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  1. JBWetzels

    zdream progess

    holy crap, that looks great man, looks like you have put alot of time and money into it
  2. JBWetzels

    cylinder head compatiblity

  3. JBWetzels

    What you would like your Z to look like?

    well mechainically i am still going for the l28et but body wise, one day i want to be like the picture
  4. JBWetzels

    Aftermarket performance air filters.

    you could do something like what i have - the turbo tho
  5. JBWetzels

    Aussie Aussie Aussie :)

    the odds were actually in Australias favor to win against japan. putting some money on aus v brazil will make a tidy profit if they win. but you are right they are doing really well, hopefully soccer because a bit bigger in australia. i got up this morning to watch a bit of the brazil v croatia match, we are going to have troubles with both teams, all we need is a draw or a win and we will be apples Joe
  6. JBWetzels

    was just canaried

    i had this happen about 2 months ago and they just got me for the tyres but i had things like break lights and wipers that they did'nt pick up on, just take it to a tyre joing and tell them that you just need to get the car back on the road, i just took it to a tyre joint, now worries! PM Me if you want the place i took it Joe
  7. JBWetzels

    Aussie Aussie Aussie :)

    Yeah, nice win i did'nt get to watch it. fell asleep after japan got their first goal and was expecting to see a 4-0 win to japan i just watched the highlights, GO Aussie!
  8. Yep, in the same boat. my car is at my mums and is running but needs to be pulled down and swap some piece, but working full time really kills getting anytime to work on the car......... its so depressing
  9. JBWetzels

    Fast Fours April2006, Zbuild

    i just checked out your site, very nice job!! looks like you have not spared on any expenses
  10. JBWetzels

    Fast Fours April2006, Zbuild

    Hi Simon, What turbo are you running?
  11. JBWetzels

    EOI: Dyno Day In Melb

    there is no set date yet, we just needed to get some numbers, hopefully within the next month
  12. JBWetzels

    EOI: Dyno Day In Melb

    i dont know about the noise limit, we need a minimum of 5 cars which we have.... That is real bad luck dave, i really wanted to see what you could pull.. i am going to be putting mine on, i cant wait
  13. JBWetzels

    EOI: Dyno Day In Melb

    Hi all, who would be interested in a dyno day in Melb? if so would you spectate or run your car? at the moment it is going to be around 30$ to run your car
  14. JBWetzels

    Damn colour choices!

    here is another color for you. this is the colour i am going to use well one day!
  15. JBWetzels

    Suggestions for electronic fuel pumps?

    damn! i just can get a buyer for this thing