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  1. Scando

    What Radiator For Rb25 240?

    Hi Greg, we went with a crossover pipe tucked in close to the timing belt cover and CAS. I think this would fit in behind the factory fan. We ended up going with a thermofan anyway though.
  2. Scando

    Hello From Tassie

    I couldn't quite let it go for the same price sorry Mick Williams told us the bug had bit and you had bought another one as a project. I see a roll cage inside which is a good sign The guy I sold the engine to had replaced the old manifold so he must have still had it kicking around. The old girl is just about going again. It's been on the dyno once but blew a head gasket. We worked out why and fixed it but it has now developed an electrical gremlin. I've been busy with family and work but hopefully I'll find some time to get it sorted and get back out there soon. Good luck with the new project.
  3. Scando

    Hello From Tassie

    Hi Greg, Welcome to the forum. Was the 240Z you owned in the past bright green with an L28 turbo by any chance?
  4. Scando

    Greetings From Tas

    It's been a bit of a shock to the system going back to working on the old girl in a shed rather than a fully equipped workshop. Dad will be starting up on his own shortly doing marine stuff out at Derwent Park as RB Outboard Services.
  5. Scando

    Greetings From Tas

    Nice pickup Scott, welcome to Zed ownership. If you want to fix the gearbox popping out of gear, go see Martin at BP Wyndhan Rd, Claremont. He had plenty of practice fixing mine when I kept smashing them. He fixed a couple for me that were popping out of 5th, one on power and one on overrun.
  6. Scando

    Going To Race A Go Kart.

    Did you get the factory setup guide? Arrow do this better than any of the other chassis manufacturers. Set it up as per the guide paying special attention to the seat location for your body dimensions. If the seat is in the wrong spot then any other changes you make will only be masking the problem. Once you have everything set to the factory settings then do lap after lap after lap after lap after lap after lap until you're within about 2 seconds of the lap record at your track for your class before you make any other changes.
  7. I would steer clear of the castlemaine rod shop mount. The one I bought took extensive modifications to get it to fit. When we did get it to fit I still wasn't happy with it as it mounts to the chassis rails which aren't very strong on an S30 and it leaves no room for an exhaust. We ended up making this one up instead: The original mounting points have to be cut away to clear the width of the bigger gearbox. We welded new mounting points into the tunnel rearward of the original mounting points which use the strength of the original mounting points. We then built the mount to suit. I don't know much about the RB25 auto box that you're currently running. Some of the required modifications (tailshaft, mounting points, etc) may have already been done to fit that auto box.
  8. Scando


  9. ^This is the only way to do it. It needs to happen to level the playing field for local business, and in some cases give them an advantage, but the governments plan of enforcing it simply won't work and will cost a small fortune.
  10. Scando

    L28et 280zx what clutch?

    I ran this clutch: http://www.swmotorsport.com.au/product_info.php?cPath=96_99&products_id=350 With a heavy duty pressure plate that they don't seem to sell anymore. I ran up to 266rwkw through it and never had any slip and it was as easy to drive as grandma's shopping trolley. As dat2Kman said, go for the 240mm option if that's what you already have.
  11. Dead right, most event organisers at a state level will be happy to run any class that draws enough numbers. The Sports GT class in Tassis started from tarmac rally competitors who wanted something to do with their cars for the rest of the year.
  12. The rules at the link below are the best I've seen for a class designed to get club cars into circuit racing http://streetcarracing.net/documents/4582971895
  13. Scando

    RB30DET 240Z Circuit Car

    I had the car up on the hoist last night so I took a pic of the gearbox mount as I thought it may be of interest to some people doing RB conversions. It uses the strength in the tunnel where the original mounting points were so hopefully it should be up to the job. And, unlike the CRS kit, it leaves room for an exhaust!
  14. This is why the class has worked in Tassie. It allows people (like me) who buy/build a club car and then decide they want to go circuit racing to get out there with what they have. It is also the only class you can race any 240Z in at a state round in Tassie. It is a bugger though that it only really enables you to compete in Tassie other than at these select events supporting the V8s which Clint Pease has done a great job to get going. In hindsight, I probably wish I had built an IP car to enable me to compete in some of the awesome events they have each year, but I don't really have the budget to race interstate much when it's $2K+ just to get across bass strait with a car trailer.
  15. Here's a link to the rules. As you can see there aren't many http://www.mgtas.org.au/uploads/6/6/7/7/6677995/2014_tasmanian_circuit_racing_series_regulations_final.pdf It's a similar concept to the WA street car class but the WA class has been running a lot longer and has much better defined rules.