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    nat0_240_chevZ got a reaction from gav240z in Inspection Lamp Toggle Switch   
    Nice. I believe i have a couplenof those badboys floating around, 1 at least in my toolbag.....
    Id pass on the decal but thats me.
    Never even thought!
    Nice work!
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    nat0_240_chevZ got a reaction from Scotty_Rah in Full Set Of 240Z 2 Seater Chassis Rails (Nat0_240_Chevz Version)   
    Only real early ones, so far confirmed.
    Ie Below RS30 - **1000 vin.
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    nat0_240_chevZ got a reaction from zed74 in Full Set Of 240Z 2 Seater Chassis Rails (Nat0_240_Chevz Version)   
    Materials are
    G450 hiten steel which is galvanised.
    Thickness is 1.5mm, originals 1.0-1.2mm
    I hope this helps.... ?
    Cheers nat0
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    nat0_240_chevZ got a reaction from 600Z in R200 Longnose Viscous Lsd Options   
    I have put a mech 2way cusco diff in an open r200. Had 13mm bolts, yes m13, no bs.
    From an r33 Gtr. (a very unusual size)
    Viscous can /will work if you desire.
    My suggestion is stick with mechanical.
    Finding a precision diff professional, is very hard, have had some run ins with so called pros, whom i collected my diff in pieces, and performed mods my self, then got local engineering shop to check the mesh/alignment and lash. Otherwise all your hard work and cash ends in the bin.
    Be prepared to pay money for the work, it's pretty delicate stuff, very fine tolerance, which a good machinist or engineer can only appreciate.
    My need for a 2way, was behind an auto v8.
    Still ran orig uni-joint outputs, but shafts had subtle mods to suit. Later swapped to cvs, (no reason other than want, ie no breaks) these also reqd, the same subtle mods to the output shafts.
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    nat0_240_chevZ got a reaction from gav240z in 240z / 260z replacement engine bay & Floor rails, Now available S.A.   
    Pricey, PM replied,
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    nat0_240_chevZ got a reaction from gav240z in Radiator Support panels, from scratch (inc lower)   
    made a couple of lower sections only, had my balls broken so I got my sh it together!!!!
    see below the first couple made complete.
    Back panel of the box section was formed by hand, (not on Ledges bead-roller/swaging machine), as I dont have that machine myself, and the run up the hill was to hard at the time....
    This is the early to late 240z-Only,  style lower rad support-tie rail.
    These were made in 3 sections and then fabricated back into a one-piece unit, although I probably wouldnt make them like this again as it took way to many hours to complete.
    I reckon my first attempt in the first post was the easier way and the finish would be even better.......
    Enjoy these pics, will add to post # 3 or 4 for 1st page visitors.....

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    nat0_240_chevZ reacted to nat0_240_chevZ in Rust repair inner fender at very front   
    Double post. Sorry, android!
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    nat0_240_chevZ reacted to George in The Global Z-car (S30/S130) Market Thread.   
    Hmm, wonder what the definition of 'very rust free' means in his part of the world...
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    nat0_240_chevZ got a reaction from PB260Z in Simmons Rims (16 Inch)   
    Yea probly a good thing too, I was already getting my excuses ready for the CFO lol,
    Honey I was going for a his and hers car..... As I already have an identical set in gold but 9" rears... Lol
    Cheers. For the heads up.
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    nat0_240_chevZ reacted to gav240z in Rudi's Honeymoon In Japan - Went To A 'few' Workshops! Still Married!   
    I really must go soon! I've done a lot of travel but never Japan and yet it's probably the first place I should have gone!
    Seeing the condition of the Z432 in the museum and it's flaws, was a bit like seeing the man behind the curtain.

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    nat0_240_chevZ reacted to smugley in L6 And L4 Parts   
    I'm out so it's all yours Mark .
    Cheers Doug
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    nat0_240_chevZ reacted to TomC18 in 240Z Racer - Back On Track   
    Yep, box is still at Lou's.  there's $10k right there...
    Interesting the way the category has gone. I think it would be too hard to take back to Group T anyway, and i have the Sports 2000 for that, which has a great specification as it was rebuilt in 1977/78 at exactly the right time.  There is ongoing discussion about a proper revival of the old Marque Sports cars, which this would be ideal for and they will eventually be accepted into historics as there are lot  of them around
    There was a lot of time spent to get the car very low wide and light.  Neil and Stan were quite fanatical, so you couldn't afford to pay for the work! (or at least i couldn't) things like magnesium front hubs, magnesium centres on the rims, etc I costed it at over $100k build cost in 1997.  It was competitive against the Python/Robnell/ fastest MG V8's which all cost more than that to build back then and had the horsepower advantage. 
