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  1. DaveDimo

    1974 Datsun 260z 2+2

  2. DaveDimo

    1974 Datsun 260z 2+2

    more pics
  3. DaveDimo

    1974 Datsun 260z 2+2

    more pics
  4. DaveDimo

    1974 Datsun 260z 2+2

    hi guys up for sale is my Datsun 1974 Datsun 260z 2+2 I acquired this vehicle about 3 or so years ago and used it as a daily driver for 2 of them then I sat it in my grand mothers garage for a year in storage with the intentions of rebuilding it but due to personal reasons the car must be sold. I am the second owner of the vehicle, I bought it off a very old lady named Gloria from in Wollongong. the car had been owned by her since 1974 and she had retained all log book information and service history. the vehicle has travelled 158 000 kms and it still going strong. I wouldn't recommend touching the motor just service it and it will go for another 40 years. when I asked if the ODO had been around, she got into a big story of how her and her husdand when he was alive watched it roll over from 99 999 to 100 000 on their way to melb in the late 80s during my time I have done a little work on the vehicle just to help improve the drivability as it was my daily drive. rebuilt the carbs and tuned them, electronic ignition and electronic fuel pump. serviced it a lot as I am a mechanic and I have a workshop at my disposal it always had a new filter and fresh oil n plugs every 5000km or when I had no work on lol. I also trcked down and fitted an original hitachi am fm radio (hard to get my hands on) from the us and fitted it with a NOS ganuine rear speaker (also hard to find) the car sufferes from a little bit of vapour lock on hot days as the early 260z did the paint is worn and the interior will require a re trim I have the original number plates in storage if u want them GYM 289 I belive it isn't that bad in the rust department to be honest I consider it to be the perfect starting point for a restoration my asking price is $5500 but I am open for reasonable negotiation located in Wollongong nsw this car does hold a lot of history and sentimental value to me to ask your questions and I will try my best to answer them for you regards dimo
  5. DaveDimo

    wtb cheap 260 2+2

    I've got a car down in Wollongong. Great stocker old lady car. What is your idea of cheap though lol?
  6. DaveDimo

    Might sell the zed

    Yeah fair enough I was thinking a little higher then that but it's a good start I guess. I'll post some pictures when I head over to my grand mothers where it is in storage. Maybe get a better idea And where do you all recommend selling the car is eBay a good idea or paper or unique cars magazine or the forums?
  7. DaveDimo

    Might sell the zed

    Guys thinking of selling the zed just don't know what the old girl is worth. It's a 1974 260 2+2 Auto 156 000kms on it with original books and service history Drives very good Paint is shot and interior has seen better days so in my opinion the car is a great candidate for a rebuild. I was driving it as my daily for ages and it never missed a beat. Obviously no rego now not too bad on the rust part. Usual areas but nothing major. Bought it off an old lady and she had it from brand new Just some thoughts or idea of what it would fetch on the market. It's a really good car with a good history behind it. Dave... I'll post some pictures if it helps
  8. DaveDimo

    Need some 260 bits, beyond a joke

    hey guys i have two mayjor goals for my 260 2+2 rebuild. its a 74 model by the way. just need to find either a complete factory A/C system out of a later model or a complete car wrecking that has a/c that i can buy. either way i want it. alsomy father had a 76 260z 2+2 and i remember it having retractable seat belts. anyone got a set of complete belts front and back? let us know guys id really appreciate the help. regards dave
  9. DaveDimo

    ORIGINA SEATBELTS for a 260z 2+2

    hey guys im after some seat belts (black) for my 74 260 2+2 i remember in my fathers 76 2+2 he had retracable front seat belts which i kinda liked. anyone got anything?
  10. DaveDimo

    260z manual gearbox

    yeh i know they are interchangeable, but i am quite ademant about using 260 parts to keep it as original as possible. an i know removing the auto isnt really keeping to original but auto is gay and i dont like it.
  11. DaveDimo

    260z manual gearbox

    hey guys, i got an auto 260 here screaming for a manual conversion. does anyone have a manual gear box from a 260 lying around?? let me know condition and price regards dave
  12. DaveDimo

    260Z 2+2 GRS Sport Chassis

    sorry guys i am unclear what the GRS stands for my 260 just has 260 on it. im guessing it is a different variation? fill me in very interested. dave
  13. DaveDimo

    bonnet modifacation

    just want to know has anyone reversed the opening of the bonnet on a 240/260 before and is this possible. i am not a big fan of the bonnet opening the "wrong way" and would like to know if anyone has accomplished this. dave
  14. DaveDimo

    351 cleveland in 260z

    yeh ive been thinking about it and i dont want to admit it but i might have to go the 289/302 windsor motor i got instead. done some measurements today and with the original air filter that i want to use it is way to big so might have to go the windsor. still a 289 is nothing to sneeze at it will be more reliable and run heaps better then the stinking 2.6 in there now. and yeh i like the idea of the t5 but if manual is too much mucking around then ill trow a c4 in it that i have spare behind the house. its a three speed fo i can use all the original datsun console and shifter with minor mods. but i will try to make the manual work first. my had also thinks that the 289 will be a more sensible idea and i have to agree lol i think i let my dreams get ahead of me haha
  15. DaveDimo

    351 cleveland in 260z

    it will be a totally stock 351 clevo for sure. i have the XY GT for when i want some poser under my foot. i honestly dont see a 351 clevo having much more then 200 hp at the wheels and that would be puching it i think. its starting to sound good haha im getting excited just realised though with the clevo i need to find the oil sump with the pick up at the rear but i cant remeber if clevos have those kind of sumps.