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  1. Rod F

    Framework sealant

    Hoi hoi, Merry Christmas. Does anyone know what the stuff is that's used underneath cars to seal between joins (from floor panels to the subframe, for example)? I've seen it on newer cars, it seems to be white and applied with a gun (like silicone). I want to seal up some spots under my Z car where water is likely to enter and rust. I also wanted to use it on the inside of the door skins, to bond them to the reinforcing bar, as the original stuff has let go and the skins flex and rattle. Cheers!
  2. Rod F

    clutch alignment tool

    I've got an input shaft from a Z gearbox if you wanted to borrow that.
  3. I'll try and make it as I missed the Mt Buller one
  4. Rod F

    280ZX parts

    PM sent Sco
  5. Rod F

    280ZX parts

    I wouldn't mind the EFI setup if Webbered_six doesn't take the whole thing.
  6. I got a few, good range of cars, some later model Z's and also some very nice Prince Skylines, even a station wagon!
  7. Sounds good, i'll try and make it and have a look.
  8. Rod F

    hydrolic of solid lifters?

    Haynes manual states following for clearances: (Cold) Inlet: 0.20mm Exhaust: 0.25mm (Hot) Inlet: 0.25mm Exhaust 0.30mm As Sulio mentioned, you just need 2 spanners and feeler gauges. Cheers
  9. Rod F

    Camera inside a engine

    That's great! I've always wanted someone to do this. Interesting what the combustion flame looks like.
  10. Rod F

    Rust prevention

    I'm currently using a rust converter that you allow to dry, then wipe over with rags damped in methylated spirits, then water, then wax/grease remover. The converter leaves no traces of rust (no red colour left, just grey steel) and the 3-stage wiping removes all traces of converter (you'd think at least) Maybe that'd work?
  11. Rod F

    New floor pan

    Well, tonight I removed the rest of the floor from the rear mounting bracket. I found using an air chisel to be quite effective in carving through the factory spotwelds. As you can see, one of the brackets has cracked quite badly. I welded in a new section of metal for that. The other side will need checking, I might be able to get away with just welding it up.
  12. Rod F

    Gearbox Synchros

    I think some people on this forum have used Stewart Wilkins Motorsport and Black Dragon Automotive in the States.
  13. Rod F

    New floor pan

    I started work on it yesterday, so far have cut out the old floor and tidied everything up. Need to make some patches for extra areas as well. Photo's show the old floor, and what happens when you simply weld a new sheet of metal over an old one - rust. I also peeled back some sound deadener to find some there as well. I've removed the rear seat mounting brackets and need to remove old metal from them as well. They also needed fixing as they have cracked.
  14. Rod F

    Rev needs help!

    If you have a proper hydraulic jack to support the gearbox it'll make things much easier.
  15. Thanks anyway Pauly, i've managed to find some newies