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  1. Got some floor rails handy, or your after engine bay rails also?
  2. Hi guys, those holes you speak of are not drain holes, as such but are tool/jig holes for assy on the factory line. pressed panels used pins to drop onto, floor ontop and then the welders go to town with their spotwelders. Back from travels, haven't checked the forum in a long time, spotted the updates of late and thought id chime in. Yes the holes tend to let more crap in than out, but hey. Good to see the old rails being on-sold. Nat0
  3. nat0_240_chevZ

    240Z - Year of manufacture?

    Auto on an l28 but... Eng # on build plate 054993 Comp. Date 10/71.
  4. nat0_240_chevZ

    240Z - Year of manufacture?

    I have the plates/id from hs30 1400. Was the goldy yellow/orange poo colour. It was a write off bought from z wreckers, had some Weird bits and jap chalk marks under the dash etc. Needless to say it was chopped up as it was put into a pole/tree heavilly. When i picked it up it had:- F54/p90 engine combo/head combo. Auto transmission Fibreglass headight buckets and blanked fender mirrors. Old skool jap looking sports wheel. Other than that not alot more i can remember but can advise for reference sake the aus compliance i still have along with body sections. Nat0
  5. nat0_240_chevZ

    Inhibiting Rust From Brake Disc Hub

    Auto trans fluid 50/50 with thinners, wet rag wipe, Wax on.... Wax off....
  6. Only real early ones, so far confirmed. Ie Below RS30 - **1000 vin.
  7. I have some floor rail sets available now. But a change in jobs, extended travel may see a 12 month delay. Before any production. Nat0
  8. Materials are G450 hiten steel which is galvanised. Thickness is 1.5mm, originals 1.0-1.2mm I hope this helps.... ? Cheers nat0
  9. nat0_240_chevZ

    Inspection Lamp Toggle Switch

    Nice. I believe i have a couplenof those badboys floating around, 1 at least in my toolbag..... Id pass on the decal but thats me. Never even thought! Nice work! Nat0
  10. nat0_240_chevZ

    Cleaning Brake Lines Internally?

    Try pressure pumping walnut shell, hand cleaner through them. The non solvent stuff. Diaphragmatic pump or piston. Then to be flushed thoroughly with solvent, of course...... Try it out on small scale first to ensure desired results are achieved... Or otherwise sand from lake McKenzie, fraser island in a sand / water slurry. Lol just got back from holidays ? Nat0
  11. nat0_240_chevZ

    Just Can't Get The Timing Right - Help !

    Try this. Forget the degree marker for a bit. Car runs, right? Rotate dizzy till revs pick right up, then drop back a bit till revs drop down to say a high idle, 1000rpm. Then check with light, no vac adv... What does it read on your degree scale? If a weird number, check scale plate and pulley havent been changed. And ensure dizzy is suited, yes later dizzy have the differently orientation bodys, which could also be cause for your confusion. Eliminate the whoopsy factor first. Has the dizzy been apart? If so who? When etc. Need to eliminate the possibility of a bumsteer first....
  12. nat0_240_chevZ

    Just Can't Get The Timing Right - Help !

    Sounds like vacuum supply to dizzy on on the wing side of your throttle blades, ie between throttle & head, not pre throttle.... Check this! Otherwise something more sinister.. Only as speed increases? Ie mech advance (vac disc) or throttle posn. I thought you said mech advance appeared to be working? Nat0
  13. nat0_240_chevZ

    Holistic Approach To Handling. Done Right The First Time!

    Mmmm an interesting read, some great sources of information posting on this thread but appears to be no inkling of advice offered, heard. Probly the best question of all..... How do you like obsurd amounts of bump steer with your coffee? And what measures /mods do you envisage you'll do to alleviate or negate it and other, lets say, induced geometry concerns? Parts lego, is only half the issues at hand. Dreamproject also sums up the first post, but not the responses to the offered advice /suggestions. As that was what asked for.... Spectating from the bleachers. Nat0
  14. nat0_240_chevZ

    R200 Longnose Viscous Lsd Options

    I have put a mech 2way cusco diff in an open r200. Had 13mm bolts, yes m13, no bs. From an r33 Gtr. (a very unusual size) Viscous can /will work if you desire. My suggestion is stick with mechanical. Finding a precision diff professional, is very hard, have had some run ins with so called pros, whom i collected my diff in pieces, and performed mods my self, then got local engineering shop to check the mesh/alignment and lash. Otherwise all your hard work and cash ends in the bin. Be prepared to pay money for the work, it's pretty delicate stuff, very fine tolerance, which a good machinist or engineer can only appreciate. My need for a 2way, was behind an auto v8. Still ran orig uni-joint outputs, but shafts had subtle mods to suit. Later swapped to cvs, (no reason other than want, ie no breaks) these also reqd, the same subtle mods to the output shafts. Nat0
  15. Pricey, PM replied, Apologies. Nat0