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  1. Apologies if this has been posted before. Z grave in USA for sale. 24 cars for $27,000 (US) only $27,235 (rounded up) AUD plus shipping... $1,135 each http://carandclassic.co.uk/car/C200793/
  2. ChiprZ

    Paint Colour + soda Blasting

    Do you know anywhere that will do the acid dip? And how much it is?
  3. ChiprZ

    Smartass' Projects

    Sorry for the delay, but please find attached images of the starting point for building the rotisseries, and the engine stand. Slight modifications made along the way (angles of rear connection plates especially - they were angled downwards and to the sides of the cars making that a bit more difficult, but the basic idea of the rotisseries is illustrated in these images. For the engine stand i added an extra bit of SHS under the angle simply due to the real height of it. Got the angle and bolted it onto the engine, then made the bottom rectangular section... lowered the engine down and realised I needed it higher, so added some more SHS to get the height. Also the upstand for the engine stand was 150mm x 50mm x 50, not 100 x 100 x 50 as shown on drawings.
  4. ChiprZ

    Smartass' Projects

    Engines: L24 021392 P30 Block E31 Head L26 159409 P30 Block E88 Head L28 773582 F54 Block P90A Head I've had a read through the engine section of the site and looked at info on what all this means... from what i understand the P90A head is pretty good, but why...
  5. ChiprZ

    Smartass' Projects

    Cars are on rotisseries!!! ;D Next step is to blast them... I reckon there is room in the garage for another Z now that they are on their sides.. haha
  6. ChiprZ

    Auto rotisserie

    Auto Rotisserie for sale on Ebay http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Car-Auto-Rotisserie_W0QQitemZ110452763469QQcmdZViewItemQQptZAU_Car_Parts_Accessories?hash=item19b77f6b4d
  7. ChiprZ

    Smartass' Projects

    Think only 1 is an L28... how do i check??
  8. ChiprZ

    Smartass' Projects

    Car Rotisseries Ok, I purchased a rotisserie made for a Torana and used it as a template to build my own for the Z (s). I am now reselling the Torana one on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Car-Auto-Rotisserie_W0QQitemZ110452763469QQcmdZViewItemQQptZAU_Car_Parts_Accessories?hash=item19b77f6b4d I will do a parts list for the rotisserie for the Z for anyone who wants to make one themselves. If you want to purchase the Torana one, most of the stuff is made, you just have to alter the rear mounting plates to suit. and i think the front mounting bits were fractionally too wide (add a nut or something as a spacer. Either way, relatively easy mod's.
  9. ChiprZ

    Smartass' Projects

    Yeah have a 240z and a 260z (2+2) ready to get blasted... hence 2 sets of rotisseries... 240z for me and the 2+2 for the misses can be the family car one day (haha, as if i'd be allowed to put a kid in anything without 8 airbags and power everything)... maybe it can just be the night out with the boys car
  10. ChiprZ

    Smartass' Projects

    Engine Stands being used
  11. Ok, it has been a while since i've done anything to any of my cars... but as the surface rust is building and i deferred uni i've had a spark of inspiration to get back into it... have spent the last week getting rotisseries and engine stands built, painted and ready to go...
  12. ChiprZ

    Bolt sizes

    Thanks Dimitri... I ended up taking the original bolts to Bursons and they had a thread gauge, and the sizes matched what you said (M10 x 20mm 1.25 thread). They didn't fit that easily into the car, but with a little force i managed to get them in...
  13. ChiprZ

    Bolt sizes

    I need to get some new bolts for the car(s) and unfortunatly i don't have a thread gauge to check the size. Is anyone able to tell me the size of the bolts for the rear bumper (the bit underneath the tail lights)? I don't suppose there is a list of every bolt size for the car (like an electrical wiring plan sort of thing)... no doubt there will be a fair few bolts to replace due to damaged thread or simply lost Cheers Chris
  14. ChiprZ

    Engine Mounts

    Hi Guys, Looking for engine mounts for L24, L26, L28 engines... don't know if there is a difference in the dimensions of each engine? Does anyone (Rare Spares, Castlemaine Hot Rod, etc.) make brand new ones, or does anyone have spares that they are looking to offload? Cheers Chris
  15. ChiprZ

    Who has been to Japan?

    look out for this in japan http://www.viczcar.com/forum/index.php/topic,5341.0/topicseen.html