ

    Getting out of Z's

    Initial parts post updated
  2. 24OZ

    Getting out of Z's

    All the half shafts I have are CV type and not uni jointed
  3. 24OZ

    Getting out of Z's

    Just found the original Nissan parts label with the headlight covers,so it looks like the are made of Lexan,not perspex Also means they should fit the bodyline perfect unlike some aftermarket versions.
  4. 24OZ

    Getting out of Z's

    Bumped up with new stuff added (finally got a chance to get into the shipping container)
  5. 24OZ

    Getting out of Z's

    Started looking for some of the gear for requested pics and came across a must have retro Z item...... a rear Aunger louvre in perfect original condition PM me if you are interested.
  6. 24OZ

    Getting out of Z's

    Sorry if I haven't got back to some of you,living in Cygnet I am amongst this atm http://www.themercury.com.au/news/tasmania/one-dead-as-strong-winds-heavy-rain-close-schools-cause-power-havoc-and-road-closures-around-tasmania/story-fnj4f7k1-1227008434989 $10g for long motor(bare)btw it's an RB30 bottom end with an RB26 head, no on the vented hatch, no bonnets in Perth (only motor) anyone needing freight try these guys http://www.tasfreight.com.au/hobart.html sorry I don't have the time to sort out freight quotes,but am happy to drop items off at their Hobart depot if that helps Best bet is to PM me as I am checking emails from time to time Thx
  7. I am selling a lifetime of stuff collected for 240/260z's Most located in Southern Tasmania but happy to post/ship -240z rolling shell,seam welded,roll cage,no interior or rear lights,Tilton pedal box,some rust in doglegs and bottom of doors...SOLD -2 coupe door shells with frames,absolutely no rust,painted black (? nos),also have the glass with them...SOLD -chrome trim that goes on roof gutters suit 2 seater -several bonnets,one with turbo vents...ONLY NON VENTED LEFT -2 sets of genuine Centerline Autodrags,15x8 rears and 15x6 fronts,4x114.3,one set with as new Street ET drag tyres and Dunlop3000SP.....ONE SET LEFT ET's ON 8" rears and 6" Fronts no tyres -Aunger louvre fit 240z rear window-SOLD -spare hatch glass -complete r200 diff ,3.54:1 from memory with Quaife ATB,brand new never used...SOLD -complete second hand r200 diff,very rare factory high ratio,3.36:1 from memory...SOLD -2 longnose r200 diffs,ratios unknown,suit Z -several after market ECU's,Wolf 4D,Autronic SMC with CDI -Garret GT3076R,run in KM only -titanium coated custom rb26 turbo exhaust manifold,Garret TO4 hotside/GT35R compressor -Turbosmart ProGate 50mm wastegate -Jatco 4 speed auto suit RB,custom built by Ian Jenkins good for 400hP,never used comes with high stall torque converter,B&M quick shifter -RB26/30 built by Ian Jenkins,best of everything,CP forged pistons,Spool rods,ATI balancer,HKS triple valve springs,adjustable cam gears,Mark Skaife/ Winfield Team cams,N1 oil pump,custom baffled sump suit Z,Nismo 600cc injectors ,Splitfire coil packs,RB26 plenum (best torque/throttle response) ,etc,etc engine located PERTH Probably a lot more I have forgotten,will update post as I come across it Bit out of touch with prices these days so open to offers. PS re offers, I am not short of money or storage space ADDED.... -bonnet hinge complete mechanism -brake booster out of 2+2....SOLD -chrome window seal drivers door 240z.....SOLD -brand new yolk suit r200 flange allowing use of Ford 9" uni joint -2 complete side windows L&R (triangular ones) including chrome surrounds suit 240z/260z coupe -2 r200 moustache bars suit 240/260z....SOLD -2 gearbox cross members (one suit twin exhaust from memory) -set of reconditioned CV halfshafts and matching splined hubs suit r200 into S30 -pair of CV halfshafts from first model 300zx turbo,(suitable for S30 conversion) -complete pair of front struts with new Lovells springs with ventilated discs ........SOLD -couple of sway bars std.....SOLD -front and rear strut braces,fabricated steel painted black(no bling sorry)very sturdy came of 260z -complete 2" exhaust off a turbo 260z 2+2,almost new (suit tassie buyer as freight not really an option) -small chrome catch can with fittings -pair of brand new 240/260z perspex headlight covers with seals suit standard headlight binnacle ADDED they are genuine Nissan items(found the parts label,so they will be Lexan not perspex).....SOLD -autometer shift light tacho professionally fitted into standard 240z tacho bezel -conversion kit for RB to C4 trans from memory -3 or 4 brand new Bosch electric fuel pumps suit injection,think they are 044's from memory,can check boxes...either way good replacements for standard pumps on fuel injected cars -3 sets of coil packs suit RB25's Probably a few other odds and sods I've forgotten due to dehydration being in a 20' container all day As usual best to PM me as I am no longer checking the forum. Happy New Year Z enthusiasts
  8. I left it in the laneway opposite 8 Magnolia St North Perth for anyone interested, couldn't take it with me but couldn't bare to throw it down the tip Someone please rescue it for Datsuns sake
  9. Pick up north perth Flying interstate Tues night,PM me for address
  10. i have a 260z passenger door shell for sale in perth $350
  11. sorry mate it's now packed in the container for transport......it was too good to give/throw away hatch $50 starter $10
  12. Correct,short nose r200 so the crown wheel and pinion are not able to be used in the long nose version(Z car) anyway I bought it to switchover the lsd ,I also have the stub axles to allow you to use late model skyline half shafts I ended up buying a Quaife
  13. 24OZ

    2jz in 260z?

    I've done the RB30ET in 240z,very easy swap,now doing an RB26/30 but going auto as the nissan manual boxes are borderline once you start upping the horsepower (got a built jatco that may hold up,if not i have an adapter for turbo400) i have a 2jz-gte supra,these motors are superb even in std form,very smooth,strong and torquey.They go very well in S30's but you will need to fabricate everything to fit it in including a custom subframe to mount the motor,there is however a std sump that will fit(aristo i think).Also the exhaust is down the drivers side.The auto option is tricky if you use the std gte box as there are a fair amount of electronics which means having to use the factory computer with a piggyback ecu(messy) or an AEM(expensive) standalone that can control the gearbox as well(Haltech may have one to suit as well,not 100% sure).If you are going manual no problems strength wise,use the r154 5 speed. I like the Nissan option as it is still "datsun powered" and there are lots of cross-over compatible parts options. So in my opinion it depends what HP you are aiming for,starting from least to most desirable this would be my pick RB30et....cheap,plentiful,good hp/$(even an NA version with a turbo kit) RB25det.....cheapish,lots available including aftermarket performance upgrades RB26dett......expensive,probably need a rebuild if std which is pricey including 2 turbos,pick-up/sump mod a pita(not worth it over an RB25 in my opinion other than for bling factor 2JZ............very quick even std but lots more fabrication/$ required to fit it,not as much cheap aftermarket gear available RB26/30det..best of both worlds,no more expensive than an rb26 to build,lots of performance parts available,and it's still a nissan let us know what you decide