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  1. You're spot on Gav, most of the car has been apart at some point. The previous owner, Myron, was quite obsessive in his upkeep of the car.
  2. Kodie

    Rebuilding F4W71A

    Hodgo, I'd love his number, could you flick it to me on a pm. Thanks.
  3. Kodie

    Rebuilding F4W71A

    So I have pulled apart a spare early box that I got with my zed as the box in it is crunching quite badly. My intention was to rebuild this one and swap it in but that's not going to happen now as the... long story. Anyways, I have everything apart and I have come to a bit of an impass with the synchros. I've dealt with brass ring based synchros before but I am not entirely sure how to check these warner type synchros. I have a couple of manuals and they all have a rather vague description/picture of how to check for wear and I think I have it but I wanted to check with you guys first. The link below has pictures of the coupler pressed on to the baulk ring, as far as I can tell I should be measuring the distance between the edge of the baulk ring and where the coupler pushed up onto it? I figure its like brass cones where if the coupler pushes up to far then it's worn. (Please note: in the photo the feeler gauge isn't against the coupler - I know, I was in a rush - ) http://imgur.com/a/yYMxs#0
  4. Kodie

    WTB 240z fender mirrors

    Thanks Gav. I knew they wouldn't be cheap. I'll keep an eye on yahoo.
  5. Kodie

    WTB 240z fender mirrors

    I'm looking for a set of fender mirrors ala early 240z.
  6. Wow, this is amazing to watch! I'd love to have the money and balls to do that, although I doubt we could ever have something like that on the road over here.
  7. Kodie

    I would like to sell my 240z

    Haha, funnily enough that statement (Money talks, bullsh!t walks) is exactly what I used I will post up some pictures and such when I get back to Tas.
  8. Kodie

    I would like to sell my 240z

    Just to let you guys know I've placed a deposit on the car, I will be picking it up next wednesday.
  9. Kodie

    I would like to sell my 240z

    I don't think it's sold? I spoke with Mick yesterday and I think he was casing out prospective buyers. Alot of people are throwing around numbers without seeing or even talking to Mick about it so he is wading through those who will put their money where their mouth is.
  10. Kodie

    I would like to sell my 240z

    It's been garaged all it's life, had a rebuild on the power train and has just generally been well looked after - it's going to be worth more than $4000. Not to rain on your parade but I paid more than that for my old Z (which was in very mediocre condition) and that was in 2009. Then again we just don't know until the pictures come through.
  11. Kodie

    I would like to sell my 240z

    I'd be interested to see, I am after a Z again. The itch must be scratched! PM sent regarding possible purchase. Call me on 0400541075.
  12. I swear i'll be back for more one day! It's just intermission is all!
  13. Mick Williams. The mighty man from Dover BP He was somewhat of a parts legend down here in Tassie that I was never able to get in contact with but now the old girl is going into his hands.