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  1. oldzguy

    Touring Tassie - March '18

    Seems like all Tassie Zed's are V8 nowadays ! Not LS powered but still an impressive HP figure I'd wager Any one know who & where? Cheers
  2. oldzguy

    Oldzguy's lifetime project

    progress on 260 2+2 "started in 2005, still going"
  3. oldzguy

    TAS Z Cars

    Hi Red76Z, progress is inching along. Completion is anticipated sometime shortly after world peace is achieved your result is awesome, wish I had your dedication (and skills) Cheers
  4. oldzguy

    TAS Z Cars

    Welcome fellow bus (2+2) owner, nice original looking car, except for orange bits!! BTW hell of a bike collection Cam, is that a Z13 I can see?
  5. oldzguy

    Bushes - where n what (to buy in Southern Tasmania)

    This is what I used from Motor Sports Autos (www.zcarparts.com) cost was about $250 delivered, a few years ago now.
  6. oldzguy

    Bushes - where n what (to buy in Southern Tasmania)

    Hi, you could probably get the more universal bits, like sway bar bushes, from Pedders or Bursons. more specialised z stuff is likely quicker from an Ebay store like 'onlineperformance'. If you need everything then I'd a consider a US source like MSA Cheers
  7. oldzguy

    TAS Z Cars

    Glacial: [gley-shuh l] happening or moving extremely slowly: "The work proceeded at a glacial pace."
  8. oldzguy

    TAS Z Cars

    Hey Justin from Launceston, did I catch a quick glimpse of you flashing through Cambridge on Tuesday afternoon? That colour is hard to miss!
  9. oldzguy

    Where to buy strut dust boots?

    Or.........Boot kit from Pedders: #4351, $21.50 each late last year
  10. oldzguy

    suspension removal

    Serious shed envy :-D
  11. oldzguy


    Ha! known you about 20 years and didn't know about your Z affliction Think back to Miller & Keady days for a clue cheers Wayne
  12. oldzguy

    PJ's 260z 2+2

    It's like looking at my own car repair pics, same original colour, same rust damage. doing a good job, keep pics coming
  13. Casite Motor Honey is a good additive for old tired engines, or an excellent assembly lube for a new engine. Available through Federal Mogul engine parts suppliers years ago so, 302/351 Cleveland then?
  14. oldzguy


    mental note to self: take a camera to all track days! May not be a genuine Scarab, I wouldn't know. Has wheel spacers or 5 stud adaptors ? on front over what look like Willwood type calipers. Blue car is Jason Winter's, here's pic from earlier car show
  15. oldzguy


    Was at Tas Super Series round 3 on Sunday 15th, good turn out with 5 Z's running including this genuine Scarab. very nice!!