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  1. I will be there no car unfortunately
  2. Azman

    Video - 260z V8 4WD with 700HP

    Hey I know Kevin the guy who owns the car in question rather well, have raced with him a few times at morwell and I know the car goes almost aswell on dirt as on tarmac, is a real weapon.
  3. Unfortunately guys as both my Z and my road car are now sold I wont be able to attend as I can imagine walking wont be very much fun! Have fun guys and look forward to the pictures.
  4. Azman

    S30 and HS30 Z's

    Cool, thanks guys
  5. Azman

    S30 and HS30 Z's

    Hey guys, whilst I was cleaning up my car for sale I come across something that puzzled me and prompted me to get some clarafication. What exactly is the difference between a HS30 and a S30? And I also noticed on my car in the back right hand corner of the engine bay above the brake booster where the build number is stamped, my car has the prefix GRS before it, what is this there for if anything at all? Any info greatly appreciated. Az
  6. Azman

    Honda Prelude

    Hey guys as you all know my 260z is up for sale, also up for sale on ebay is my 1984 honda prelude. It is still registered and doesn't need much for a roadworthy depending on the price and how long it takes to sell it might even be sold with a RWC. The link is http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180138133722 it would make a great first car for someone and or a cheap run around car.
  7. Azman

    Thinking of selling

    Well yes it would indeed fit in the back of the zed, although the rear seat is currently not in the car and the work required to get it back on the road at this stage is just not feasable.
  8. Azman

    Thinking of selling

    Hey guys! Has been awhile since I have been online due to the birth of mine and my partners first child, which has unfortunately brought about some short term changes etc, which means that I am having to very very unfortunately look at selling my 1976 260z 2+2. I am currently the owner of a 1976 260z built by Zshop, it has a 2.8 nissan engine in it which was freighted over from japan and has only done 3000km's since it was put into my car, it has plenty of power for a standard engine, it has 300zx z32 twin turbo calipers and discs, z31 rear disc brakes. It also has koni adjustable shokers all round. It was fully stripped and did have plans to be used as a track car, it currently still has the standard front seats in it and I still have the rear seat, the body is in good condition except for a dent in the rear gaurd and small rust bubbles in the fuel flap area and also under the hatch. I am currently after opinions on what people think is best? selling it as a whole car? and what it might be worth and or if anyone is at all interested or selling it as parts? Any idea's and help would be greatly appreciated. Aaron
  9. Azman

    The Desktop Thread

    When I lived in QLD 4 years ago, I used to work in the australian outlet for shane brewer, must say they do indeed supply some super parts.
  10. Azman

    The Desktop Thread

    Lurch that looks a damn lot like a Gemballa porsche to my eyes!
  11. does anyone know off the top off there head what thread size the mounting bracker bolts are? as it might be easier than jacking my car back up lol.
  12. Azman

    Fibreglass dash

    I currently have a dash with a skin on it, but want to take it out and put in a complete fibreglass dash. Was just wondering if anyone had on and had any tips on how they mounted it.
  13. Azman

    Fibreglass dash

    Yeah I am looking at buying it to fit it upto my race car
  14. Azman

    Fibreglass dash

    Hey guys, i know its been awhile since my last post been a little busy preparing for the birth of our first baby. I am currently looking at a fibreglass dash on ebay at the moment. I was wondering if anyone has one of these in their car already? and has any tips on fitting? what to look for when buying? any help would be great thanks guys. Aaron
  15. Thats all fair enough Craig! I have had my hands on that porsche before is a very nice one. I guess the main thing is that the end result is what you seek.