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  1. 260Coupe

    Newbie from Melbourne - Hi Guys

    Re- your cold starting issues What carbs are fitted ?- if they are Hitachi SU type then no amount of pumping the peddle will help as they have no accelerator pump, the carbs rely on manifold vacuum to draw fuel and air into the cylinder......you need to use the choke which pulls the primary jet down and enritchens the mixture- if fitted then it probably needs adjustment - If not fitted then you may need to refit one to solve the problem. If you have triples fitted then your accelerator pumps need looking at . How is the warm start ? cheers Al.
  2. Without sounding to harsh .............PUT THE STOCK AIRBOX BACK ON ! it has been proven on the dyno many times over that the stock 240z airbox is by far the most efficient and best performing induction filter system period...........The filters you have installed just make noise ..............fact. The tuning problem sounds like float height issues......Put the box back on and get it dyno tuned by an expert with Hitachi SU's Once set correctly they should not need returning again for many years..........if ever PM me and I'll put you only an expert who knows these carbs inside out and has a chassis dyno Al.
  3. 260Coupe

    WTB front indicator/Parker lights for 240z

    Josh I have a brand new in box genuine complete combination (indicator/parker) lense Right side These are NLA $150 Can post cheers Alan
  4. 260Coupe

    Coolant Flush - Tap/Distilled/Rain water?

    Redline water wetter could be the go....never tried it but heard was better at heat transfer
  5. 260Coupe

    How to contact Lou Mondello

    PM - number sent
  6. 260Coupe

    Vic RWC without airbox

    Guys From personal experience the EPA are red hot on crank case and rocker cover vents to atmosphere, catch cans are out as the crank case gases must be reburned...........ie you must have these plumbed back through an airbox. The other issue is induction noise........yes we think it sounds brilliant......but not the EPA I did offer some years back to get the Prince GTB box (modified to fit the L series triples as fitted on my Zed) produced in C/F but could not get enough committed interest. I have since sold my Zed however I may be able to get my hands on another air box to use to make a plug........if there is enough interest that is. Al.
  7. 260Coupe

    NDSOC - Dyno day Saturday 12th April

    Guys The NDSOC are hosting Dyno day New and prospective members welcome $50 for two power runs on a FWD dyno go to www.ndsoc.com.au for details cheers Alan Fildes Life member NDSOC
  8. 260Coupe

    Clutch pedalstop

    Autos do not have the metal pedistal welded on to the firewall The easiest fix is to glue a thick rubber door stop onto the firewall, Clark rubber has plenty of options for a couple of bucks.........just cut one to the correct thickness to stop the peddle before it bottoms out on the master cylinder.
  9. Thanks Dimitri...........no probs
  10. 260Coupe

    Hilux brake conversion

    Get the stock brakes working properly..........cast iron Hilux calipers weigh a ton, increase unsprung weight and once hot- take longer to cool. Talk to any group Sc zed driver who races on stock brakes...........my 2c Al.
  11. Relisted due to being messed around..........sorry I do not have time to package up and ship interstate Price has increased due to me checking what they actually cost me ..........and yes they are $500 cheaper than the SW motor sport headers and marginally more than HM headers with ceramic coating. $750 firm..........no offers, no bids......first in best dressed Pick up only from Moorabbin PM me regards Al.
  12. Bump price drop $800 ono PM me if interested
  13. I think you'll find that SWM headers are $950 + HPC coating (another $350) plus lead time to manufacture
  14. Arizona Z car L6 extractors brand new and used with HPC (ceramic) coating. These are the fabled six into one extractors far superior to the standard HM stock usually available, near impossible to get here due to huge shipping costs. $750 Al.