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  1. NZeder

    Z Get Together Or Run - January 20Th?

    Well I emailed Lurch to let him know that I was going to be in town the week 15-19 and I could extend my business trip for a catch up - it has been a number of years since I was in Melbourne last. And looks like it might be another few months before I will be again Boss has pulled the travel plans for Jan as it is still holiday season and the $$ for flights and accommodation are higher than normal and for this very adhoc trip that our Consulting Services wanted me at (reads can't be budgeted/or cost passed on to a customer) is now not going to happen. Sorry I will not be able to joining this time around. Next time I will only let Lurch/others know once I have flights booked - live and learn. I will be in Melbourne sometime in 2018 just not Jan now
  2. NZeder

    hs30 00016 2

    This is how the car looked when I purchased and what it looked like when I sold it to the current owner Peter who relocated the car from NZ to AU when he returned home
  3. Wow can't believe it has been that long since I last updated this thread. 1. All RB stuff gone. 2. 74 260z fully caged car gone and replaced with a 1970 Mini Cooper S replica (slow but lots of fun). 3. Nothing changed on the 76 260z road car - one day I will find the time and energy to put the kit set back together. Things I need to do in the shed. 1. Tidy it up (always needs this). 2. Remove all the parts hanging on the wall - ie guards, bonnet, hatch etc. 3. Put building paper, insulation up then line the shed so it is not freezing in winter and too hot in summer (this is one of the reasons nothing is getting done + 4 kids aka time vampires as I call them).
  4. Yes please....I will PM you
  5. Like it Rally Clock face would be cool. I have been thinking about getting a smart watch - so feedback on the Gear S2?
  6. NZeder

    Difference between 240 and 260 front hubs

    If you want to run a different offset hub get some 300zx z31 4 stud hubs they will place the wheel further outwards.
  7. NZeder

    Difference between 240 and 260 front hubs

    Dimitri is correct no offset change it is just the rotor hat that is different due to the thicker 260z flange.
  8. NZeder

    CAMS Australia and eligible parts for S30z's

    Well here in NZ we can use period parts however we also have issues where others have used the rules that allow for mods to take it way to far too. example is there is FIA papers that show a 16valve head fitted to a Ford pinto block. Known as a holbay so today people are passing off a fully alloy block/head based on a YB cosworth as one of these and that is so out of spec it is not funny aka 2.5l dohc escort making 300hp...... Then we have the in period here in NZ - only saloons where raced and a zed is not a saloon. But said German cars had a token back seat so are OK. All of this stuff has (and a new job that means I will not get my track car finished) made me sell my track car project (still keeping the flared zed) and purchase this. 1. They were raced in period here in NZ 2. It is a saloon 3. parts are readily available and still period correct and cheaper than zed stuff. 4. These parts where factory fitted. But not vented rotors etc. But then car is small and light so these still work OK. 5. I won't get the they did not race here in NZ in period like you do with a zed (the anti Japanese bit I feel is why this is pulled out of the hat) So this is the new track car.... A 1970 Morris Cooper S 1275. OK a replica but using genuine 1275 cooper s engine, brakes and badges aka it is a reshell using a mini k body due to rusty cooper s body. Plus not many racing in classics here anymore as most race in a mino only class which is outside of period spec mods in some configurations. So yes I have given up and jumped ship by purchasing a already completed car.
  9. NZeder

    Chassis Number Bingo

    NZ specs are a bit different to AU spec. NZ are general RHD spec which is different to AU and UK. Chassis numbers are not something we publish in the local club, I am not active much these days but I can see what bingo numbers I can find.
  10. NZeder

    SPOOL L28 Stroker

    Or stick with a safer 88mm bore and get 3257cc aka 3.3l that is what I would do
  11. NZeder

    SPOOL L28 Stroker

    I too have been talking to spool about a big l28 stroke cranks. My discussions were sometime ago and around using a 89mm stroke and a Honda b16a rod which has 134.36mm center to center length and good bearing as available for them the are a 48mm journal so will give more block clearance as at 89mm stoke if using stock journal things will be very tight and lots of metal will need to me removed for clearances. This does mean a small compression height for the piston of 29mm however a side bonus is the Honda uses a 21mm little end so then that means the same piston could be used on a 85mm stroke with L14 spec rod in 136.4mm. So 2 setups could be sold. Big stroke or bigger stroke.
  12. NZeder

    S30 - Racing and Period mods

    Yep back on topic please. I started this thread to discuss period mods and racing a S30 in period spec. If you want to race something else altogether good for you but please lets leave this thread about period mods and classic racing.
  13. yep I tried changing the holes first on mine. Then only to find it was fouling on the bonnet....doh... so cut out the whole back (after making a jig to keep it straight) then welded in a new back (did loose the factory ribs and used thicker sheet steel). It is with a fibre glass guy now getting a mould done.
  14. I believe it might be 1/2 of a Lambo V12 air box. I will have to see if I can find a pic. I have a prince air box that I am getting a mould off now that I have modified it to fit. I will let you know when it is done and cost to make one.
  15. NZeder

    Ledge's 72 Hako

    Well done Paul very pleased for you. As you know sending funds off and hoping for the best can be a very nerve racking experience and the funds needed to secure a Hako is not pocket change but a good amount of hard earned (and more than some spend on a toy). Like the saying goes those with the most toys wins and Paul you are on to a winner with this car.