    With engine developments since I stopped, I would now do a monster stroker L series with 400hp (which is just a bottom end as the head/manifold/injection etc will handle it) and with that power and a rear wing/front splitter for aero (which are now legal) this car would again run near the front, I would target 1.35's at the Island, but not sub 1.30's...
    But it would take an $80k budget to buy/build, or a lot more to build from scratch, but still way less than anything else near the front...  Ferrari 458 Speciale anyone?
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    nat0_240_chevZ reacted to zzzzed in Ledge's 240Z Track car   
    Yeh he got sick of every one thinking my car was his at the track haha
    I think I might might paint my new track car the same as
    Paul's l ;D
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    nat0_240_chevZ got a reaction from gav240z in 240z / 260z replacement engine bay & Floor rails, Now available S.A.   
    Next in the list guys ,  time permitting. 
    Been tough with the 2nd lil'ee but who am I to complain. 
    Now the weather is fining  motivation is increasing etc
    Progress may happen shortly.... Watch this space. 
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    nat0_240_chevZ got a reaction from effinnaenexia in 240z / 260z replacement engine bay & Floor rails, Now available S.A.   
    Hi bud, currently they are to suit total replacement(remove and replace)
    however I can widen the rail to facilitate a 'CAP' type install, although you are just creating a safe haveven for rust to tear through the new ones,
    OK yes you will probably get another 5-15 or so years out of these ones, possibly more depending on moisture and exposure,
    My recommendation is replace completely, old rails are usually squashed an bashed about a bit anyway so fitment would not be an IDEAL slip on/over the old ones. A BFH will be req'd
    Youd be suprised what lurks inside your existing rails or box sections, thats if there is anything left.
    260z rails are different and alot taller / deeper, although ultimately would be another Type/model ill have to finish developing for sale, not a massive problem but valuble time none the less.
    As I dont have a 260z, im not (wasn't planning on) venturing down this track, but hey i could be swayed....
    All of these items are or going to be available because I NEED them myself,
    OK i may end up with quite of developed replacement/upgrade and or performane products
    they may not always be available. but i do have/own and will always have access to the IP for this stuff.
    But wait till brakes, control arms, fuel tank, and other suspension goodies are my main area of concern. more bits to come....
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    nat0_240_chevZ got a reaction from effinnaenexia in 240z / 260z replacement engine bay & Floor rails, Now available S.A.   
    Hi all,
    I Have some high strength steel im making some of my own chassis rails in the engine bay, (finish where the floor rail covers it near the TC rod Bracket, bottom of firewall)
    from firewall to rad support, direct factory replacements from slightly heavier gauge steel, and still of high strength.
    these units have all the holes say a 240z and earlier 260z 2 seater have, including holes for the splash tray, sway bar, tow hooks and engine cross member.
    these will require the skills of a panelbeater or LURCH to install, but are made for the utmost purist, as they have been designed with originality in mind, not like some others available from USA.
    I only have pics of my preliminary rails thus far, more pics will be up in the next week or so, will keep posted, but for now, see attached,
    also note they include the tappered down area near the radiator as per stock rails, remember these are to try and be as close to std spec as possible,
    also includes original JIG/tooling holes for measurment and positioning.
    pricing is solely dependant on demand, if I make 5 lh and 5 rh then dont expect any more, unless tabco want to buy/distrubute them.....
    These rails DO require the re-use of?
    - existing TC/Castor rod brackets
    - Floor rails unless you  need  these too.
    - inner skirt & strut tower (inner wheel fender/guard)
    I am/will be using these on my car/s, for race / events etc, and since wittnessing the stock rails support, is mandatory as far as i see,
    these will be manufactured using CNC equipment and every rail WILL be the same.
    any Q's
    please ask, but dont bother me with a stack of questions if you do not intend to buy or are genuinley not interested.
    apologies for those whom are inquisitive by nature,
    only offering these, as I NEED them myself, only fair to see if I can help out others.
    Now please also consider that this Higher strength steel is expensive, so youre not buying cheap off the shelf folded section with no strength.
    Have material certs available if you are interested.