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  1. pauly_adams

    280Zx Air Intake Hose?

    i may have a spare mate, ill have a look in the shed tomorrow night and let you know
  2. pauly_adams

    Kyle's XR6 turbo Zed

    im with chris, it still gives me goose bumps. funny thing is i was also wondering the other day what has happened to his car.
  3. pauly_adams

    Wtb: Turbo Setup

    dont go standard ecu, get a after market one strait away, by the time you get the basics your looking at $2000+ to give you a rough idea
  4. pauly_adams

    Oil Specs For G.box + Diff?

    that is the correct oil to use when using penrite mate, being GL5 will not hurt it it just has a few extra additives
  5. pauly_adams

    N47 Head

    they do exist, i have a NM47 also, but not selling
  6. pauly_adams


    honestly, if it turns over freely with the plugs out, spray some WD40 in each cylinder put some fresh oil in it and run it, L6 engines are pretty dam tough
  7. is there any chance anyone is going from TASSIE to the Mainland with a empty car trailer.
  8. pauly_adams

    Longest Build On Vic Z

    im up too 10 years on my 2+2, it had a spray job not long after i got it, now its in bits getting stripped back and a full rebuild.
  9. pauly_adams

    Wtb 280Zx Coil- Suit Electronic Distributor

    i have one, but they are just plain black with no markings, just buy a new bosch one and paint it black, you will struggle to tell the difference
  10. pauly_adams

    Z31 Turbo Fuel Injector

    use RB20det injectors and put hose on the end of them, use a EFI hose clamp either side and all will be fine. Rb20det, CA18, CA18det injectors are 280cc each and work fine
  11. pauly_adams

    Flywheels For 240Z L28

    im not positive but fairly sure you can use a z24 flywheel, that being said, you should be able to get a 225mm flywheel cheap. what is your power goal ?
  12. pauly_adams

    L28 F54 P90A, Flattop Pistons?

    p90A come out with both hydraulic an mechanical.
  13. pauly_adams

    L28 F54 P90A, Flattop Pistons?

    it will be fine in both NA and turbo application, dished pistons with a P90 head will give you under 8.1.1 compression with flatops its around 8.5.1 comp from memory which is fine for both applications
  14. pauly_adams

    L6 Turbo Manifold + Locked Dizzy For Sale

    hi mick the dizzy will be no good for that as there is no advance, my phones been stuffing up so ive been using my work phone, ill shoot you the new number. roger, the dizzy is locked both mechanically and vacume so it doesnt jump all over the place when under boost. pm replied manya
  15. hey guys and gals, time to clear out my shed a little as ive decided to go down a different path. $350 L6 turbo manifold in good condition comes with factory heat shield (same as pictured) $150 ono locked L28E dizzy, good for a basic turbo setup, was on running car with no issues (fairly new cap and rotor button). im open to reasonable offers if both go. cheers pauly