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  1. JP240z

    Skyline gearbox in 260z?

    Its going into a pretty standard L26. Current B box has shat itself so just want the most appropriate option. Im assuming the rb20det box is my best bet NZeder??
  2. JP240z

    what colour for quarter badge 260z?

    perfect thanks mate!!
  3. JP240z

    Skyline gearbox in 260z?

    thanks NZeder very helpful. So all those boxes are the same??
  4. JP240z

    what colour for quarter badge 260z?

    sorry guys im an idiot. I knew that one from my 240. I meant to say front quarter. Its either orange or red i believe..
  5. hey guys, got a 260 2seater now the 260z badge on the quarter panels is faded behind the Z, just wondering what colour to paint it? had a look on the net for some pics but cant seem to find anything definative..
  6. JP240z

    Skyline gearbox in 260z?

    gearboxes out of which rb engines will fit with just a bellhousing swap and gearbox mount? just rb20det gearboxes or rb25 turbo or non-turbo?
  7. JP240z

    Skyline gearbox in 260z?

    thanks NZeder very helpful yeh i'd read that lurch just had trouble sifting thru alot of the irrelevant stuff. whats the difference in strength between the rb and ca/sr gearboxes?
  8. JP240z

    Skyline gearbox in 260z?

    Thanks Scando So all those boxes needed was a bellhousing swap and custom mounts? Whittie any more to add??
  9. JP240z

    Skyline gearbox in 260z?

    Ok so Ive got no problem doing those small modifications to fit selector shafts etc.. But what I can't understand from all of that info is what box is best to use? Should I use a box from an rb20de, rb20det, sr20, ca18 or an r31? Which one of these boxes is the easiest mod? And will I need to shorten the tailshaft and fabricate gearbox mounts? Thanks so much for all your help boys its much appreciated
  10. JP240z

    Skyline gearbox in 260z?

    Hi all, been a long time between posts after the sale of my 240. Heard from somebody recently that the gearbox out of a r33 etc skyline with fit into a 260z with the only modification being a bellhousing swap. Just wanted to confirm if this was true or not as I know the skyline boxes are strong and my 260 box is for the bin. Any help would be much appreciated Cheers, JP
  11. JP240z

    12 slotter rims with dish

    rears are 14x8 with approx 90mm backspace fronts are 14x7 with approx 90mm backspace so the rears have an inch more dish they are steel 12 slotters so yeh never gonna be superlites offers???
  12. Got a set of 12 slotter rims 4x114.3 that were on my old 240z. Bit of dish at the front with heaps at the back. Should be able to find the centre caps for them. Average condition but no damage. Tyres are old. Located western suburbs of Melb. After $300ono 0424999936 msg preferred
  13. Guys, I need some small parts such as tie rod ends etc for my GTR, the parts can only be bought genuine from nissan in Oz so I was wondering who would be best to get in contact with in Japan seeing as our exchange rate is so good atm.. None of the parts I need are bulky so shipping shouldnt kill me.. Does anyone know or has used anyone good? Cheers, Jack