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  1. PZG302

    Stagea owners here?

    I'm staying in the gutter, I rarely get out of the gutter, but really, we all know that the AU was the pinnacle of automotive engineering and excellence, it has no peers, it is just the best.
  2. PZG302

    Stagea owners here?

    Exactly, that Stagea is just a poor imitation of the pinnacle of automotive engineering that is an AUII wagon Forte on LPG
  3. PZG302

    The Z31 Project - Race Car

    Is that Lee's car or Greg Quince's car???
  4. PZG302

    Production Sports Cars, race the Zed?

    That's the beauty of Nissan/Datsun...... The homologation documents don't mention cast numbers for the manifolds, nor do they have many details on the throttle body. The N47 inlet manifold does come off a L28, but I have absolutely no idea which one..... It is not your usual L28DET manifold, and as I have said previously I have only ever seen one other. The manifold to avoid is the NAPS manifold with the twin butterfly throttle body. The twin butterflies combined area is actually smaller than the more usual single ones and the airflow is disrupted, especially at higher speed running of the engine.
  5. PZG302

    Production Sports Cars, race the Zed?

    Yes but there are few tweaks that can be done and there are a few different throttle bodies that can be used and also inlet manifolds. My green car ran a standard jetronic computer for a couple of seasons before changing over to the Haltech F9 when it was the gun computer. The guys that played with mine discovered a way to double pulse the injectors so it thought it was running teh V12 XJS Jag that that computer was also used on. There a few other ways to get more fuel out of the jetronic computer, such as dropping resistors, that I have no idea about, but those smarter than me do. The throttle body I used was from a L20 turbo I believe, all I know is it was a period Datsun throttle body and only a couple of mm shy of the XF throttle body size that was the popular swap back in the day. The inlet manifold I used was an N47, IIRC, very different in shape the ADM L28 manifolds in the runners and also the overall casting was very different. I have only seen my manifold and one other in my travels, but it still seemed to be a better thing than what could be done within the rules to the standard manifold.
  6. PZG302


    Pfft, you're not really CDO unless you get the letters in the correct alphabetical order......
  7. My new cars are left for up to six months at a time without being started (FG Ute and E61 Wagon), and my old Merc hasn't moved in near 18 months. All I do for my cars is connect a battery monitor as they are new, and the BMW has eleventy computers that need power or I have to read war and peace to get everything set up again. When I get home, pre start checks are done to make sure they have oil, I check tyre pressures top up if necessary and then take them for a decent drive. The old merc will need some love when I next get it out as the interior has gotten mouldy from the humidity and being all closed up. I will also do an oil change, throw some new fuel in it as it is empty at the moment, pump up tyres clean the interior with vinegar to get rid of the mould and then jump start the battery, if it hasn't completely died. When I did a six month stint in NZ and had an old ZG Fairlane I disconnected the battery and pulled the points out of the distributor, more for security than anything else.
  8. I think you mean Hitachi's Gavin. Datsun/Nissan used Hitachi Carburettors manufactured in Japan, not the British made SU Carburettors, unless the owner has done the common for the day swap of some 1 1/2 or 1 3/4 inch SU carburettors from a Jag, Triumph or other British car. Yes, I'm bored at work, you can only spend so much time writing a data management framework for a national road authority before needing a break
  9. No id wouldn't Gav, with the current policy of privatisation, you would see costs spiral out of control with no return and even more woeful service than what Border Farce could provide. Just look at what is happening with the outsourcing of visas by the government, two potential providers, both with ties to pollies and to line their pockets. And look at the services and cost increases by those few countries that have privatised these services, for the worse.
  10. PZG302

    Stagea owners here?

    We need more of this..... Fast and Furious "Barra the World"
  11. PZG302

    Stagea owners here?

    We need to Barra the world..........
  12. PZG302

    Stagea owners here?

    Not a Nissan, but my family truckster is a '07 BMW E61 530 wagon. 200 killerwasps good torque and does the Brisbane - Sydney pacific highway run effortlessly. Very comfortable for a long trip with the family and the rear full of gear for a 12 month old and a week away for the three of us. Lots of room front and back for passengers, rear seat passengers don't need to be an amputee to sit behind me. The car is surprisingly nimble and quick on a mountain road, far more so than a wagon should be and also has a few nice toys. It uses a very similar 6 speed auto from ZF as the FG falcons, basically same box I believe, which is awesome in any of the modes, auto, sport or manual. Only downside is my car doesn't have the paddles on the steering wheel, but can be fixed easily with a swap. I paid $17k for mine with 160k om the clock. Servicing it is no dearer than most other cars of the same vintage through an independent workshop. Fuel usage is good, around town i get about 600km to the tank and an easy 800km on the highway, and I don't spare the horses when punting around town. Look for a 07/07 build or later with the LCI update, nicer than the earlier pre LCI cars. I looked at a few family wagon options including Stageas and a few other euros like 300 mercs, plus a 300c SRT and for me I kept coming back to the Bimmer for what I wanted/needed. Depending on budget, you may be able to find the later F series wagons which are a step up again.
  13. PZG302

    Production Sports Cars, race the Zed?

    Aero is limited by the rule book. 2F is very limited over what came standard, and no race specials aero from memory. 2B is less restrictive, but wing sizes are small, 400mm chord width, 250mm above the rear boot or hatch lid and only as wide as the body, or a 150mm tall spoiler Also, you need to decide on the class first, and then read the rule book, read it again, get someone else to read it and then build the car to meet the rule book. 2F, there is some scope for modifications, but not a lot, gearing for example, the diff can only use homologated ratios, so the favoured 4.3 may not be legal for 2F, but is fine for 2B. You have a fair few restrictions on susension location points and what mods you can make to the suspension in 2F, 2B is basically a free for all as long as you run the same type, ie struts for struts, multilink for multilink and so on, plus mounting points can be moved around a bit. 2B you can go a lot further with modifications, which makes it a lot cheaper to do. Having looked at drift cars and IPRA cars as a base for a Prod Sports car to replace the old Zed, you will end up throwing away a lot of the work done to comply and fix the car. For 2F, you are better off starting with a road car, for 2B a bare shell to build a car right. I was taught something when I first started racing many many years ago and it still reigns true today...... "If you want to go tenths faster, spend your money on the engine. If you want to go seconds faster spend your money on suspension."
  14. PZG302

    Challenge Bathurst 2018

    Well I have been around for a while...... And started racing before you worked out how not to shit your pants
  15. PZG302

    Production Sports Cars, race the Zed?

    Gavin Clay has a 350 that is built to 2F and he runs pretty well in the Qld series and Greg Quince is/was developing a 370 in 2F spec for enduros, unfortunately he had an incident at the last round at QR and the car looks to be reasonably bent, I don't know any other details than what was up on bookface. Both cars are very early on in development, but given time will be quicker than the MX5's. If I hadn't of started my build so long ago, I would have jumped onto a 350 for 2F, or the 350 that came up about 2 years after I started my build for 2B. The MX5's are really only in 2F, there are about three or so in 2B, with a mix of Lotus, Porsche and Ginetta, the occasional Corvette, an R35. Toyobaru 86's are also starting to come on board in 2F trim, and when the 86 series dies from V8 supertaxis killing it off, there will probably be a few more that turn up in either 2F or further modified to 2B spec. As I said above, an S30 in 2B spec would still be competitive, but your pockets deep as the newer models are cheaper to strat with for a good base and the support is there in the aftermarket for cheap go fast bits. My old green car, before it got bent, with another 50 or so hp would have been up there still. To get that 50hp was a very big wad of fun tickets that I didn't have.