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  1. aegean

    1974 260z 2 + 2 Auto Original condition

    It was visible in the additional photos on Photobucket and the link was included in the ad.
  2. aegean

    1974 260z 2 + 2 Auto Original condition

    Body colour both sides. Engine side looks different as it has a rust preventative coating on it but it is blue underneath.
  3. aegean

    1974 260z 2 + 2 Auto Original condition

    I could easily do a patch job and have it registered, but I think it deserves better than this, and it just means someone has to go to the trouble to remove whatever has been done to hide it and re-do it properly - admittedly at some stage and they might prefer to drive it for a while before embarking on this. I have someone looking at it later this week, so will see how it goes.
  4. aegean

    1974 260z 2 + 2 Auto Original condition

    No offence taken. So, assuming the rust repairs were done, it is not a $15,000 car - even as original as it is ? Or, is originality not important to most buyers ? If so, this would be unlike most classic cars where originality is preferred over restorations.
  5. aegean

    1974 260z 2 + 2 Auto Original condition

    All shown on the link below.
  6. aegean

    1974 260z 2 + 2 Auto Original condition

    Agree with that, but cannot get a RWC without doing the rust repairs, so it is catch 22. I did consider doing a patch job just to get the roadworthy, but decided against this as I believe it should be done with metal and not bog. Maybe that is what I have to do, but to be honest, I think it is the wrong approach. I guess to turn this around, if I do the rust repairs, what is it worth ?
  7. aegean

    1974 260z 2 + 2 Auto Original condition

    Curious as to why there has not been any comment or phone calls. Is my price too high ? Based on what I have seen sold, I don't think so, but interested to know what others think.
  8. Model: 260z 2 + 2 Location:Sydney Item Condition: Good original Body: Rust? Worst in the dog leg left. Small spots in other areas on body. None in engine bay, battery area, chassis rails or underneath Mechanical: Running well, but unregistered since 1988. Has new front/rear wheel bearings and top mount (no clunks). Brake master cylinder also reconditioned. Mileage: Less than 97,000 km Price and Payment Conditions: Looking for offers above $10,000, but willing to discuss Registration: Unregistered Extra Info: Complete with service records from new, tool kit and original spare tyre. New, correct seat covers and carpets Pictures:More pictures available at http://s1188.photobucket.com/albums/z418/Datsun260z2plus2/ Contact Details: Craig 0414 230 966
  9. aegean

    Factory Hitachi Radio for 77 2+2

    I have one for a '74. Don't know if they are the same.
  10. aegean

    factory 260 radio

    Got a working radio, faceplate (silver edging worn off), but no knobs. Have some new, similar knobs that you may be able to modify. $50 seem reasonable ? I'm in Sydney. Send me a PM.
  11. aegean

    R200 Longnose

    Warren at All Z Parts has brand new ones on the shelf I believe.
  12. Noticed today that my temp gauge goes to maximum temp when the car starts to get warm. It is not a short as it goes up progressively - it just doesn't stop. I took the ring off th sender, but couldn't get the actual sender out. Is there a trick to it, or just rusted in there ? Of course, it could also be the gauge, as I noticed also that the oil pressure goes to max, and doesn't come back when idling. Any thoughts ?
  13. aegean

    Cheap rego & insurance

    I am in a car club - several actually, and that is how/why I have historis/club plates. Where did you get the idea I wasn't ? What I did say was that there is no checking done by Qld Transport when you renew it, but the clubs themselves are fairly strict on it.
  14. aegean

    Cheap rego & insurance

    I also have Vic historic plates, but these vehicles are in the corresponding states most of the time. With the new Vic system, it is no problem as long as the log book is filled in - different story with Qld.
  15. aegean

    Regular Donations

    I agree. My link to the forum is set up so it goes directly to unread posts, and I rarely venture outside of reading those.